Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

QuickTok headquarters.

Lin Chen made his first live broadcast on the internet.

Needless to say, with the current popularity of the topic, there were still quite a number of people in the live-stream.

As soon as the live-stream started, the number of people in the live-stream exceeded 100,000.

This was normal.

After all, the hottest topic on the entire Blue Planet was the New World online game.

As for Lin Chen, he had just happened to become popular on the short video platform.

The live broadcast this time was conducted as an interview.

The host was an influencer who had 30 million fans on QuickTok. She was a girl with heaven-defying long legs.

Due to QuickTok’s major advertising, the host position had actually gone through some competition. After all, everyone knew that this was a good opportunity to attract fans.

This influencer’s ID was Loli isn’t a Loli. In the end, she stood out from the crowd and won the host position.

Long legs and a loli face.

There were also cute twintails.


She was dressed rather eye-catchingly.

However, Lin Chen did not look away. To be honest, Lin Chen had seen her at the scene. Not to mention anything else, just the thickness of the foundation on her face made Lin Chen feel nothing about her.

Moreover, with so much makeup on, Lin Chen still found it difficult to give her a high score.

It was only because QuickTok’s filter was strong.

After a polite greeting, Loli isn’t a Loli said, “I heard that your investment in the game has exceeded 10 million, right? I mean, ever since New World announced its suspension.”

“Yes!” Lin Chen nodded.

After that, the interview went on to ask and answer questions.

“Then may I ask, where did this money come from?”

“Parents’ pensions, the school district house at home, online loans and loans, and the support of friends.”

“So much money, and you even sold your school district house. May I ask why you made such a decision?”

“I’ve already answered this question when I was recording ‘Contemporary Youth’, but I can answer it again… The reason I did this was because of a dream of mine. Moreover, I felt that the world we live in will change, so I chose to take a gamble.”

“So far, what’s the biggest investment in the game?”

“Full-strengthened Divine Mage Sets! However, I plan to change all of them to Level 120 crafted ones now. I spent more than a million on the Divine Mage Sets previously.”

“Isn’t that a loss? It seems like you only played for a few days with this equipment worth.”

“It won’t be a loss.”

“How is that possible? The price of New World items has fallen drastically!”

“You can say that. There are some things that you might believe. Now, I want to sell this set of equipment for three million. Those who are willing will take the bait. Do you believe that someone will buy it?”

“I don’t believe you. What if no one buys it?”

This host did not give Lin Chen much face.

Of course, no one would believe Lin Chen’s words!

This was because from the interview, everyone realized that Lin Chen might really be a huge idiot!

After all, Lin Chen was playing a game that was about to be permanently shut down. He even sold a house and sold everything to invest in it because he had a dream… This reason was too ridiculous.

Moreover, in the conversation, Lin Chen even said something like ‘he simply believes his dream’.

Wasn’t he being ridiculous?

Why did it sound like a big shot in the currency circle was fooling people?

Although the host did not give him face, she had to at least restrain her emotions and tone. The reactions in the live-stream did not care.

The number of people in the live-stream had already reached hundreds of thousands.

Everyone could not help but comment.

“Just because you believe? I don’t believe you. You’re still dreaming… Hehe, I’m still dreaming that I have the bearing of a Great Emperor!”

“I thought that he invested so much into a game that was about to go bankrupt because of his feelings. Now, he actually said that it was a dream? Hehe, if he’s not crazy, he might be seriously ill!”

“It’s here, the greatest idiot of the century!”

“It’s over. This child’s life is probably completely ruined.”

“He doesn’t look bad. He’s masculine and handsome. He doesn’t look like someone with a serious illness. Why would he do such a stupid thing?”

“Even his parents’ pension… F*ck, I really have to scold him: He’s not a human son!”

The comments flooded the screen.

However, there were also some people who pitied Lin Chen under the halo of saintly pity, whether it was because of the feelings towards the game New World, or because they simply liked Lin Chen’s looks…

In short, there were a few people who actually posted comments in support of Lin Chen.

This era was like this.

When you look like a handsome celebrity, you will also have some hardcore fans.

Even if you were a clown, as long as you started a live broadcast and gained a certain degree of exposure, you would still attract some fans.

Therefore, when Lin Chen opened his QuickTok account, the number of fans actually reached 100,000. This was clearly something Lin Chen did not expect. After filming today, Lin Chen planned to go back and rest.

However, QuickTok found Lin Chen and suggested, “You’re very popular now. Do you want to try broadcasting by yourself in the afternoon? We’ll arrange some products for you to advertise. What’s more, the profits of these products are very good.”


Some people said that the end motive of the live broadcast was to bring goods.

In the Dragon Country, the live broadcast advertising could be done by anyone.

Even the celebrities in the entertainment industry who had once looked down on the live broadcast industry participated.

Lin Chen was not completely unprepared for this. After all, he had previously agreed with QuickTok that he would participate in the advertising. Besides, Lin Chen still needed money, so even though he knew that QuickTok’s officials were up to no good…

Products with high profitability when sold usually indicated that the quality of the product or certain aspects are definitely defective.

They were using Lin Chen as a one-time-use internet celebrity.

They did not care that Lin Chen’s reputation would be tarnished by these products, nor did they care about Lin Chen’s image. Everything was about benefits.

As for Lin Chen?

Logically speaking, whether it was out of a sense of social responsibility or out of a sense of responsibility towards his fans, he should have rejected such a situation, but Lin Chen agreed without hesitation.ju

Product quality?

Hehe, the entire world was about to be destroyed!

Even if Lin Chen sold it, no one would be able to wait for the day they received the goods.

Hence, Lin Chen did not care at all.

What Lin Chen needed now was funds.

After he collected the funds, he would hoard more resources in the game. At most, these fans who had supported him in the future might be able to survive the huge change and find him. He would just give them some benefits in the future.

At that time, they would definitely not lose out!

Therefore, Lin Chen did not feel any psychological pressure and started a live broadcast.

In the end, as soon as the live-stream started, many haters flooded in.

After all, Lin Chen’s reputation was black.

Although it had also attracted a lot of fans, the haters occupied the majority.

However, Lin Chen turned a blind eye to it. He calmly promoted and carried the goods. Coupled with the help of some professional ‘livestream scammers’ from the QuickTok official platform, Lin Chen’s first livestream sold the goods very well…

The total sales reached 30 million!

According to the agreement, Lin Chen would get three million!

At night, the sales results were even better.

On the first day, Lin Chen earned eight million.

The next day, Lin Chen maxed out the live broadcast time. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and another in the evening. In any case, it was to earn money. As for the acquisition in the game, it was all handed over to Zhang Chunlin.

There was also a small episode during this period.

Snow Foam got Lin Chen’s phone number from Bai Shuyi and called. “Are you really going to drop the Mage Divine Set? I think I can get use that set of equipment. Do you want to sell it?”

“Three million. The game will be suspended the day after tomorrow. Are you crazy too?” Lin Chen replied half-jokingly.

On the other end of the phone, Snow Foam laughed and replied, “I’m not stupid. If I were, I wouldn’t be brainless. First of all, I’m just supporting you! I’ve watched your live broadcast and there are endless videos analyzing you online. There are all kinds of theories about you, but based on my understanding of you, I feel that your actions are very similar to those who have great nostalgia about this game. However, you’re very rational… I’ll say it directly! Three million is nothing to me. Since you can invest so much, I’ll follow you and treat it as a game. At the same time, it can be considered as support between friends.”

What else could Lin Chen be?

It could only be said that rich people were indeed willful.

Perhaps this was also the reason why those big shots in the currency circle could thrive.

It was a virtual currency without any physical assets, but its price was comparable to a mid-range car.

There were also some famous companies on the Blue Planet that could fool people into investing hundreds of billions or even hundreds of billions. They could even sell a so-called publicly traded company that could sell a dream for hundreds of billions.

Most of the time, the real world was even more magical.

Snow Foam’s meaning was very simple. To her, three million was not money at all, if it was to support Lin Chen out of friendship.

For example, if Lin Chen wanted to sell equipment, someone would really buy it!

Then, at this critical point, it could also shut the mouths of many haters.

There was really a fool who spent three million to buy a game equipment in a game that was about to close down!

“I’m happy to have a friend like you!”

Lin Chen did not say much. Since Snow Foam wanted to buy it, he would definitely agree to sell it. Then, Lin Chen announced this news in the live-stream. As expected, it caused another storm on the Internet…

“I’m numb. Is there anyone dumber than a fool who buys this equipment?”

“F*ck! He’s so rich, but he doesn’t support the poor and sends money to the cerebral palsy victims?”

“I’m really impressed. As expected, there are all kinds of birds in the forest!”


“Haha, are the haters angry?”

His reputation was mixed.

Amidst all kinds of doubts and curses, Lin Chen calmly completed the last day’s live broadcast.

At the same time, Lin Chen had enough funds.

The gold coins in the game, including the Level 120 top-grade Appraisal Talisman, and even the Level 9 Array Fragments, were all bought.

It was also April 26th.

On this day, Lin Chen set off for Dragon Sea City.

He arrived home at night.

Lin Chen immediately entered the game.

There was only one day left for him.

He had to complete the Level 120 crafting, class change, and Liu Mengyao’s class change quest.

Then, it was about waiting for that moment to arrive!

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