Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 2: Actually

Chapter 2: Actually

Uehara Naraku was actually a transmigrator.

—Naturally, he also had a system.

There were so many ninjas in the Shinobi World who wanted to blaze their own trails, many of them were slain after trying, but one more or one less, would not truly affect the Shinobi World.

A month ago, he was still called Uehara, and he was an ordinary person. While going out and traversing the road, Uehara met a strange bookseller. After a few conversations, Uehara felt closer to the boss.

They spoke like old friends and shared a love for manga so they often picked a topic at random.

Before leaving, Uehara felt a little embarrassed, so he bought a book at the boss’s little bookstand. It was just a random book.

The ancients once said that the book had its own Yan Ruyu, its own golden house, and the book had its own thousand bells. There was no harm in reading more, right?

The ancients were right and did not get much, wrong as expected.

Sometimes even a book also comes with its own system.

That bookseller was really weird. He had obviously just set up his bookstand yet he sold the book to Uehara at the price on the price tag!

Wasn’t it clearly just to cheat him of his money?

Now it seemed like, not only had he cheated Uehara’s money, but also many others.

Once Uehara got home, the moment he opened the book, he become bound to a system called [A 2D Hobbyist will surely realize their wishes], referred to as the 2D wishing system.

This system was a bit rough and imprecise. Not only did it not have an artificial intelligence, but it also rigidly published missions.

Once the system turned on, an analysis was performed about Uehara’s preferences, and he was sent to Shinobi World where he became Uehara Naraku.

Uehara Naraku’s life experience was indeed rather bizarre.

His father was a first-generation member of Akatsuki. He had just made a child with his mother before he went to follow Yahiko, and then there was no more news.

It was difficult for the widows and orphans to survive in a war-torn place like the Amegakure. Uehara Naraku was taught by his mother to refine Chakra and became a wandering ninja, but later, she was killed by a ninja from Sunagakure.

Uehara became Uehara Naraku.

He only had one main mission, to find the bookstall owner and become the strongest ninja in the Shinobi World and to this day he had made zero progress.

What a simple and rude system!

But why would it not let him achieve his desire to be an ordinary person? Instead, it wanted him to fulfil the wishes of others?!

Was the system not afraid that one day, someone would want to become a crow and change his species, would it also grant that person’s wish?

Of course, in addition to the main mission of becoming the strongest ninja in the Shinobi World, the system would also issue random side missions from time to time, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Strictly speaking, these missions were more like the wishes of random hobbyists since many of them requested truly strange things.

After all, even if the system was mentally handicapped, it was unlikely that it would release conflicting missions at the same time, right?

For example, there was a side mission that needed him to bring Naruto Uzumaki into darkness, but another side mission ask him to keep Naruto Uzumaki warm forever and then there was another side mission that required him to bring Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke together…

What the hell is this!

In Uehara Naraku’s eyes, the publishers of these missions were insane, and their rewards were different.

For example, most of the rewards given by side missions were from League of Legends. Sometimes they would be hero skills, sometimes heroes as summoned beasts, and sometimes they would just give money.

This money was not Shinobi World money, but real gold coins, which could be used to buy unusual equipment.

Uehara Naraku opened his status panel. Because this was his first time, he guessed that it would take a while before the status panel appeared.

[Name: Uehara Naraku

Gender: Male

Birthday: Konoha April 4th, 44th

ID number: ( Mosaic)

Life Energy: 698 (standard Chunin physical energy 500~1000)

Chakra: 1350 (standard Jonin level Chakra 1000-3000)

Life Energy Recovery: 2/s

Chakra Recovery: 1.5/s

Available skills:

Dancing Air Technique: Enables flight through the use of Chakra, consuming 3 points of Chakra per second. No cooldown.

Command – Shockwave: By forming a chakra doll, a space-time gravitational force is released, dragging enemies around the doll towards the doll. The range is equal to the amount of Chakra used, with a minimum of 100 points. Cooldown, 110 seconds.

Wind Barrier: By releasing Wind-Style Chakra, a wall of wind is formed to block enemy attacks, the size is equal to the amount of Chakra used, with a minimum of 50 points. Cooldown, 26 seconds.

Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison: A circular lightning storm is formed around you by releasing Lightning-Style Chakra. The range, power, and duration are equivalent to the amount of Chakra use, with a minimum of 75 points. Cooldown, 120 seconds.

Card Deception: A powerful card throwing technique. Every fourth card you throw gains a formidable power. No cooldown.


Tears of the Goddess: Chakra +250, Chakra accumulation +750, returns 10% of the Chakra spent on Ninjutsu.

Summoning Contract:

Galio the Justice Colossus, Chakra consumption 3000 points.

Remaining Gold Coin: 1320.]

To Uehara Naraku, the only thing to be thankful for was that his current skills were pretty good, if not indomitable, for an orphan anyway.

Aside from his Dancing Air Technique, which he got when he first started practising chakra control by walking on water and climbing trees, all the others were obtained from combat missions.

As for the Tears of the Goddess, it was an item that he bought from the system’s store that popped up in the shop from time to time. He immediately bought it after acquiring enough money through side quests. He knew exactly how important Chakra was in the Shinobi world, and this item could be used to save lives in the Shinobi world…

The system had previously given him two side quests: to create an organization, while the other was to join an organization.

If he were twenty-six years old, he would, of course, choose to create an organization of his own accord, but he is only three… only twelve years old!

With his acting skills, it shouldn’t be a problem if he turtles up, right?

The identity of his body was too convenient. Wouldn’t not making use of it be too much of a waste?

As for who would become the real mastermind behind the Akatsuki and the Shinobi World’s biggest BOSS…. Nagato, Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Madara, Black Zetsu, let’s have a fair fight!

Why not participate in such a fun game?

Uehara Naraku was not particularly picky. His goal was only to be the last man standing. It was enough to be able to defeat Otsutsuki Kaguya to complete his main mission.

The current Akatsuki was still a little weak, equivalent to half a grass-roots team.

Currently, the Akatsuki only had half of its members. The organisation’s secret base was located in a valley with a river, and many of its members were still carrying out their own missions.

There were a couple of people in the base.

Two big spenders in the Akatsuki were Orochimaru, who was fond of the human experiments and Sasori of the Red Sand, who likes puppetry.

“Is this a new member?”

Orochimaru saw Uehara Naraku behind Pain and Konan, subconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked the corners of his mouth: “Or, is this experimental material you’ve prepared for me?”


Pain shook his head and said calmly, “He will be the newest intern in our organization, Uehara Naraku.”

“Please treat me kindly.”

Uehara Naraku’s smile was very bright, but his youthful vigor seemed incompatible with the gloominess of the cave.


The others just sneered and ignored them.

Uehara Naraku’s smile suddenly narrowed.

‘A group of scoundrels…’

It was unusual for him to take the initiative to smile so heartily!

Could it be that the smile he has carefully practised could only be used to deal with people like Might Guy and Rock Lee?

Konan reached out to patted the boy’s head. The woman lowered her body and whispered in his ear, “Uehara, can you find a place and train by yourself?”

“Oh oh oh… of course!” Uehara Naruko stepped back and nodded.

The iris flower swayed gently on the woman’s head, as Konan walked into the cave. Even if the cave lacked light, a huge monster could be vaguely seen inside the cave.

It looks very ugly but very powerful.

The Ten-Tails’ body, the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, was hidden here. Obviously, the members of Akatsuki didn’t know what this guy was capable of doing…

“Ah hahaha, are you also an intern of this organization!”

While Uehara appeared to be in a daze and a funny voice leaked out.

A hand patted Uehara’s left shoulder, but when Uehara Naraku turned his head, he saw nothing.

Immediately afterwards, Uehara felt something pat his right shoulder. Obviously, the man had run to the right again. —This was a classic but boring prank.

If this person was also an intern of Akatsuki, then he must be Uchiha Obito, Uehara Naraku’s future colleague, and the opponent who would compete with him as the behind the scenes mastermind!

Uehara Naraku’s forehead crinkled as he pressed his hands together, and a skill instantly activated, “Lightning Release: Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!”

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