Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 3: The First Meeting of the Three Kings of Acting

Chapter 3: The First Meeting of the Three Kings of Acting

“Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

A thundercloud storm suddenly appeared next to Uehara Naraku. In a flash, a bolt of lightning fell, and it quickly slashed towards the man behind Uehara Naraku!

“Arghh …it hurts!”

The man standing behind Uehara Naraku did not take any defensive measures, instead, letting the lightning strike him, his body was shaking unsteadily from side to side.

The wooden mask on the man’s face was also smoking, and the red clouds and black robe uniform on his body showed traces of being scorched by lightning, even emitting small sparks.

The first impression this guy gave people was that he was an idiot with no IQ and that he was no threat at what so ever.

His main job was to bring joy to people.

But if anyone thought that way, they would be very wrong. He was going to give the people of Shinobi World enough pain to make them nervous.

Uehara Naraku raised his head, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he stared at the masked man in front of him. His future days would probably not be particularly boring…

However, it would not be too relaxing.

A moment later, Uehara Naraku’s face immediately became solemn when he saw a young man in a tight uniform standing not far from the masked man.

The young man had tears on his face, and he wore an Uzumaki-shaped ninja headband on his head. His face is full of sternness. He looked like an excellent tutor.

Uehara Naraku’s face became a little unsightly.

‘Is this Uchiha Itachi from the Anbu period?’

‘No, since he’s here in the Akatsuki, it proves that he’s no longer part of Konoha’s Anbu, but an S-Rank Missing-nin who killed his whole clan and escaped from Konoha.’

Compared with other S-Rank Missing-nin, Uchiha Itachi’s methods were more aggressive.

Kakuzu only killed the high-level leaders of Takigakure. It was just a vassal of Konoha Ninja Village, and there were not many experts.

Sasori of the Red Sand only killed the third Kazekage, which was not uncommon. The Kazekages were always being killed.

Uchiha Itachi killed his entire clan!

It was a Kekkei Genkai Ninja clan that had continued for thousands of years. The Sharingan wielding Uchiha were known as the First-Noble Clan in the Shinobi World!

“Hey! Little demon, have a little respect for me as a senior intern!”

The masked man pointed at Uehara Naraku angrily, but when he saw Uehara’s gaze, he immediately raised his thumb and pointed at the young man behind him.

The masked man laughed. “Hey, I’ve attracted a strong member for the organization, so I will soon leave the status of an intern behind and become a full-time member!”

Even though he was angry, the masked man still pretended to be crazy and stupid in front of Uehara Naraku, not revealing any other intentions to hide his identity.

After saying these words, the masked man introduced triumphantly, “Do you know who he is? Although he’s about the same age as you, he has killed the entire Uchiha Clan, his strength is enough to become an official member of the organization!”


Uehara Naraku looked at the masked man as though he was watching an idiot. How did he not feel embarrassed performing in such a flamboyant manner in front of him and Uchiha Itachi?

‘Does this guy really think his acting skills are that good?’

Uehara Naraku was standing in front of him, Uchiha Itachi standing behind him. These two were characters who could compete for the position of secret mastermind!

Well, the mask man’s acting skills were also quite good.

Uehara Naraku had obtained the trust of Konan, and possibly the trust of Pain. Uchiha Itachi had his brother in the palm of his hand and did not show any clues until the end of the Pacific naval battle. [ED note: No idea what this is referring to

The masked man ]had remained hidden until the Fourth Shinobi World War. Before then his mask was never knocked off so his identity was never discovered.

Even if someone doubted his identity, many people refuted their ideas.

If Uehara Naraku didn’t know his true face, there was a high chance of him assuming that he was Uchiha Izuna or someone like him.

It was really interesting!

Three characters who were capable of competing for an Oscar are actually playing each other here, trying to think of how they could hide from each other.

To be honest, it felt a bit silly.

One day, he had to expose the identities of the two of them and let everyone know.

The masked man suddenly patted Uehara’s shoulder and affectionately confused him, “Little demon, do you want to spar with Uchiha Itachi? If you can kill him, you will definitely be able to seize his position as an official member!”


Uehara Naraku looked towards the masked man, his eyes showed a look reserved for idiots, “Since you want to be an official member, why don’t you kill him and take his place?”

“Hahahahaha, of course, because of…”

After a long time, the masked man laughed and joked and gave out his answer in frustration, “My strength is too low, it is quite likely for him to kill me instantly!”

“But my strength is also very weak…” Uehara Naraku blinked with a little innocent expression.

According to his current strength, unless he could summon Galio the Colossus, it would be quite difficult for him to defeat Akatsuki’s S-Rank Missing-nin.

If Uehara Naraku used his Chakra sparingly, he could use his skills more than a dozen times and defeat Biwa Juzo. That would probably not be a problem, but it was not easy to say that he could do that in the face of an Uchiha Itachi who was proficient in all aspects.

Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Dojutsu, he was all proficient in all aspects, which made his battle method extremely diversified. The most troublesome thing was that this guy’s IQ was quite high. He would not be careless when facing such an enemy. He would have to carefully breakdown his enemy’s techniques and formulate counter-attacks.

“Then you can only blame yourself for being too weak…”

The masked man spread his palms, turned his head, and looked towards the youth behind him, “Hey, Lord Itachi, if you want to gain a foothold in the organization, kill someone! The interns of the organization are not protected!”


The 13-and-a-half-year-old Uchiha Itachi glanced at the masked man, then slowly looked at Uehara Naraku, and finally nodded and pulled out the sword behind him.

He was brought in by the masked man.

Uchiha Itachi’s eyes, the masked man who claimed to be Uchiha’s Madara was a mysterious and powerful man. Not long ago, he helped him slaughter the whole Uchiha clan and brought him to join the Akatsuki organization.

The masked man mentioned along the way that Akatsuki was his organization, and that this intern was someone he wanted to remove.

They had reached an agreement earlier where the masked man would not attack Konoha and hurt Sasuke in exchange for Itachi joining Akatsuki.

Nowadays, what the masked man meant was nothing more than asking him to help find trouble with another intern in the organization.

It didn’t matter.

As long as that guy abided by the agreement, Uchiha Itachi didn’t mind helping him solve minor problems.


Uehara Naraku glanced at Uchiha Itachi, who was holding a ninja sword, and remembered that there had been two side missions.

[Defeat Uchiha Itachi once (0/1), the reward is unknown.]

[Defeat the mysterious masked man once (0/1), the reward is unknown.]

Uchiha Itachi slowly closed his eyes and moved towards Uehara Naraku. He nodded to express his apology, “Sorry, I have my own reasons for doing this.”

As his last words rang out, his figure disappeared!

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