Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Should he change his class?

Lin Chen was hesitating.

After all, after he changed his class and became a Celestial, he could only wear his own crafted equipment.

This was because no hidden class had any special set equipment.

Of course, a hidden class could use any set equipment and ignore the class requirements.

It was very outrageous.

However, Celestial was a dual physical and magical job class.

Moreover, the various abilities were very balanced.

[Celestial Class Attribute Growth: Constitution 13 (S+), Strength 15 (SS), Spirit 15 (SS), Agility 18 (SS+)]

[Celestial Class Attribute Coefficient: HP 16 (S+), Physical Attack 8 (SS), Magic Attack 8 (SS), Agility 0.05 (SSS)]

All attribute growth ratings were above S!

Moreover, all the attribute coefficients were above SSS.

In particular, his agility was five times higher than that of the Wind Mage class!

In the past, the agility coefficient of the Wind Mage was only 0.01 points.

1,000 Agility was equivalent to 10 yards per second.

But Celestial, with 1000 points of agility, could reach the fastest speed of 50 yards per second!

As everyone knew, the reason why a set was a set was because it was suitable for a single class. Therefore, the attributes were relatively simple. A Mage’s set mainly increased Spirit. Only the clothes and shoes might have Constitution or Agility attributes.

Similarly, a warrior set would definitely add Strength.

Where are you going to find a set that increases all four attributes?

Therefore, Lin Chen was very hesitant.

He looked at the other hidden class…

This class belonged to Liu Mengyao.

Because it was a Priest class change.

Although these two hidden job classes were obtained down by the five of them in a party, Snow Foam was already a hidden job class. If there was no need for it, she would not fight for it. Instead, she was happy to give it all to Lin Chen as a favor.

As for Bai Shuyi, she had a hidden job class already, but she was stuck without having changed her class. The reason she was stuck was probably similar to Lin Chen’s hesitation.

Finally, it was Zhang Chunlin’s turn.

Zhang Chunlin had never thought about this at all. He even said that he was quite good at playing Knight. Moreover, if it weren’t for Lin Chen, he would have gone bankrupt by now. Therefore, whether it was out of gratitude or out of financial pressure, Zhang Chunlin expressed that he couldn’t afford to play a hidden class.

Therefore, the rewards were all given to Lin Chen to open.

[Light Divine Spiritualist: Hidden Class, special skill, Light Baptism. Can heal teammates and deal damage to enemies. Priest Hidden Class.]

Divine Spiritualist.

This job class was not bad. Liu Mengyao could transfer to it without hesitation.

Coincidentally, Liu Mengyao came online, so Lin Chen traded the secret class change certificate to her and asked her to change to it.

Liu Mengyao immediately used the certificate.

The Class Advancement Certificate for the Hidden Class did not require a teacher. It could be transferred directly.

Because there were no instructors.

Soon, Liu Mengyao completed her class change and said to Lin Chen, “Eh? I… I have an extra quest.”

“What quest? Can we form a team?”


“Then share it with the party.”

Lin Chen was a little surprised.

Hidden classes even had missions?

He wondered what the reward would be like!

If the reward was not bad, he would do it.

Liu Mengyao posted a quest to the team channel.

Lin Chen saw it.

[Save the Holy Maiden Clan]

[Mission Difficulty: SSS]

[Quest Description: In ancient times, in the Divine Hall of Light of the ruler Alric, there was a group of carefully selected women who were illuminated by the Divine Sunlight and obtained special physiques. They were collectively called the Holy Maidens. However, they did not have freedom or even dignity! Under the glamorous name, they were just tools used by the priests in the Divine Hall to vent… Later, a unique woman entered the Divine Hall and led them to overthrow the Divine Hall of Light. No one knew her name. Everyone called her a Divine Spiritualist. Now, the descendants of the Holy Maiden Tribe are facing a huge disaster. Please go and rescue them as soon as possible and guide them to find a new territory!]

[Quest Reward: Light Saint’s Scepter (Mythical) (Unique) (Upgradeable)]

[Light Saint’s Scepter: It is the symbol of the royal power of the Saint of the Holy Maiden Clan. It has powerful energy. With it, one can command the Holy Maiden Clan!]

Lin Chen was stunned when he saw the mission description and the reward!

Wasn’t this reward too much of a bug?

It was actually a unique piece of equipment.

And it was of Mythical quality!

Most importantly, this equipment could even command a race in the game.

Lin Chen knew that the game was about to invade reality.

Everything in the game could be fulfilled!

In that case, if he helped Liu Mengyao complete this mission, would Liu Mengyao be able to have a clan in the game in the future that would be absolutely loyal to her?

This reward was too good!

“I’ve seen it. We have to do the mission, but I don’t have time now. I’ll help you do it after I’m done with my work!” Lin Chen immediately made up his mind.

This mission had to be taken down.

Of course, now was not the time.

Because Lin Chen was still busy.

The reason he came online was to accompany Liu Mengyao to the Heavenly Palace to enjoy the scenery.

When it was almost time to board the plane, Lin Chen bade farewell to Liu Mengyao and went offline.

However, Lin Chen received a call from Zhang Chunlin after checking his tickets.

“Boss, why did you log off? I just received a batch of high-level appraisal talismans!”

Zhang Chunlin sounded a little excited on the phone.

Lin Chen teased, “What’s there to be happy about? Could it be that you and Jiang Youyou have a chance?”

“How can it be so fast! Besides, I didn’t dare to confess to her in the past even though I had tens of millions, let alone now… However, I will work hard.” Zhang Chunlin’s mood plummeted.

When Lin Chen heard this, he said to the other end of the phone, “You can give it a try. If she accepts it, it means that she’s not a bad person. If she doesn’t accept it, it’s because she has poor taste and doesn’t have good fortune.”

“Boss, do you really think I can do it?”

“Yes, you can!”

Lin Chen knew a little about Jiang Youyou. After all, they were classmates. She was an exquisite girl with above average looks… Of course, she could not be compared to Liu Mengyao.

However, her sister was the school belle, so her foundation was not that weak.

As for Jiang Youyou’s personality, she was one of the more active and innocent girls in the class.

“Alright, I’ll find an opportunity!”

It seemed that Zhang Chunlin really liked Jiang Youyou. He could tell that when he said this, he became much more serious. Then, he changed his words. “Boss, I was happy before because the appraisal talismans I received this time were all Level 120!”


Lin Chen was also shocked.

Level 120 Advanced Appraisal Talismans!

This meant that the level 120 crafted equipment could be made and appraised.

Lin Chen immediately asked, “How did you receive it? Forget it, I don’t care about this. Continue collecting, and collect as much as you can. Also, go and make a level 120 crafted set now. Send me a screenshot after the appraisal. I’ll be boarding the plane soon, so it’s not convenient for me to log into the game.”


Zhang Chunlin agreed.

Five minutes later, Lin Chen received some pictures from Zhang Chunlin.

After reading it, Lin Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

“Celestial… I can change now!”

In Lin Chen’s phone, the pictures of the Level 120 crafted equipment showed him that apart from the decent attributes, he actually discovered that in addition to the three enchantments, there was actually an additional skill slot!

As for crafted equipment, there were no added skills.

However, there was an additional skill slot!

Moreover, there were two unopened slots. It seemed that he could use items to open the slots.

Zhang Chunlin even specially showed a close-up of three slots.

A skill slot.

Skills were randomly generated, but they could also be refreshed and replaced with Heavenly Artisan Crystals!

The other two slots were for socketing gems.

The Gem System had been in the game for a long time, but there had never been any equipment that could be embedded.

It turned out that only Level 120 equipment could be used for socketing gems.

Lin Chen immediately replied and asked Zhang Chunlin to help him buy a large number of gems.

In any case, he was buying it!

He had to buy it even if he had to sell everything!

Then, Lin Chen boarded the plane.

He arrived in Beijing and checked into a five-star hotel under the guidance of QuickTok’s staff.

At night, Lin Chen slept soundly.

However, somewhere unknown to Lin Chen, in a secret military base, a few important personnel were sitting together and looking at Lin Chen’s image… This was a broadcast that the television station was afraid of taking responsibility for, so they sent to the military first.

Actually, the media was also asking for their opinions.

After watching the video, a tall man stood up and looked at everyone. He asked, “What do you think? I saw that this Lin Chen in the video said it quite well, but… what he said is too ridiculous!”

“The general is right. It’s indeed a fantasy. He actually said that he dreamed that the game world was about to invade the real world, and then he sold his house to borrow money to hoard supplies and items in the game?”

“However, his words are not all nonsense… The origin of the Cosmic Stone has been studied for many years, right? However, no one can explain clearly why that a stone from outer space contains such a huge game system. Moreover, the technology of this game is countless years ahead of our Blue Planet’s technology!”

“General, do you want to notify New World and ask them for some information about Cosmic Stones? Let’s try to study it.”


In the conference hall, everyone expressed their opinions.

Although everyone thought that Lin Chen’s words were just a joke, the Cosmic Stone had indeed attracted the military’s attention… It should be said that the entire world had paid attention to the Cosmic Stone, but after so many years of not being able to figure it out, everyone’s interest gradually faded away.

The general pondered. In the end, he shook his head and smiled bitterly. “New World Company doesn’t belong to our country. It’s considered a joint organization. Even if we ask them for information, they probably won’t give it to us.”

“Besides, even if they’re willing to give it to us, they’ve been researching it for decades and spent hundreds of billions, but they still can’t figure it out. What can we research?”

“With this funding, it’s better to take out a small amount and arrange for garrisons everywhere to send an elite company into the game to create an account.”

“Even though it’s a fantasy.”


“Since it won’t cost much anyways, it’s better to believe in it than not!”

The old general’s words surprised the people below.

Because, in the end, he actually believed Lin Chen’s words and really planned to arrange for a portion of the armed forces to play this online game…

However, if Lin Chen was here, he should be able to tell that the old man’s face shape was similar to his girlfriend, Liu Mengyao.

He was the General of the Blue Planet’s Dragon Kingdom.

Liu Quan!

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