Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 312: Hatake Sakumo, Namikaze Minato, and Uchiha Obito

Chapter 312: Hatake Sakumo, Namikaze Minato, and Uchiha Obito

Uehara patted Naruto on the shoulder and told him that he would definitely save his friend. Only then did he bid farewell to everyone and hurried back to Amegakure.

Just as Uehara and Konan rushed back to Amegakure, his subordinate, Kabuto, was hiding in a dark laboratory. Minato and Obito stood beside him, and the three of them surrounded the experimental platform.

After Kabuto checked Nagato’s body, he shook his head and sighed, “The body energy in Nagato-sama’s body is close to failing. It seems that I can only recover his body to its peak state first before carrying out Impure World Reincarnation!”


Obito hugged his arm and said contemptuously, “This traitor is really lucky!”


Kabuto pushed up his glasses and glanced at Obito. He chuckled and said, “Nagato-sama has a good relationship with Naraku-sama. He has always been protecting Naraku-sama. This is just what he deserves.”

Minato looked at Nagato’s body on the experimental platform and sighed, “It’s just that this reward may not be what Nagato wants…”

Minato and Nagato were fellow students.

Therefore, when Minato saw that Nagato was willing to correct the mistakes he had committed, he was quite appreciative of him in his heart. And when Nagato used his own life to resurrect the people who died in the battle, it made Minato admire him even more.

Not everyone dared to face their own mistakes.

It was a pity that Nagato trusted the wrong person.

That Uehara was really not a good thing!

Minato sighed faintly in his heart. He subconsciously began to think about Nagato’s expression when he was resurrected using Impure World Reincarnation… Especially now, all of this was controlled by Uehara behind the scenes.

Kabuto extended his hand and slowly removed the Rinnegan from Nagato’s body. He looked at the pair of Rinnegan as if he was looking at a treasure.

Kabuto reluctantly put the pair of Rinnegan into a small bottle after a while. This was the legendary Rinnegan. Which ninja who liked scientific experiments would miss studying this pair of eyes?

“Next is to use Impure World Reincarnation on Nagato-sama.”

Kabuto looked at Nagato’s body and slowly closed his palm. Obito carried a foul-mouthed White Zetsu and placed him next to Nagato.

“Kabuto, this is the sacrifice you wanted.”

“Thank you, Obito-san.”

A ray of light flashed on Kabuto’s lens. He lowered his head and slowly began to form his hand seals, “Kuchiyose, Edo Tensei(Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation)!”

A seal mark appeared beside Nagato. In the next moment, his body turned into countless fragments of dust that wrapped around the sacrificial White Zetsu!

The next moment, Nagato’s appearance slowly revealed itself.

Kabuto pushed up his glasses, curved the corners of his mouth, and politely nodded at Nagato who had just been resurrected.

“Welcome back, Nagato-sama.”

“Is this Impure World Reincarnation?”

Nagato glanced at his body and raised his head to look at Kabuto, “Since you resurrect me, who do you want to use me to deal with? Uehara?”

Other than wanting to use him to deal with Uehara, Nagato really could not think of any other reason to revive him.

“How could that be?”

Kabuto narrowed his eyes and smiled. He pushed up his glasses and chuckled, “You will know when you see Orochimaru-sama in the future.”


Nagato frowned. Just as he was about to say something, his vision suddenly darkened and his consciousness involuntarily fell into a deep sleep.

Kabuto had already prepared an exquisite coffin in advance and kept Nagato’s Impure World Reincarnation body, “What a pity, Nagato-sama is an extremely powerful Impure World Reincarnation ninja!”

Obito snorted coldly and watched Kabuto’s actions. He said contemptuously, “Hmph, now it seems that Uehara still has a bit of a conscience…”

“Is that so?”

Kabuto asked with a smile. He slowly pushed up his glasses and took out a scroll from his body.

Kabuto then asked Obito to take out another White Zetsu.

A red light flashed in Obito’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Hmm? Whose body is inside this? Who are you going to resurrect?”

“Hatake Sakumo.”

This matter was personally assigned by Uehara to revive Sakumo.

After Kakashi revived, Uehara told Kabuto to try Impure World Reincarnation to revive Sakumo. He was also very curious about Konoha White Fang.

“Hmph, it seems that I praised him too early.”

Obito’s knuckles cracked, and he coldly said, “This bastard is cold-blooded and ruthless. There is no heart in his body at all!”

“Who knows…”

The corners of Kabuto’s mouth curled into a smile. He pushed up his glasses and continued softly, “Isn’t Naraku-sama’s true strength because of his will that is as hard as steel that he can treat any enemy mercilessly?”

Unfortunately, Kabuto was the only person in this room who was Uehara’s loyal believer. So no one was willing to agree with Kabuto. Minato and Obito did not think that Uehara was a good thing.

Kabuto faintly sighed. He closed his palm and began to form seals. He released Impure World Reincarnation once again and successfully revived Sakumo.

“The resurrection of Sakumo actually succeeded…”

Kabuto glanced at Konoha White Fang, who had returned from the Pure Land. The corners of his eyes narrowed slightly, “As expected, nothing is out of Naraku-sama’s expectations…”

Originally, Kabuto had some doubts.

After all, they had experimented and did not summon the soul of Konoha White Tooth, so they did not succeed in doing Impure World Reincarnation to him.

As a result, Uehara insisted that they dig out the corpse of Konoha White Tooth, and after Kakashi was resurrected, he ordered Kabuto to start resurrecting Sakumo.

Everything was as he expected.

Konoha White Fang was successfully resurrected.

Kabuto’s eyes swept over Minato and Obito, and a sneer appeared on his face, “If anyone becomes enemies with Naraku-sama, his soul will definitely not escape the control of Naraku-sama!”

Minato, “…”

Obito, “…”

D * mn it, he was not here, you should stop licking!

Moreover, these words were said by Kabuto. Now, their souls were controlled by Uehara!

They were the typical example of being played with by Uehara’s hand…

“Huh? What’s going on?”

After waking up, Sakumo looked at his body and then turned to look at Obito, Kabuto, and Minato…

None of these people were familiar.

Only Minato looked a little familiar.

After all, Sakumo died too early. When he committed suicide, the age Minato that time was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and he had long become unrecognizable.

However, when Sakumo saw that Minato was still wearing a Hokage robe and a Konoha forehead protector on his head, he could not help but have a complicated look on his face.

“Sir… Which generation of Hokage are you?”

“This is Konoha Fourth Hokage.”

Kabuto stood next to Sakumo and introduced him with a smile, “Moreover, Hokage-sama was Kakashi-san’s Sensei when he was alive! The person standing next to him was Kakashi-san’s teammate, Obito-san!”

Both presents had an inexplicable relationship with Kakashi. Soon, they used Kakashi as an opportunity to chat.

Sakumo soon learned a part of the truth.

There was a hint of reluctance in Sakumo’s eyes, “In other words, are we all dead? Kakashi will feel very lonely…”

“Don’t worry; you will see each other again.”

Kabuto revealed a mysterious smile on his face and softly comforted Sakumo, “And it won’t be too long… I believe that Kakashi-san will be very happy when he sees his father.”

Sakumo, “…”

Minato, “…”

Obito, “…”

“Don’t look at me like that…”

Kabuto looked at the people present and continued with a smile, “Kakashi-san’s wish must be to see his father again.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and continued softly, “If you have anyone you want to see, I can also help you revive them.”


The three of them fell silent.

Did this bastard Kabuto stay with Uehara for too long? Did this guy not even know how to speak human words?

If anyone had a relationship with Uehara, they would not become anything good!

“Alright, let’s not talk nonsense anymore.”

Kabuto looked at Minato, and his expression gradually became serious, “Now, please contact Naraku-sama and report our work to him!”

“… I understand.”

Minato slowly nodded.

Minato slowly raised his finger and used his will to attract Uehara’s will.

The next moment, Uehara’s voice came out from Minato’s mouth. His voice was a little depressed, “Kabuto, Konan-sensei is not in a good mood. I have to accompany her at all times. I can’t get away for the time being.”

After saying that, Uehara said in a somewhat indifferent voice, “So I will command you remotely. Now there is an urgent task for you to deal with.”


Kabuto lowered his head respectfully.

Uehara’s voice was somewhat indifferent, “Before Konan-sensei and I return to Akatsuki’s base, go and take Gedo Mazo and Sasuke away… By the way, ask who else is willing to betray us and leave Akatsuki’s organization with you!”

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