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Chapter 42 - Nina's Provocation

Chapter 42: Nina’s Provocation

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“Sure, of course you can.” Gu Mengmeng chuckled, turning around to pass Sandy all the meat left, smiling while saying, “You’re a female that’s very precious. You should eat first if there’s food, right right?”

The three males who did not get to eat were a little disappointed but giving the meat to Sandy was better than giving it to other males so they did not say much and merely nodded their heads. Among the three of them, Collin was the one who agreed to the largest extent. He looked at Gu Mengmeng in shock and worship, saying,

“You’re the most kind-hearted and gentle female I have ever seen. You’re not only nice to your pursuers, you are even so gentle and friendly towards other females. Gu Mengmeng… you… you are really extremely special.”

Gu Mengmeng was a little embarrassed from the compliment. After all, strictly speaking, the rabbit was considered as something she had left over. Even though Sandy did not seem to despise and instead was touched, giving something like this to her made Gu Mengmeng at shame. Being shouted out so loudly by Collin, Gu Mengmeng felt more guilty.

“It’s just a rabbit, you’re just exaggerating.”

“Exactly!” A sharp voice rang across, dampening the hot atmosphere on the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment.

As soon as Gu Mengmeng heard this voice, goosebumps appeared starting from the bottom of her feet. It was not fright, it was disgust…

Looking towards the source of the sound, as expected, Nina was stomping towards them in resentment, twitching her fat butt. Despite how uncomfortable the males were, they still had to make way for Nina. After all, she was a female.

Nina cared less for what others thought, all her thoughts were focused on the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment.

This wretched female! Actually dared to hit her! She would make her pay for what she did.

Nina’s partner evolved into beast form and lied on the ground, letting Nina step on his back to reach the Platform. Nina’s hands that resembled Doraemon’s were supported by another two of her partners each, as if she was a queen. Her oppressive air was truly terrifying.

Sandy was used to Nina’s bullying so when she saw her, she wanted to hide behind her own partner out of instinct. However, her male was standing under the Platform. Just when he wanted to climb up and help her, he was stopped by Nina’s partner and was unable to reach her at all. Sandy was so anxious and scared until her eyes could not help but turn red.

“I say Sandy, although you’re just a lowly half-orc, you’re still a female of Saint Nazaire in any case. You have the courage to eat this kind of food which came from an unknown origin? You’re just a useless glutton to those who know you but for those who don’t know you, they would think that your male is so useless until you’re going around begging for food out of hunger.” Nina’s sharp and blunt voice shot through the air. Although her original aim was Gu Mengmeng, she was filled with anger upon seeing how Sandy and Gu Mengmeng were getting along well.

Those who got along well with Gu Mengmeng were all her enemies!

Thinking about it, Nina’s choice of words became harsher. Folding both her hands before her chest, she looked at Sandy in disdain, saying,

“Oh my, don’t tell me it’s true that your partner can’t satisfy you and let you go hungry? If it’s really like that, I can share some bones and internal organs I left behind with you so that you can feel more full and not go around begging for food like this. Tsk tsk tsk, what an ugly sight, why does our Saint Nazaire have females like you? I really feel ashamed of being in the same tribe as you, too embarrassing!”

Gu Mengmeng held in for as long as she could and finally could not control herself anymore. She took a big step forward and pushed Nina mercilessly, raising her chin and retorted, “You didn’t have enough of being hit? The wound on your head has healed? Did you come here to ask for a beating?!”

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