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Chapter 296 - Chapter 296: Countdown to the Disaster

Chapter 296: Countdown to the Disaster

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“Recently, the Seeker No. 1 unmanned exploration spaceship carrying the yearning for the stars has successfully arrived at a location 21 billion kilometers away from us.”

“Although the nuclear power battery it carries can only work for another 42 years, it can still maintain contact with us during this time and continuously send the scenery in space back here!”

“I believe that although this is a small step for our country, it will be a big step for the whole world!”


The TV that was still broadcasting the news was suddenly turned off, which also attracted the dissatisfaction of the viewers.

“Dad, what are you doing? You stopped your son’s great progress. This is something that the whole world should celebrate!”

Although the spectators were clamoring, he saw his father’s gradually darkening expression and ran back to his room without looking back.

He shouted, “1 remember I still have homework to do!” Then, he heard the sound of the door locking. He didn’t know if he was really doing his homework inside.

The father could only sigh helplessly when he saw his son’s mischievous appearance. Then, his gaze shifted to the newspaper on the table. He looked at the various news about space exploration and revealed a serious expression.

He sat down at the table and began to flip through the newspaper page by page, frowning from time to time because of the various celebratory reports on it.

“It’s very good at hiding information… Even after such a long time, there were no clues?”

This person seemed to know some insider information. After reading the newspapers, he stood up and left a note saying, “Make your own dinner”. Then, he put on his coat and hurried out.

As usual, there were people rushing off work and students returning home from school on the street. In this crowd of people who were walking back, he, a person who went against the flow, seemed a little out of place.

He made a phone call, apparently to meet someone. After a long while, they finally arrived at a hidden tavern.

Not long after he sat down, another person in a similar coat hurried over and sat directly in front of him.

“Phew, teacher, you should know that my job is strictly confidential, and your identity is… For the sake of your student’s future, can you not look for me in the future?”

This person complained as soon as he sat down, but from his words, it could be heard that they were actually very familiar with each other.

The man who was addressed Teacher did not care about the tone of this person. Instead, he said seriously,

“You shouldn’t have come, but you still came. This shows that I, as your ‘teacher’, still have some weight in your heart.”

“Of course. After all, you are the famous alien civilization scientist – a planetologist. If you have a request, I naturally have to come.”

The man who hadn’t used his name for a long time had a look of reminiscence on his face, but it quickly became firm.

He said directly, “There’s no need to chat. I must have something important to discuss with you. Ever since the Astronomical Bureau fired me, I’ve been brooding over that discovery.”

“But twenty years have passed, and I haven’t seen any reports about it, nor have 1 heard any information. I want to know, does the bureau really value the discovery 1 mentioned?”

The eyes of the planetologist burned as if he was determined to get the answer to this question. His student felt a little uncomfortable staring at him. He could only admit helplessly,

“In fact, your discovery did attract the attention of the entire bureau at the beginning. This matter even alarmed some big shots, causing the people in the bureau to work overtime for a long time…”

“But you also know that it takes time for information to be transmitted. Ever since the station took the initiative to reply…”

“What?” When the planetologist heard this, he stood up with a thud. His voice was even a little distorted because of the unbelievable volume.

“Before I left, didn’t I repeatedly tell you not to reply to any messages and just be a quiet listener?! Why did you reply to the messages from those alien civilizations?!”

The others in the tavern looked over because of the strange behavior of the planetologist. This also made him realize that he was too excited and had no choice but to sit down again.

Before he could continue asking, his student replied helplessly,

“This is the only clue we have to communicate with the alien civilization. Of course, the institute will not give up on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No matter what, the first contact is necessary. This will affect our strategy…” “Foolish! How muddle-headed! How can you assume that the other party is here with good intentions? Our strength, our country, and our civilization are far from enough to deal with a space attack!”

“Teacher, calm down first. I know that you think your ‘Dark Forest’ theory is correct, and I also agree with your research. However, you see, if the institute wants to obtain more funding, it naturally has to make a big discovery…”

The student once again tried to persuade the planetologist, but the planetologist was so anxious that he stomped his feet on the spot. Ignoring the strange looks from the people around him, he asked directly,

“When was the earliest time you guys responded?”

“About 15 years ago? It happened not long after you left…”

However, after hearing the time, the planetologist ran straight home and didn’t hear what the student said.

On the way, he was still thinking in his mind, “I discovered the alien signal from five light years away 20 years ago, but the Astronomical Bureau only responded after another five years…”

“If the information transmission time is also calculated as five years, then the blow should have come as early as five years ago. Why didn’t it? Could it be that my theory is wrong?”

“No, that’s not right. The preparation of weapons also requires time. The attack has not appeared yet. Perhaps I still have time…”

The planetologist rushed home, but they didn’t notice that some of the people who were supposed to get off work seemed to have received an urgent message and rushed back. Their target was the unique landmark building in the distance, the Astronomical Observatory.

At this moment, the people in the Astronomical Bureau were in a mess. Countless people were nervously calculating something, and their heads were covered in sweat.

A staff member who had just been summoned back from work was a little confused. He quickly grabbed someone and asked what was going on.

After hearing the reason, the staff member was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat and joined in the intense work.

Because he heard an incredible answer:

“The latest information from Seeker No. 1 shows that a beam of light filled with enormous energy is approaching. The target is…Our star!”

It was also at this moment that the Seeker No. 1, which was 21 billion kilometers away, was hit by a thick beam of light and disappeared in an instant.

[ Disaster countdown: 19 hours.. ]

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