Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 313: A Failed Fishing Plan

Chapter 313: A Failed Fishing Plan

Uehara’s order was not strange.

In addition to letting Kabuto immediately go to Akatsuki base to take away Gedo Mazo and Sasuke, he also let him take away the people who were willing to leave Akatsuki’s organization.

After the end of the Battle of Konoha, Akatsuki’s organization was directly washed clean. Some of the members could not accept this kind of thing. Instead of waiting for them to defect in the future, it was better to be directly taken away by Kabuto to be cannon fodder for the future War of the Ninja World.

Well, in fact, they were fishing.

Uehara would definitely protect anyone unwilling to leave Akatsuki’s organization. They were all precious legacies left behind by Nagato!

Anyone willing to leave Akatsuki’s organization would only jump from one of the whirlpools to another even more dangerous whirlpool.

In fact, they could not escape the control of Uehara.

Because Uehara and Konan were on their way back to the Country of Rain, Kabuto did not have much time left. Thus, he immediately sealed up Sakumo and took Minato and Obito to Akatsuki base.

Akatsuki Base.

Sasori, Deidara, and Sasuke had already brought Hachibi Jinchuriki back to the base. The members of Akatsuki’s organization were still waiting for their leader to bring Kyuubi Jinchuriki back. They were looking forward to taking Hachibi and Kyuubi into Gedo Mazo and carrying out the ultimate weapon plan.

As everyone knew, the waiting time was undoubtedly very long.

Akatsuki’s members were more relaxed. What could a group of arrogant guys do when they were together? Of course, they could only quarrel!

“An idiot whose head was chopped off by someone!”

After Deidara finished despising Hidan, he looked at Hidan and stuck out his tongue while laughing, “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!”

Hidan clenched his scythe with a furious expression on his face. Just as Hidan was about to rush over, a few chakra threads wrapped tightly around his arm.

Sasori controlled the chakra threads to restrain Hidan’s movements. He then coldly warned, “You can quarrel, but don’t do it in the base.”

Hearing Sasori’s words, the anger on Hidan’s face became even heavier.

If he could defeat Deidara, would he even need to make a move?

Hidan angrily held his scythe and turned to look at Kakuzu, “Hey, Kakuzu, I can’t beat him! Come and help me!”


Kakuzu touched his forehead.

How could he have such a stupid teammate!

Hidan’s IQ was simply too low to be saved!

Fortunately, just as Hidan could not suppress his anger and wanted to tear down the base with Deidara, Kabuto’s appearance attracted their attention.

“Kabuto, where did you go?”

Sasori frowned; he looked at Kabuto and said, “If I remember correctly, you should be in your own laboratory, right? If you left the base without permission, you would violate the leader’s order.”

“What if Akatsuki has no leader?”

Kabuto slowly raised his head and looked at everyone present. He smiled and said, “I went to Konoha. Nagato… no, Pain is already dead.”


Everyone couldn’t help but look at Kabuto!

Everyone’s eyes were full of disbelief. How could they believe that their Godly leader had died in Konoha?

Sasori’s eyes moved slightly. He shook his head and immediately said, “Impossible; Pain has Rinnegan…”

“Nothing is impossible.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses, and a smile appeared on his face, “I took advantage of the fact that Pain and Konoha were both injured and forced him into a corner, so he died…”

“Bastard, how dare you betray Pain-sama!”

Kimimaro and Haku heard this and quickly rushed out!

In terms of loyalty to Akatsuki’s organization,

No one could surpass the two of them because they were brought up together with Uehara by Konan.

“Karamatsu no Mai (Dance of the Larch)!”

Bone spikes suddenly emerged from Kimimaro’s body as he rushed towards Kabuto!

However, a figure wearing a golden chakra coat suddenly appeared in front of Kimimaro. He stretched out a Rasengan and pressed it on Kimimaro’s body!

It was Impure World Reincarnation Minato!

In the next moment, Kimimaro was sent flying!

“Ice Release…”

Haku suddenly raised his finger.

Just as Haku was about to release the ice ninjutsu, Minato’s figure turned into a golden light and suddenly appeared beside Haku, kicking him away!

“That is… Yellow Flash!”

Deidara’s expression suddenly changed.

For Iwagakure’s ninjas, Yellow Flash was undoubtedly a terrifying character. Even Deidara grew up listening to the story of Konoha Yellow Flash.

Sasori watched this scene, and a trace of seriousness flashed in his eyes, “So you use Impure World Reincarnation on the Yellow Flash Namikaze Minato… It seems that it is not nonsense for you to kill Pain.”

“That’s right.”

Kabuto nodded and spread out his palm with a smile, “Now that Pain is dead, Konan and Uehara have given up on the plan to collect Bijuu… Are you still going to stay in this organization that is about to decline?”

Kabuto’s gaze moved little by little as he slowly sized up everyone present. His smile gradually became deeper and deeper, “Akatsuki is about to be destroyed. Why don’t you follow me and continue to collect Bijuu…”


Deidara looked at Kabuto with disdain and snorted, “Who do you think you are? You are just a coward hiding in a ditch relying on the strength of others, and yet you want to be our new leader?”

After saying this, Deidara turned to look at Sasori and said, “Rather than letting you be the new leader, it would be better to let Sasori inherit Akatsuki leader position!”


Hidan immediately jumped out and opened his mouth, “I am the most suitable candidate! Why don’t you all join my Jashin…”

“Shut up!”

Kakuzu interrupted Hidan with one sentence. He turned to look at Kabuto and said in a low voice, “You said you killed Pain, but you didn’t get rid of Uehara and Konan, right? Pain seemed to have mentioned that he want Uehara to be the next leader; that kid is quite suitable.”

“That’s right.”

Sasori looked at Kabuto, his gaze turning cold, “If I’m not wrong, you actually wanted to deal with Uehara but were almost killed by him! Uehara’s strength is not weak at all!”

“You really… guessed it right!”

A helpless smile appeared on Kabuto’s face. He raised his head and continued, “But it doesn’t matter. In any case, Uehara and Konan have already given up on the plan.

They should only stay in a small place like the Country of Rain in the future. With your strength, do you just want to stay here?”


Everyone could not help but fall silent.

If the organization did not continue to collect Bijuu, what should they do? Could they just stay here and waste their time?

“It’s none of your business where we are going!”

Deidara looked at Kabuto with dissatisfaction, then looked at Sasori, “Hey, Sasori. When Uehara comes back, let’s make a decision together. Anyway, as long as it doesn’t affect my art…”


Sasori also nodded, “I also think that we should wait for Uehara to come back and discuss this matter. As for Kabuto…”

“Hey, Kabuto!”

Hidan suddenly interrupted Sasori loudly and looked at Kabuto with a grin, “If you can help me spread the will of Jashin-sama, I can come with you…”

“Shut up!”

Kakuzu waved his arm and knocked Hidan to the ground with a punch. In a low and muffled voice, he said, “Shut your mouth if you are only going to say nonsense!”


Hidan jumped up and looked at Kakuzu with displeasure, “I don’t want to stay in this place. I just want to spread the will of Jashin-sama!”

“No, you don’t want to.”

Kakuzu’s complaints spread out one after another, firmly binding Hidan. His eyes glanced obscurely at the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, who had not moved at all.

After Kabuto appeared and expressed his shock at Pain’s death, this group no longer moved. They did not even speak at all, only minding their own business and tending to their ninja sword.

Kakuzu glanced at Hidan and continued coldly, “Sometimes, your life is indeed worthless, but sometimes, your life only has one. The two most painful things in life are that people are still alive but have no value, and people are dead but still has no value.”


Hidan couldn’t understand what he was saying. He just shut his mouth obediently because what Kakuzu said when he was serious was generally right.

“Is no one willing to leave?”

After frowning, Kabuto looked up at Sasuke and whispered, “Sasuke, are you also unwilling to leave? Uehara and Konan have already reconciled with Konoha. If you want to take revenge…”

“Shut up.”

Sasuke looked down at Kabuto with a gloomy face and said unhappily, “When Uehara-senpai comes back, I will naturally ask him!”

“Is that so… You guys really have feelings for this organization!”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and revealed a smile on his face. He looked up at the huge Gedo Mazo and said softly, “Alright, but Akatsuki no longer needs to collect Bijuu in the future. Then I will take Gedo Mazo away first…”


Everyone slowly looked at Kabuto.

The weapons in everyone’s hands began to draw out slowly.

Sasori summoned his two puppets and stared at Kabuto, “You are really exactly the same as that bastard Orochimaru, a traitor…”

An hour later.

All the members of Akatsuki’s organization were knocked to the ground.

No one in Akatsuki’s organization could stop Minato from wreaking havoc. Facing Minato in the Kurama Mode, none of the members was a match.

The person who lasted the longest was actually Sasuke.

Unfortunately, even with his strength, he was unable to defeat Minato.

Minato easily set up a Flying Thunder God and took Gedo Mazo and Hachibi Jinchuriki Killer Bee away. At this moment, no one could stop him.

After doing all this, Kabuto’s eyes slowly stopped on Sasuke. He chuckled and said, “Sasuke, don’t forget, your brother Itachi’s Sharingan is still in my hands. Only I can help you with your revenge…”


Sasuke clenched his palm.

After a while, the complexion of Sasuke changed, then he struggled to stand up and walked to Kabuto’s side.

Although Sasuke wanted to stay with his brother’s friend Uehara, he had to take back Itachi’s eyes first. Otherwise, it would not be easy to solve the problem of Mangekyo Sharingan’s eye power blindness!

Sasuke was still thinking in his heart. After solving the problem of Mangekyo Sharingan, he might as well just kill Kabuto. Then, he would carry Kabuto’s head and return to join Akatsuki’s organization!

Of course, if Akatsuki still wanted to destroy Konoha at that time… In Sasuke’s heart, revenge against Konoha was undoubtedly the first.

“Very good.”

After looking at Sasuke with approval, Kabuto turned to look at Akatsuki’s members, who were lying on the ground. He chuckled and said, “Then, everyone, we will leave first. In the future, you can come and find me if you regret it…”

The matter was really a little unexpected.

None of the members of Akatsuki’s organization were willing to follow Kabuto. Only one person wanted to defect but was stopped by Kakuzu.

Therefore, when Kabuto reported to Uehara, his expression was a little strange, “They seem to be very confident in Naraku-sama. Other than Hidan, no one else wants to defect and leave…”

“Tsk, these guys…”

There was a hint of helplessness in Uehara’s voice, “Is there really no way for people to take them? Is this a kennel that is not as good as your own?”


Kabuto was a little confused.

Uehara said in a faint voice, “Kabuto, Akatsuki’s members have always had a very realistic and cold relationship, and they seem to be very ruthless towards their comrades.

But there is also a rare warmth in these very realistic and cold relationships. Some people have been wandering alone for too long. It seems that they don’t care about this warmth, but their bodies are very honest and greedy for this warmth… “

“I think I understand.”

Kabuto pushed his glasses and sighed with emotion, “In the past, we were the same as Orochimaru-sama. When we openly used each other, Orochimaru-sama’s gentleness was a luxury for us. After we tasted gentleness in our cold relationship, we would crave for his bestowment more and more…”


Uehara nodded and said softly, “Alright, you can focus on preparing the body for Orochimaru. Leave Akatsuki to me to deal with!”

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