Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

In fact, all the Earth Dragon Kings were actually the mother insects of the earth-tearing insects.

And it was really the same as the queen ant.

They only had the ability to give birth.

Then, the Boss only knew how to spit.

With 40% HP, with Lin Chen’s current attributes and equipment, he could insta-kill it with one round of skills alone, not to mention that he had four teammates and pets to help him.

A minute and a half later, the earth-ripping worm Boss died.

It even dropped a bunch of items.

There was a lot of equipment inside.

There were also a lot of leather materials and so on. Once these were processed, they would be used to make crafted materials. Lin Chen would rather not waste them. He would take them all.

In the equipment, the Saint’s scepter was dropped.

The moment this equipment reappeared, one could clearly feel a shockwave from the Land of Exile.

In an instant, many Holy Maidens walked out of the tree hole.

There was light shining on their bodies…

This was a sign that they had recovered their strength!

Lin Chen had even personally seen an elderly Saintess of the Holy Maidens suddenly soar to Level 180 in front of him!

She was even improving.

Finally, it stopped at soul third realm!

Lin Chen quickly asked her: “Rank three realm, what does that mean?”

In the game, it was only released to Level 120.

This was over 20 years!

Although Lin Chen guessed that there was still a possibility of leveling up above Level 120, he could not understand this soul third realm.

“I am the High Priestess of the Holy Maidens. Greetings, Your Highness the Divine Spiritualist!”

The woman did not answer Lin Chen’s question. Instead, she led all the Holy Maidens to kneel before Liu Mengyao. Then, she turned to look at Lin Chen and said, “After Level 180, you can’t level up, but you can be reborn. Not only can you retain your attributes and level, but you can also start cultivating from Level 1 again. Our Holy Maiden Tribe has the Peacock God King’s bloodline. My name is Kong Yan, and her name is Kong Lin. We all use Kong as our surname.”

At this moment, Kong Lin also came forward to introduce herself. “I’m Kong Lin, the leader of the Holy Maidens. Greetings to the Divine Spiritualist and her and honorable friends… For rebirth, it’s actually not important what realm you have at this time. The most important thing is soul cultivation. The realm of rebirth is only a vehicle for soul cultivation. It determines what level your soul can cultivate to.”

Kong Yan continued to explain to everyone, “The soul is divided into nine ranks, but above the nine levels, there are five realms: God Disciple, God Messenger, Weak God, Strong God, and Heavenly God. If your level and number of rebirths are not enough, then the cultivation of the soul will stop. For example, if you want to cultivate the soul to the God Disciple level, you have to reach the realm above rank two.”

“Right now, the high priestess is rank three and her soul is at the Divine Messenger realm, but it is even more difficult to advance further. If I want to cultivate to the Weak God realm, I’m afraid I will need to reach rank five. Of course, I will have a chance to do so when I reach rank five.”

Kong Lin told Lin Chen and everyone else, “After four to five reincarnations, you might be able to cultivate to a Weak God. The upper limit of soul cultivation is also a Weak God. After six to seven reincarnations, you can cultivate to a Strong God. If you can complete nine reincarnations, you might be able to reach the Heavenly God Realm!”

Lin Chen roughly understood what was going on.

It turned out that everyone’s level was just a medium for soul cultivation.

It could be understood in this way.

Level was body tempering.

Letting your body be able to bear a stronger soul.

Cultivating the soul was the foundation of this game!

It was similar to the cultivation realms in novels.

In the later stages, the stronger your soul power is, the stronger your combat strength will be.

After understanding this, Lin Chen immediately sent a private message to Liu Mengyao. “You can invite them to stay in Sky Moon City for the time being. In the future, we will help them find a new territory.”


Liu Mengyao immediately discussed with Kong Yan.

Then, everyone headed to Sky Moon City together.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon.

Time was running out.

Lin Chen still wanted to find Kong Yan to understand how to speed up soul cultivation, so he disbanded the team.

Anyway, everyone had something to do.

Liu Mengyao went to settle the Holy Maiden Tribe and completed the mission.

Zhang Chunlin wanted to continue advancing in the rankings. He planned to open pet eggs.

It was the same for Bai Shuyi and Snow Foam.

Lin Chen left Kong Yan alone and asked, “Other than absorbing soul crystals every day, is there any other way to cultivate the soul?”

“There are some natural mutant fruits that can accelerate one’s cultivation speed. There are also pills that can also have this effect. Also…” Kong Yan hesitated for nearly three seconds before looking at Lin Chen and saying, “Devouring souls is the fastest way to cultivate. However, if you devour the souls of your own kind, it’s very easy to create a demonic obstacle.”

“Is a demonic obstacle a mental demon?” Lin Chen asked.


Kong Yan shook her head and said, “A demonic obstacle is a demonic obstacle. The mental demon will only harm yourself and not others. However, a demonic obstacle is different because they might be another you, an evil you, or a dark you! When the demon is formed, it can wreak havoc everywhere.”

“So, I’ll have no problem devouring the monster’s soul?” Lin Chen was very cautious.

Everything had to be clarified.

“That way, it will easily breed inner demons,” Kong Yan replied.

Judging from her expression, she seemed to be very resistant to devouring monsters’ souls.

However, Lin Chen could not be blamed for not caring.

Moreover, he had personally witnessed the Giant Ape King devouring the souls of demonic creatures in the instance dungeon.

He was still in the game.

The game was suspended, but Lin Chen still invested tens of millions.

He had painstakingly played his account to the #1 rank in the game.

In the end, after today’s understanding, he realized that the world of this game was actually so huge!

He had thought that he was already invincible at Level 120, with all his Mythical crafted equipment and three top-grade pets. But now, he realized that Level 120 cultivation of the soul had just begun, and this was just the beginning?

Of course, Lin Chen was unhappy!

Moreover, as a human, why should he feel burdened by devouring the souls of monsters?

Even if those monsters ate people, they wouldn’t feel burdened!

Lin Chen did not care.

He had to give it a try.

Therefore, when Lin Chen saw that Liu Mengyao and the Holy Maiden Tribe were getting along very happily, he took advantage of the remaining time and went to the Instance Dungeon of the Chaos of the Heavenly Palace alone.

It was a solo run!

In any case, with his current powerful attributes, he was not afraid at all.

And this time, Lin Chen did not hold back at all.

He did not follow the rules to clear the level.

When the first Boss was defeated and turned into its soul form, Lin Chen went forward and grabbed it, devouring it in one bite.

[You have devoured the soul of the two-headed monster (Instance Dungeon Incarnation). Soul cultivation has increased by 5,000 experience points!]

Five thousand!

Good lord, a two-headed monster could actually compare to the cultivation points of five dazzling soul crystals?

Why did Kong Yan’s expression flicker when he mentioned devouring souls for cultivation?

Lin Chen did not care.

However, he discovered another knowledge blind spot here.

It turned out that the monsters in the Instance Dungeon were all incarnations of the Instance Dungeon… Did that mean that there might be their real bodies in the game?

If the soul of the incarnation of the Instance Dungeon was already so nourishing, then if the real body…

Lin Chen’s eyes lit up.

Two hours later, at six in the evening, Lin Chen walked out of the Instance Dungeon of the Chaos of the Heavenly Palace.

At this moment, his soul cultivation had already reached rank 4!

Once again, he entered the Instance Dungeon and attempted to devour the two-headed monster’s soul.

“You… you devil, my true body will definitely not let you off!” Before the two-headed monster’s soul was devoured, it actually said such words.

This further confirmed Lin Chen’s guess.

Lin Chen was overjoyed.

In other words, he would be able to make use of the [Chaos of the Heavenly Palace] dungeon to crazily improve his soul cultivation until the server shut down?

Lin Chen would not hold back!

At eight p.m., Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had already almost reached the fifth level.

At this moment, Lin Chen finally noticed the change.

[Forest Dawn]

[Class: Celestial]

[Level: 120]

[Experience Points: 1/3 billion]

[HP: 57,200]

[Mana: 85,600]

[Magic Attack: 75,328]

Physical Attack: 75,328

[SPD: 258.33 yards/sec]

[Soul Cultivation: Level 5]

[Soul Attributes: Increases all attributes by 10%, increases all skills by 1 level, Skill Points +10]

[Constitution: 3250+325]

[Spirit: 8560+856]

[Strength: 8560+856]

[Agility: 4,270+427]

Lin Chen’s attributes began to increase.

Moreover, the skill level had also increased.

There were also 10 Skill Points.

This meant that Lin Chen could learn another forbidden spell!

The prerequisites for Celestials to learn forbidden spells were:

First, all the basic skills were upgraded to Level 10.

Secondly, learning a Forbidden Spell required 10 skill points.

Therefore, as long as Lin Chen had skill points, he could continuously learn forbidden spells.

This was a huge boost for Lin Chen.

Now, Lin Chen was very glad that he had changed his class.

However, there was not enough time.

He went through the Chaos of the Heavenly Palace dungeon again. This time, his soul cultivation was still 20,000 experience points away from Tier 5.

However, it was already 10:50 pm.

There were still ten minutes before the game stopped.

Yes, an hour earlier than in his previous life.

Lin Chen did not know the reason, but he was a little scared… Could it be that his crazy operation in the game had caused this one-hour earlier invasion?

Lin Chen saw the game announcement that the server was about to be shut down. Liu Mengyao also sent a message, indicating that she was going offline.

“After you go offline, if anything happens, call me immediately.”

Lin Chen instructed.

Then, he returned to Sky Moon City and waited until the game stopped before logging out.

In real life, Lin Chen took off his gaming helmet.

Then he came to the window.

The sky was pitch-black and nothing could be seen.

The moment the clock started ticking, Lin Chen suddenly closed his eyes.

A crisp chirp sounded in his ears.

That cry was like the shattering of a piece of jade.

Like a lotus plant crying dewdrops!

The next moment, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky outside the window. Demonic creatures descended, and screams of fear could be heard everywhere outside the neighborhood.

In Lin Chen’s room, Vermillion Bird was lying on his bed. Flying Rat was rubbing against Lin Chen’s arm obediently. Yuki Onna was standing at the side like a human doll.

All of Lin Chen’s equipment was neatly equipped!

At this moment, Lin Chen felt that his entire body was filled with boundless strength.

This moment had finally arrived!

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