Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration

Chapter 295 - Chapter 295: Crossing the Galaxy Gate

Chapter 295: Crossing the Galaxy Gate

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The concentration of psionic in the entire Elliptical Galaxy Alpha was rapidly decreasing as time passed.

The Fallen Ones, who had an extremely keen perception of psionic power, noticed the anomaly, but they could do nothing about it since they knew nothing else.

After losing the void realm passage that allowed them to move across the galaxy, even the psionic that they relied on to survive was about to leave them, which made the remaining survivors enter an extreme state.

They were already crazy and began to destroy indiscriminately in fear, but it was meaningless other than wasting the little psionic power left in their bodies.

If they could gather together and work as a team, they might be able to embark on a completely different path of development.

However, the social environment created a very low density of the Fallen Ones. Everyone tried their best to hide themselves. Even if they died suddenly due to hallucinations one day, no one would know.

Therefore, after the psionic power they relied on disappeared, they were basically trapped on the planet they were on.

How could a high-level lifeform that had almost no sight, hearing, smell, taste, or even touch live on the barren land that was almost equal to the environment of the universe?

One of the Fallen Ones put down the piece of meat in his hand in confusion and looked around at the sandstorm.

His food had already lost its psionic power and turned into ordinary protein, which could not replenish his psionic power that was becoming more and more barren.

The extreme evolution that relied on psionic power did not allow him to evolve cells that could photosynthesize, nor did he have a body that could resist the natural storms. When the psionic power that sustained his life was exhausted, he would become a dried corpse in the yellow sand.

The Fallen One fell to the ground in dejection. The madness in his eyes had faded, and what was left was a strange dullness.

The fading of psionic power was accompanied by the fading of hallucinations. The strange and gaudy scenes that filled his vision in the past had disappeared, and the remaining psionic power allowed him to perceive the yellow sand dancing in the sky around him.

This was completely different from his world of madness. The contrast was so great that he could not even tell which world was real.

The murmurs that were still in his ears a moment ago were now replaced by the whistling of the sandstorm, and the whistling sound was gradually weakening as his psionic weakened.

The storm never stopped, but he did not have a sense of hearing. He listened to the natural sound with the sixth sense that his psionic granted him.

Then, he lay down on the sand and used his remaining sense of touch to feel the friction of the sand sliding across his body.

Gradually, he realized that this seemed to be the real world, a real world that he had never experienced in detail.

There was no pain, no torturous hallucinations, only primitive heartbeats and new pulses.

The psionic power had not completely disappeared from his body, but his consciousness was gradually fading away. The sudden relaxation of his mind had rapidly weakened the organs in his body. His internal organs, which had been maintaining high-intensity work for a long time, could not adapt to the relaxation and were dying in large numbers.

However, this pain was nothing compared to the previous hallucinations. His mind was in a trance, and he only wanted time to stop at this moment, even if it meant the death of his soul.

The light of the star gradually rose from the edge of the horizon and began to illuminate the dark world.

As his heart beat for the last time, something seemed to emerge from the Fallen One’s body, but it disappeared in the sand, like a dream.

The dust buried the dead body, and everything seemed to be running as usual.

However, thick rain clouds magically appeared in the sky, and after a period of lightning and thunder, a huge amount of water fell.

The long river formed by the water flow washed over this area of sand, eventually forming a lake that seemed to never dry up. A corpse floated in the lake and finally sank to the bottom.

The old era had come to an end, and a new era would begin.

“The psionic power had been reduced to a normal level. Although it is still higher than the average concentration of the galaxy, it might have given the place a different color.”

After testing the average concentration of the galaxy again, Li Wenyuan recorded it in the files of the Elliptical Galaxy Alpha and sealed it in the database.

Recording the basic situation of the place was the quality of a serious traveler. These were all rare and valuable assets that could provide many experimental models.

“Speaking of which, the moving void realm… There is actually such a thing. If that was the case, could the Traveler civilization be a fully developed void realm?”

“That place is no longer the world of the void realm lifeforms and void realm gods. It’s controlled by the Void Realm Civilization…”

“Assuming that the Czero race didn’t perish because of internal strife, will they enter a higher world or become a Void Realm Civilization in their final form?”

From his interaction with the void realm ring, Li Wenyuan learned a secret the void realm could be moved.

The void realm itself needed to be built on the spiritual world of a lifeform organism, but when it grew to a certain extent, it was no longer the material that determined the spirit, but the spirit determining material.

At that point, the galaxy where the void realm could have been born would be the dream world, and the void realm would be the real universe.

At that time, the void realm would no longer be anchored in the minds of those lifeforms but would develop freely.

However, all of this was still at the theoretical stage. Even if he took over the ring of the void realm, he was not sure if he could reach this stage.

However, this also provided Li Wenyuan with a lot of useful information. At the very least, he had a deeper understanding of the void realm and psionic.

“After taking over the Observation Terminal here, 1 have confirmed that the contingency agreement really does not exist in this galaxy… Isn’t this kind of extreme purification machine present in every galaxy?”

What Li Wenyuan couldn’t understand was the fact that there was no such thing as a contingency agreement.”

“Perhaps the creator of the contingency agreement also had their own pride. They believed that life could not be born here, so they did not install the contingency agreement?”

“But it’s also possible that they saw that the Traveler civilization had done something here and knew that this galaxy would definitely perish, so they left directly…”

His guess was not unreasonable. After all, if he had not come here, this place would have definitely gone into a dead silence. Even simple single-celled life might not be able to survive.

“No matter what, he had gotten what he needed to know and what he needed to get here… They did not stay here for long, perhaps because there was only one civilization here.”

After checking the things he wanted to take away, Li Wenyuan’s spaceship carried the belongings that had been compressed in the miniature galaxy to the supermassive black hole at the center of the oval galaxy.

Compared to the silver core black hole, the black hole here was much smaller. It was only about five million times the mass of the sun, and its diameter was not as large as a few galaxies.

Surrounding the black hole was only a single Outer Stargate.

Without the foundation of the Eternal World, the Outer Stargate would only look like a relatively large structure.

“Is this the end of this journey? It’s a little short…”

Gray Wind seemed a little bored. She couldn’t find anything interesting in this oval galaxy. Even the lifeforms here were annoying to her.

However, Li Wenyuan was not the same. He used the remote signal to adjust the Outer Stargate that had already taken the initiative to enter the connection while answering Gray Wind, “Although it is short, at least I gained something. There are many new things added to my database…Among them, most of them were at the spiritual level.”

The Outer Stargate which he had not used for a long time began to operate again. A record of its usage appeared on the list. It was a record that pointed to the Spiral Galaxy Alpha.

After adjusting the state of the Outer Stargate, the familiar gravitational force, like a curtain, blocked a large area of space around the spaceship and shot it toward a spot of light further away.

It was the Spiral Galaxy Alpha, a galaxy in the Dark Forest..

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