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Chapter 43 - Do They Still Have Any Shame?

Chapter 43: Do They Still Have Any Shame?

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Looking at Gu Mengmeng running towards her as though she was going to beat her up, Nina instinctively took a step back.

After all, Gu Mengmeng was the first person to ever hit her and she could still feel the pain on her head.

Although males could not attack females, they would not just stand there and look at their females being bullied. So the two males that were originally supporting Nina automatically stepped forward and blocked her behind them like two Door Gods.

Gu Mengmeng clenched her teeth in anger, she pointed to the males’ noses and scolded, “This is a fight between women… females, males get the hell out!”

Indeed, there was an unsaid rule in the Beast World that males were not allowed to intervene in a fight between females.

In normal circumstances, females in the Beast World seldom got into conflicts. The problems between them were usually solved by asking their males put up a deadly fight against each other. Situations such as this requiring the female to attack personally, never happened before.

Looking at the Door Gods standing firm to their ground with no intention of moving, Gu Mengmeng became even more angry. She rolled up her sleeve and said fiercely, “What now? Are you gonna fight with me too? Yesterday you asked Quentin to kill me, and he failed, so today you two are planning to be the substitute and kill me in front of all the Saint Nazaire tribesmen? Come at me! Do you think I’m scared?!”

Nina’s two males glanced at Quentin kneeling at one side and signaling them. They raised their hands and wanted to tell Gu Mengmeng ‘You can hit us if you want to fight, just don’t hit Nina’, but before they could do it, the originally fierce Gu Mengmeng fell onto the ground the moment their hands moved.

Now, Gu Mengmeng had sacrificed much for these. It was a solid fall and Gu Mengmeng felt as though her butt had split into eight parts.

Tears were shining in her big watery eyes and she looked at Elvis with a pitiful look. She resembled the female lead in Qiongyao’s novel that had a grieved yet firm look when bullied by others, and said with her trembling voice in an almost crying tone, “Leader, help me…”


The Door Gods looked at each other in astonishment.

Did they touch her just now? They didn’t… did they? Then why did she fall?

Was it because she was too feeble and was blown down by the wind resulted from them raising their hands?

These people from the modern did not know for sure, this was Gu Mengmeng acting on the spot, with the name being ‘feigning injury’.

Mm-mm! Osaka definitely owed Gu Mengmeng 10086 Academy Awards.

Males had a sharp eyesight in the Beast World and Elvis was not far away from her, in addition, Elvis was on guard ever since Nina appeared, afraid that Gu Mengmeng would be taken advantage of. Hence, he clearly saw that Nina’s males did not touch her at all.

But, was that important?

What mattered was that Gu Mengmeng had fallen, and whether it was due to them was unimportant.

Elvis dashed towards the Door Gods like a swirl of wind and Gu Mengmeng could not even see his movements without blinking. When she finally saw it clearly, Nina’s partners had been held on their neck by Elvis with their feet above the ground.

“Bang” A swirl of dust flew up the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment.

The Door Gods were directly thrown off by Elvis.

Quentin’s act was already held in contempt by the rest of males downstage, and now Nina’s other partners dared to attack a little female in front of everybody, it was not something anyone could have done!

Orcs were also people!

Do they still have any shame?!

Hence, the two Door Gods turned into punching bags for anger venting, while Nina, whose head was previously held high, seemed to be a little guilty…

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