Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

This overall rating ranking depended on the overall rating of your account.

Therefore, as long as one upgraded their equipment, cultivation, pets, skills, and so on, they could be upgraded.

Zhang Chunlin’s account still had a lot of room for improvement.

He rushed all the way to 93 points.

Lin Chen felt that it was about time.

After all, if he continued, he would have to do Level 120 crafting like Lin Chen.

How could he have the time to make a nine-star crafted set for Zhang Chunlin now?

Then there were the pets.

Lin Chen did have extra pets, but now that the dazzling eggs were so cheap, Zhang Chunlin could open them himself.

“Let’s complete the mission first. After completing this mission, everyone can go back and increase their scores,” Lin Chen said in the team. The only thing he could temporarily improve for himself now was cultivation.

However, using the soul crystal to cultivate, even if it was the highest quality soul crystal, it could only increase one thousand cultivation experience points a day.

Currently, Lin Chen’s cultivation level was still at Tier 2.

However, he had already reached the peak.

This was because Lin Chen was willing to spend a lot of money!

He used the dazzling soul crystal to cultivate every day. In the past, this thing would have cost tens of millions a day. Such an investment was painful even for the bosses of some companies.

Now, many people stopped playing and did not pay much attention to this.

Lin Chen thought that if he cultivated his soul to a higher level today, it would be more or less the same.

In any case, he was very far ahead on the rankings as #1.

Although Lin Chen was only one point ahead of Liu Mengyao on the rankings, Lin Chen’s equipment score and skill score were tens of thousands of points ahead of Liu Mengyao, let alone others.

When the game invaded the real world tomorrow, Lin Chen would inherit 100% of the attributes and abilities in the game, including equipment.

Liu Mengyao would inherit 99% of her abilities.

The lower the ranking, the lower it was.

Actually, the top ten were still alright. They were only missing a few percentage points.

After the top 10, there was a 10% decrease.

That way, even their levels would decrease.

Returning to the quest, Liu Mengyao was now the team leader and everyone had arrived at their destination… the Land of Exile.

This place was a wilderness.

There were desolate weeds everywhere, muddy water sources, and bare mounds of soil.

In addition, the ground was still squirming…

Judging from the wriggling shape and movement, it meant that this place was not peaceful.

The people of the Holy Maiden Tribe lived in such an environment.

It was said that this was a punishment from the gods.

As soon as the five of them stepped into this place, the monsters wriggling underground came over vigilantly. In the end, one broke out of the ground. It was a huge earth-tearing insect. Its entire body was covered in thin and short but thick legs, and its entire front end was a bloody mouth more than three meters in diameter.

A rancid smell was brought out by the liquid spraying out of its mouth.

“How disgusting!” Bai Shuyi, the Valkyrie, almost vomited when she saw this creature.

Lin Chen also felt a little disgusted.

He swore that he would never use the Super Slide Kick against such a thing.


He activated a forbidden spell!

Seven Stars Energy Gathering!

Then, Lin Chen waved Heaven’s Secret and launched a few long-range attacks at the Earth-Ripping Worm. When the Seven Stars Condensation was full, he jumped seven times, teleporting between the two points in front and behind the earth-ripping worm each time.

The earth-ripping worm was stunned by Lin Chen.

In the end, it fell to the ground and turned into experience.

“About 100,000 HP. This monster is Level 150 and can only be considered a normal monster. Everyone, be careful!”

Lin Chen was speechless.

He even regretted it a little.

He actually used a Forbidden Spell on a normal monster.

Fortunately, he had kept the two forbidden spells, Storm Force Field and Star Power Burst.

After that, everyone was very careful. They specially chose paths that looked tight on the surface and tried their best to avoid the earth-ripping worms. When the three of them arrived under a withered tree, they suddenly heard a voice. “Are you adventurers?”

A little girl actually crawled out of the tree hole.

The little girl didn’t look very old. Her hair was still golden and even shone brightly. Before Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao could respond, the little girl suddenly said, “Not good, quickly hide!”


Not far away, an Earth-Ripping Worm that was more than ten times larger than the one before crawled out of the ground and roared at the sky.

It seemed to be searching for something. After roaring for nearly ten minutes, it burrowed into the ground and disappeared.

At this moment, in the tree hole, Lin Chen and the others were surrounded by ten golden-haired women.

But soon, one of the older women brought everyone and knelt down in front of Liu Mengyao.

The woman held her hands in front of her and couldn’t help but tremble as she said, “Divine Spiritualist, have you finally come to save us?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

As Liu Mengyao spoke, she went forward to help the woman up. The others also stood up. Then, Liu Mengyao asked, “How did you guys end up like this?”

e”We were born to serve the Earth Dragon King, the monster you saw just now. However, this monster treated our clansmen as food. We had no choice but to hide in these trees,” the woman explained.

At this moment, Lin Chen asked, “Are you the only ones left in the Holy Maiden Tribe?”

The woman shook her head and said, “It’s more than just us. We’re just a family. They’re all my daughters. Our Holy Maiden Tribe has a special physique. We can use the power of the sacred fruit to give birth to offspring without men, but the sacred fruit will only let us give birth to daughters. However, we’ve already finished all the sacred fruits we brought. If we continue to be trapped here, we’ll definitely become food for the Earth Dragon King in the end!”

“Then how many of you are there?” Lin Chen continued to ask.

Of course, he hoped that Liu Mengyao would be able to have as many people as possible in this race subordinate to her.

The woman replied, “About several tens of thousands of people are scattered and hiding in various big tree holes.”

“There are so many of you. Why don’t you join forces to kill the monster and escape?” Bai Shuyi could not help but ask.

“Our Divine Power has been sealed by the Heavenly Gods. We can only regain it after leaving the Land of Exile… However, we still believe that there will definitely be a Divine Spiritualist coming to save us!”

The woman’s explanation made Lin Chen understand everything.


The Earth Dragon King that the woman was talking about was clearly a Level 150 Boss!

Moreover, it was a Wild Boss.

This was a little tricky.

Moreover, there were still many small monsters.

Even if those small monsters were not a threat to Lin Chen’s party, just all their spitting together was enough to disgust everyone.

‘What do I do?’

Lin Chen still had a way.

He said to Zhang Chunlin, “Hurry up and get your studio to think of a way. You can even go to the market to buy it now. Send us five sets of ninja fashion! Remember, it has to be the type with face masks.”

Zhang Chunlin immediately went to get it done.

Soon, everyone changed into this fashion.

“This mask can repel all odors. At the very least, it won’t make us feel too disgusted.” Lin Chen explained to everyone before saying, “Alright, everyone, start working. In a while, attack the Boss with all your might. Pay attention to positioning and hiding from the monsters. Just don’t be swallowed by the monsters.”

With that, Lin Chen left the tree hole.

The five of them stood in their positions, and soon, the monsters came out. This time, Lin Chen was covered in clothing, so he didn’t care. With a Super Slide Kick, he sent a monster flying. Bai Shuyi, the Valkyrie, followed up with a skill and cut the monster in half.


The earth-rending worm Boss seemed to be able to sense the death of its descendants, so it quickly rushed out.

When it appeared, it stood a hundred meters in the air.

However, there was still a large portion of its body that continued to be buried underground.

“This is a big guy!”

Lin Chen looked at Zhang Chunlin and said, “If you feel disgusted, close your eyes and attract hatred. Anyway, there’s the fashion wear… Do you want me to give you an eye mask?”

“F*ck, for the first time, I regret playing a Knight!”

Zhang Chunlin was speechless.

However, he was still very brave. He went forward to taunt and arouse hatred.

Lin Chen released all three of his pets and activated his Storm Force Field. Then, he used Enchanted Half-Moon Slash to charge at the Earth-Ripping Worm. During this period, Lin Chen also activated his equipment’s Quickness state, allowing Lin Chen’s speed to temporarily exceed 400 yards!

After hitting the earth-ripping worm, two huge damage numbers floated out from its head.




The earth-tearing worm immediately spat out a mouthful of venom at Lin Chen, but Lin Chen was a Celestial. He immediately changed directions and dodged the venom at an extremely fast speed. At the same time, he shouted in the team channel, “This monster’s magic defense is higher than physical defense. Delicate Little Bird is in charge of the second attack position. Snow Foam, try your best to use negative status skills on it!”

Lin Chen’s physical and magical attack values were the same.

However, the damage difference between the two types was nearly double.

This meant that the earth-ripping worm’s spell defense was very high.

Excluding damage immunity, it had at least 50,000 spell defense.

Ordinary mages or magic pets would find it difficult to deal much damage to it.

Of course, after equipping four pieces of pet equipment, Vermillion Bird’s Magic Attack had already reached 120,000. He could still deal some damage.

However, Lin Chen did not allow it to deal too much damage. What a waste.

From time to time, some small monsters would appear underground!

Vermillion Bird and Yuki Onna would deal with the monsters.

Lin Chen cooperated with Bai Shuyi, Flying Rat, and Bai Shuyi’s Tengu to attack with all their might.

First, he used Star Energy Explosion and arranged the markings for the earth-ripping worm.

Then, Super Slide Kick, but it couldn’t send this huge creature flying. It seemed like it still had the Overlord Body state. Lin Chen didn’t care anymore. He dodged behind it and used its slow movements to attack with the Strengthened Sucker Punch.

There were also Enchanted Assassination and Enhanced Cheap Shot, lots of smaller skills that he kept up.

After using the skills, he would attack with basic attacks.

A minute later, the number of Starburst Layers on the earth-rending worm Boss was stacked to 30, and Lin Chen immediately detonated it.


The earth-rending worm Boss’s HP dropped by one million!

A monster with low defense was like this in front of Lin Chen…

Of course, if the physical defense was high, but the magical defense was low, the result would be the same.

In less than two minutes, the Boss only had about 40% of its health left.

At this moment, the earth-ripping worm opened its huge mouth.

Numerous earth-tearing bugs crawled out!

This scene was a little terrifying.

“Why do I feel like this thing is similar to an ant queen?” Zhang Chunlin couldn’t help but complain. “It turns out that other than spitting and giving birth, it doesn’t have any other damage output!”

That seemed to be the case.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Without hesitation, Lin Chen used the forbidden spell on his belt.

All his skills immediately refreshed their cooldowns.

Including Star Power Burst!

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