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Chapter 315 - Chapter 315: Great Separation

Chapter 315: Great Separation

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Although the Chronicler had died out, the most data it left behind was technology, all kinds of technology that helped civilization survive.

Among this part of technology, the most basic technology was not needed by Li Wenyuan.

However, there were exceptions. For example, the technology he was going to use:

[Wormhole generator (Chroniclers)]

[Technology level: o]

[Introduction: This is a path that has never been imagined. We have never thought that we could solve the huge energy required to create wormholes in this way. This is enough to be called a major technological innovation. With this wormhole generator, we can create a wormhole channel in any observable galaxy within a certain range to achieve superluminal travel similar to a simple stargate.]

[Remark: It should be noted that although creating a wormhole is easy, wormhole travel is not. It still requires sufficient technology to pass through a wormhole, but it won’t be too difficult. In any case, this is a basic technology that can be applied on a large scale.]

[Possible technology: Wormhole Adaptor (100%)]

This was a very basic technology in the Chronicler’s memory. At the same time, it became one of Li Wenyuan’s basic technologies.

From its Technology level: 0, even the tricky technology tree recognized its status as basic technology.

What kind of technology could be used in such a place?

Hyperspace engines, basic spacecraft structures, high-energy condensers, fusion energy… In Li Wenyuan’s opinion, these technologies were no less important than Level 10 technologies because they were the prerequisites for an interstellar civilization.

Basically, all interstellar civilizations needed this Level 0 technology. Without a foundation, how could they build tall buildings?

Therefore, even if this technology was of no help to the current Li Wenyuan, he still attached great importance to the legacy of the Chronicler.

He felt that this technology could be regarded as a supplement to faster-than-light-speed technology. It had its advantages and disadvantages compared to the hyperspace navigation of humans.

The construction of the hyperspace channel was very difficult, but the navigation technology was very simple. The construction technology of the wormhole generator was simple, but the navigation technology was not.

The hyperspace channel could be regarded as a permanent background project. It could be assumed that there was a hyperspace channel anywhere in the galaxy, and it would not be destroyed by nature or most man-made factors.

Wormhole generators, on the other hand, required the civilization itself to expand in number and range of influence, and would naturally die out with the demise of civilization. At the same time, they could not continuously create wormholes, and each time they needed to cool down for some time before they could be used again, which led to the limited flexibility of wormhole generators.

However, its requirements for technology and time were much lower than that of the hyperspace channel, which was enough to cover its shortcomings.

Moreover, this technology could be used in more powerful civilizations.

For example, Li Wenyuan used the principle of this technology to build a super wormhole generator that was on the level of a star-level megastructure. It was enough to cover the entire lower three spiral arms and achieve the goal of transferring those civilizations.

Although the technology of wormhole travel was not simple, it was not difficult for civilizations that had a deep foundation and were only limited by the speed of light.

Even if the civilization could not master wormhole travel for the time being, with such a large wormhole at their doorstep, they would eventually come.

Li Wenyuan believed that as long as they arrived at the upper three spiral arms, they would discover the hyperspace channel sooner or later. From then on, at least in the upper three spiral arms, light speed would no longer be a shackle.

And the wormhole generator technology that would gradually spread later would become the capital for them to re-explore the lower three spiral arms.

Even if the Heavenly Chasm separated the two star areas, the connection wouldn’t be cut off just because of the distance.

As for why these civilizations had to come over…

“Of course, we’ll let them settle the score with the source of the calamity.”

Li Wenyuan answered Gray Wind’s question matter-of-factly. At this time, Gray Wind was still playing in a civilization of the lower three spiral arms, but their contact had never been broken.

Regarding the wormholes that suddenly appeared in the parent galaxy of every civilization, she naturally raised her questions and received Li Wenyuan’s answer.

“Don’t think that the civilizations are weaker than the Skywalker Empire just because they are restricted by the speed of light. It is more accurate to say that many of them are able to survive without internal friction in an environment where resources are limited and maintain a very high level of civilization. That is something that very few civilizations can do.”

“Do you still remember the four native civilizations in Epsilon Shelter? They were in a similar environment, and the resources in the surrounding world were much richer than here. But what was the outcome of the four native civilizations?”

“The civilization here may have found the best path of development after generations of destruction. The remaining civilization may be the most tenacious one that struggled out of the countless remains of the vanished.”

“Whether it’s luck or strength, they can’t be underestimated. What they lack is a wider world.”

“According to the standards of the Milky Way, the current Skywalker Empire is not even a lost empire, not to mention that they have fallen for millions of years. It didn’t mean that the older they were, the more powerful they would be. The old things ‘stiffness and old-fashioned nature would become the fuse of destruction. Let’s wait and see.”

In his words, Li Wenyuan had already predicted the destruction of the Skywalker Empire and the rebirth of the Spiral Galaxy Alpha.

He was not worried at all that those civilizations would not be able to defeat the Skywalker Empire. He had said that he had something to rely on.

After all, he had already plowed through all the military points of the Skywalker Empire. It was still a problem if they could still take out a battleship that could move.

“Let us wait for a while for this matter. It just so happens that we can complete another matter during this period of time…”

Li Wenyuan combined all the information fragments of the Skywalker Empire and quickly confirmed the location of the Observation Terminal.

It had become his instinct to check the Observation Terminal and Purification Terminal every time he reached a galaxy. It was now time to submit the main mission that had been delayed by many matters.

Thus, he arrived at the target galaxy with the wave of the warp.

A pulsar that was still spinning at a high speed and a lonely planet all showed the uniqueness of this place.

A slow guiding beam arrived at the right time. It was neither late nor early.

Li Wenyuan was already used to all of this, so he approached the Al Planet with ease. After connecting to the control center of the Observation Terminal, he discovered new content.

It seemed to be a record left behind by the scribe civilization after they came here for the second time.

[..I was actually sent to this godforsaken place to investigate the situation. It was a sudden disaster…]

[It’s really hard to understand. Is there a civilization that is so ignorant? Trying to reverse invade us through the Observation Terminal left here and seek the lost technology, how naive…]

[However, thanks to them, I also discovered that there were some problems with this test site. Some pests had come here and successfully bewitched the experimental guardians we left here…]

[Although I want to reset this place again, rather than wasting the resources of rebuilding, why don’t you let me conduct one more experiment? Perhaps this is also a fixed future?]

[So this experiment is going to be called – the Great Separation..]

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