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Chapter 317: Is This the Feeling That the House Leaks in the Rainy Night?

Chapter 317: Is This the Feeling That the House Leaks in the Rainy Night?

Uehara’s words were not wrong.

Some things would only be cherished after they were lost.

All along, Uehara had shown too much trust in Black Zetsu, but Black Zetsu did not care about him enough. To put it simply, Black Zetsu had gained too much trust in the past…

From then on, the way they interacted had to be changed. They had to find a way to make Black Zetsu come and try every possible way to gain Uehara’s trust and no longer be able to do whatever he wanted with Uehara.

If Black Zetsu wants to go back to how he used to control Uehara, then he will continue to work harder! He will work hard to gain Uehara’s trust again and try to make Uehara recognize him again…

Of course.

This method was also dangerous.

What if Black Zetsu turns around and cooperates with other people in a low-key manner?

But this danger was not a problem for Uehara. After all, all the people who could cooperate with Black Zetsu in the whole world had been controlled by Uehara.

Uehara slowly leaned on the chair and looked at the raindrops falling outside the window. He just sat there calmly, but his momentum was gradually become different, “Treat the human heart as a game of chess, so that the person who plays chess will have a higher sense of accomplishment.”

While the other people in the ninja world used tough means to control others, Uehara took advantage of human emotions and restrained the world step by step.

Until now, he wanted to control Black Zetsu successfully.

“As expected of… Uehara-sama!”

Kisame looked at Uehara and grinned, revealing a mouthful of shark teeth. His small eyes also showed some praise at the right time.

This was the time when Uehara had the highest sense of accomplishment.

As a qualified subordinate, Kisame naturally did not want to lose face.

“Alright, go!”

Uehara looked at Kisame with approval and nodded, “After you and Black Zetsu finish discussing, report to me about the details of your meeting!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Kisame lowered his head respectfully.

Kisame raised his head and slowly left the office.

All the members of Akatsuki’s organization got the answer they wanted from Uehara. From Amegakure back to Akatsuki’s base, Uehara gathered these powerful and eccentric people again.

Although these members of Akatsuki could not be as reckless as Pain in the future, they seemed to be able to live a safer life compared to Pain.

At the very least, they should not need to have that kind of precarious life anymore.

After all the members of Akatsuki’s organization left Amegakure, Uehara planned to leave the office and go back to sleep with Konan. But a little girl quietly pushed open the office door and sneaked in.


Ajisai walked to Uehara’s side. He looked at Uehara seriously and asked, “Did something happen in the village? Will it be dangerous?”


Uehara reached out his finger and knocked her on the forehead. He then whispered, “Don’t worry! With me here, nothing will happen to this village.”

“I saw it.”

Ajisai covered her forehead, her face still looking serious, “I saw it all before; Lady Angel is crying…”

“Oh, then you are wrong.”

Uehara casually said.

He really thought that this girl, Ajisai, was quite sharp.

Uehara’s perfunctory attitude did not satisfy Ajisai. She just raised her head stubbornly and asked in a deep voice, “I’m sure I didn’t see wrong. Uehara, tell me, what happened in the village?”


After a moment of silence, Uehara reached out to ruffle her hair and whispered, “Our leader… Pain-sama sacrificed himself.”


Ajisai’s figure froze.

For Amegakure,

The significance of Pain was extraordinary.

Because of the existence of Pain, Country of Rain’s internal strife ended. From then on, the entire country gradually became devoid of orphans. There were no longer wandering ninjas. There were no more riots and killings.

The members of the Akatsuki organization were not particularly concerned about the cold leader. They cared about the entire Akatsuki organization. However, Amegakure’s ninjas worried about Pain, who ruled over them. They knew what Pain’s existence meant.

These years, Pain did not appear much, but Uehara and Konan, who acted according to his will, had done many things for Amegakure!

Now Pain died in battle…

Ajisai slowly raised his head and stared at Uehara.

This girl had a very calm personality. In just a moment, the panic on Ajisai’s face gradually faded, and her face became determined, “Uehara, you will definitely succeed as the leader of the village, right?”

“I don’t know… maybe…”

Uehara looked at the heavy rain outside the window and whispered, “Maybe… Anyway, I will stay in this village. I will protect you guys on behalf of Pain-sama.”

At this moment, Uehara also experienced the pain of Konan.

Before Nagato died, it seemed that there was no need to worry about Akatsuki and Amegakure because Uehara knew that Nagato was the one who supported him.

Now, Nagato had sacrificed himself.

Regardless of whether it was Amegakure or Akatsuki’s organization, all of their burdens seemed to fall on Uehara overnight. He finally experienced the feeling of losing Nagato.

It was just that Uehara and Konan’s personalities were different

When Konan thought of Nagato, she would cry sadly.

When Uehara thought of Nagato, he would only think of asking Kabuto to hurry up and create a body that could use the power of Rinnegan. After Orochimaru appeared, he would immediately use the Rinnegan to resurrect Nagato!

Uehara lowered his head and patted Ajisai’s head. He said softly, “Alright, if you are tired from patrolling now, go and rest quickly! This heavy rain will continue until dawn and will find the intruders in your place.”


Ajisai ignored what Uehara said. She grabbed Uehara’s hand and pleaded, “You must become the leader of the village!”

“I understand.”

Uehara looked at Ajisai helplessly and whispered, “Don’t you always hate me? Why would you want me to be the leader?”

“There is no other way.”

Ajisai shook her head calmly and said in a low voice, “If the news of Pain-sama’s death spreads, Country of Rain may have internal strife again. Some people will want to seize power in the village. Instead of letting those people seize power, it is better to let you, who has been following Pain-sama and Lady Angel, become the leader.”

“You really like to let your imagination run wild!”

Uehara couldn’t help but knock on Ajisai’s forehead again. He smiled and comforted her, “Don’t worry, Konan-sensei won’t let this happen!”

Uehara suddenly realized that Ajisai, this little girl, actually represented Amegakure’s current ninjas. In addition to comforting Akatsuki’s members, he also seemed to have to appease the village’s ninjas.

It was really getting more and more troublesome!

After Nagato’s death, a bunch of trouble suddenly came up that needed Uehara to deal with. These were all trivial matters!

Sure enough, it was better to hurry up and revive Nagato!


Uehara looked into Ajisai’s eyes and said softly, “Let’s hide the news of Pain-sama’s death for the time being! It won’t be long before Pain-sama returns.”

Uehara curled the corners of his lips and reached out his palm to rub Ajisai’s hair, “This is the Ninja World! A dead person can be revived!”

Akatsuki Base.

Kisame had returned with Uehara’s mission. If there were no accidents, Black Zetsu should be hiding, waiting for his return in his room.

Kisame was still on the way and thinking about Uehara’s instructions and guidance. He slowly pushed open his door and saw Black Zetsu sitting in his room. Kisame could not help but sigh in his heart.

In the past few years, the information that Uehara had given them basically would not have any deviation. Black Zetsu really was hiding in his room.

Kisame looked at Black Zetsu with a smile on his face, “Hehe… I thought Zetsu-sama would look for Uehara first after Pain-sama died in battle!

After all, he has just become the leader of Akatsuki. He is much more helpful than me, a nobody among the Eye of the Moon Plan member! “

These kinds of words should be in line with Uehara’s guidance. He can not trust Black Zetsu without limit. Instead, he should let Black Zetsu find a way to gain their trust…

Kisame said this very familiarly. Obviously, this guy had been with Itachi and Sasuke for a long time and was also an old emotional controller…

Sure enough.

After Kisame said those words that were slightly disdainful and a sinister smile immediately appeared on Black Zetsu’s face, “Hehehe Kisame, compared to that little brat Uehara, I have always trusted you more!”


The expression on Kisame’s face suddenly changed. He looked at Black Zetsu in surprise and said, “Could it be that Zetsu-sama already knows that Uehara is also planning to betray the Eye of the Moon Plan like that traitor Kabuto?”


Black Zetsu’s sinister smile immediately froze on his face. He stared at Kisame and hurriedly asked, “Where did you know about this? Uehara… is also going to betray us?”

Black Zetsu hurried over to Kisame’s place to appease the honest Kisame and also to let Kisame test Uehara.

After all, only Kisame and Uehara were left by its side.

Especially after Kabuto’s betrayal, the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo were taken away, and now the Eye of the Moon Plan was in the most dangerous time. Black Zetsu was simply anxious, but in the end, he heard the news that Uehara might betray…

Is this the feeling that the house leaks on a rainy night?

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