Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 314 - Chapter 314: Crossing the Heavenly Chasm

Chapter 314: Crossing the Heavenly Chasm

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“Recently, the government has announced a total of nine space exploration plans. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Finance, space-related expenditures have accounted for 14% of the gross domestic product, up 4% from the previous year…”

“According to reports, the second Joint Space Development and Planning Conference will be held the day after tomorrow. The heads of state will gather again to look forward to the future of space…”


The TV was turned off again, but this time, the viewers did not complain and obediently returned to their rooms to study.

Meanwhile, the planetologist sat on the empty sofa and stared blankly at the newspaper on the table.

It had been a long time since they were attacked by the alien civilization. The citizens did not know that they had brushed past the threat of an apocalypse.

However, the planetologist still knew a lot about internal affairs through the nepotism they had left behind.

For example, the beam of light that could change the state of a star or the alien Superman who blocked the attack with his body…

However, after the crisis was resolved, the planetologists did not seem very happy. Instead, they became more and more worried.

Even though the current government was already discussing extraterrestrial cooperation, he felt that it was still too slow. This time, an unknown alien civilization had helped them block the attack. What about the next time?

The current international government was still in the theoretical stage of building a satellite base on the nearest satellite. After wave after wave of wrangling, it was left unsettled.

The reason was very simple. The investment was not proportional to the return. The transportation cost was too high, and the construction of the satellite base was a big project. Just the estimated maintenance cost was enough to put a heavy burden on each country.

The planetologist rubbed his head in frustration, wondering how to solve these problems.

Even though he had been expelled, he still had his pride as a scientist, especially when it came to extraterrestrial matters.

At this moment, melodious music drifted out of his son’s room. Although it was intermittent, it automatically formed a complete melody in the mind of the planetologist.

His son played this song every day, so he, who never listened to music, was already familiar with the melody of this song.

“They’re playing this song again…”

The planetologist laughed helplessly, but his thoughts drifted away with the music.

He also knew the name of the song. It was called Faster Than Light Speed and was uploaded to the Internet by an online singer named Gray.

At first, the song wasn’t very famous. However, as the international government paid more attention to space exploration, the general knowledge of the universe became more and more popular. In the end, most people knew what the biggest factor restricting their space exploration was.

It would take them several days to travel from the ground to the satellite, but it would take a hundred times longer to travel from the ground to the nearest planet.

According to the deduction of their scientists, they might be able to accelerate a manned spaceship to one-tenth of the speed of light in a limited time.

However, this is far from enough, even if it is accelerated to the speed of light, it is still too slow for the exploration of the universe.

Therefore, Faster Than Light Speed became the dream of everyone who was committed to space, and the song faster than light speed became popular.

This was their hope for the starry sky, and even the planetologist was no exception.

Although he firmly believed that this universe was dark, he sincerely hoped that superluminal methods could be popularized to illuminate this dark starry sky.

However, it seemed to be a delusion. Perhaps, after ten thousand years, a hundred thousand years, or even a million years, they could only crawl into the universe at the slow speed of light.

The sorrowful silence arose spontaneously, and the planetologist of the Lost Planet subconsciously hummed the melody of Faster Than Light Speed. There was both sorrow and hope, and conflicting emotions were gathered in this song.

However, as he hummed, he suddenly noticed that some abnormal values appeared on one of the instruments he had placed in the living room.

This old-fashioned instrument had already been eliminated, so he had casually placed it in the living room. He did not expect that there would be a problem at this time.

He hurriedly went over to check, only to find that the instrument had detected data related to the space-time state.

However, this device was too old. Other than this information, he was not sure what exactly had happened. It was even possible that it was simply a false alarm.

However, this piece of information was enough to make him restless, because this might represent the opportunity for them to surpass the speed of light.

It was a model that only existed in their theory and had never been proven. However, the data anomaly that appeared today was very likely to complete the proof.

So he paced back and forth anxiously in the living room, waiting for his nepotism to work again.

As time passed, the confused star scholar, who had been waiting for an answer for a long time, couldn’t wait any longer. He put on his coat and rushed out of the door to rush to the landmark building, the astronomical observation station.

It was also at this moment that he received a phone call that made his heart tighten.


“Teacher, we have made a major discovery. A wormhole has appeared in our galaxy, not far from us!”

Hearing this news, the planetologist’s heart suddenly relaxed. Then, he began to laugh foolishly, as if he had been waiting for this day for a long time.

The student also knew that this was just the other party’s overly happy performance. After the wedding, he hurriedly hung up the phone and returned to his work.

At this moment, on the most eye-catching big screen in the astronomical observation station, a huge space-time vortex appeared. It was like a black hole, but it seemed to be able to see flashes like thunderstorms, as well as the fleeting other world.”

This was an image simulated by the computer according to the space-time curvature and light movement of the place. Although there was a certain degree of artistic color, it could also prove that there was something else there.

A wormhole appeared there, only about 100 million kilometers away from them.

Not only that, but their computers had already deduced that the wormhole was extremely stable and impossible to collapse naturally. The gravitational effect it produced was also regulated to a certain extent. Unless the celestial body actively came into contact with the wormhole, it would not have any impact on the galaxy.

The celestial workers on this planet immediately began to take action. A large number of scientists also began to analyze this wormhole.

Technology suitable for wormhole navigation came into being. In this process, some scientists who were troubled by key problems could always magically find insights that could make them suddenly open up in their computers.

This mysterious person had become an unsolved mystery in the world of science. Those who knew the truth suspected that this was actually a super big shot who did not care about the world. The intelligence departments of many countries were also secretly looking for this mysterious person.

Other than them, a wormhole appeared in every galaxy in the lower three spiral arms.

Some of the civilizations that had advanced so deeply that they were only limited by the speed of light quickly began wormhole exploration projects and soon discovered that the other end of the wormhole was actually in the galaxy. More precisely, it was on the other end of the galaxy.

After they sent out their spaceship to explore, the advance party brought a shocking piece of news.

On the other side of the wormhole was a completely different world, where it was common to surpass the speed of light!

At the same time, the advance party that arrived through a wormhole that coincidentally opened in the Grand Theater Galaxy also discovered a fact that infuriated them.

The civilization on the other side of the wormhole seemed to be enjoying the struggles of the low-level civilizations..

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