Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2462: Three Hundred Thousand Stars

Chapter 2462 - Three Hundred Thousand Stars

This thirty-aperture ordered manna was called the Redsky Swordstar. The Seven Swordstar manna were divided into imperial, benevolence, might, eminence, illusion, integrity, and malevolence. Among the seven ordered manna, the Redsky Swordstar fell under the imperial dao. Amidst the blazing inferno, a majestic might surged like an emperor of flames.

Tianming handed Meow Meow the benevolence manna. It was also shaped like a beehive and had thirty bees’ rooms filled with a fiery black sea of lightning, each room surging with sword ki and flashing lightning bolts. It was known as Benevolence, Ebony Swordstar. Meanwhile, Lan Huang’s ordered manna had rooms with a giant sword in the shape of a mountain that contained the power of earth, hence its name, Mighty Dao, Taia Starsword. The origin of its name was Mount Taia, so the manna was perfect for Lan Huang. Xian Xian’s ordered manna, Eminence, Purity Starsword, contained pure sword shadows. There was an illusory, traceless energy in the rooms of Yin Chen’s manna, Illusion, Shadow Starsword, while the rooms of Ji Ji's manna, Integrity, Dragonspring Starsword, sparkled like a sky full of stars.

Each one had its own unique quality that was perfect for Tianming. The last ordered manna, meant for the Archaionfiend, was called Malevolence, Bonefiend Starsword. The white bone-like sword within its rooms surged with evil and its sword ki was the most violent. The real value of the seven ordered manna was 2.8 million merit points, but Ying Huo and the others didn’t seem to care about that at all.

The elders had originally thought that such a jump in evolution would be dangerous, but were relieved after Tianming assured them it would be fine. After all, his lifebound beasts were extraordinary. Devouring their ordered manna, the beasts returned to his lifebound space and immediately began absorbing it, resulting in the transformation of their bloodline.

"Three hundred thousand stars!" Tianming recalled that Ying Huo had only one pitiful star when it first hatched, yet it was now on its way to three hundred thousand stars. They had experienced so much throughout their journey.

"Grandpa, Grandma, the Lin Clan has provided me the best and spent such great resources on my cultivation." Fortunately, the Lin Clan was now united. It wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Perhaps the best manna he could exchange would merely have about a dozen apertures otherwise.

"I have to thank you on behalf of Wu You. You don’t even care if it talks bad about you all the time and you’ve given it the best," Xiaoxiao said.

"No need for thanks. Just get it to work harder!" Tianming replied.

"Of course."

"What about you? Shouldn’t you thank me as well? Big Sis, don’t you know you spent the most?" Tianming rolled his eyes.

"Me?" Xiaoxiao said, embarrassed. "I know, but how else can I thank you? I can only continue working for you."

"Let's add three thousand years to your ‘contract’!" Tianming smiled.

Xiaoxiao pouted. There was nothing else she could do. She had gained immensely this time, because she was a beastmaster. Aside from Wu You’s ordered manna, Dongshen Yue had also found her an ether-class cosmic artifact. Even if it was merely low-ether-class, few cosmic cartographers possessed such a treasure. The grade of the cosmic artifact had a lot to do with the quality of the cosmic impulses within.

Cosmic impulses were a kind of destructive force formed when divine ordered patterns naturally created a formation that enveloped nova source. The lethality of any cosmic impulse far surpassed grade-nine divine hazards. Cosmic artifacts were also more powerful than grade-nine divine artifacts, because they were created using cosmic impulses as well as top-grade manna and bestiae, complemented by hundreds of formations.

In Xiaoxiao's ether-class cosmic artifact was the Skywreck Frostworld, an ether-class cosmic impulse that could only be found on a fifth-level nova source world. Similarly, it was also created with an ether-class ore, whitewreck astralite, and two ether-class bestiae from devastating nightfiends, nova wildbeasts similar to bats that only appeared in fifth-level nova source worlds and above. One would have to hunt them to obtain their bestiae before they could be used as materials.

"I’ve focused solely on cultivation and fighting ever since we arrived on Ebonia. I haven't paid much attention to the changes in treasures. Divine ordered patterns naturally form formations, and not only does the phenomenon transform divine hazards into powerful cosmic impulses, it also improves divine ores and herbs!”

Over a long period of time, they surpassed grade-nine divine ores and herbs with the enrichment of top nova source and divine ordered patterns, transforming into more precious resources. The key was the divine ordered patterns that naturally formed formations. Ordinary formations, and even astralguard formations, were created by humans using divine ordered patterns. However, naturally formed formations that possessed certain functional properties were rare. They were considered creations of nature. Those formations then filled with nova source and combined numerous divine hazards to form cosmic impulses. If combined with a large number of ores, they would eventually form deific ores, sanctuary ores, ether ores, and so on. Whitewreck astralites were ether ores that could only be found in a fifth-level star source world.

Such formations also merged with divine herbs to form deific herbs, sanctuary herbs, ether herbs, and so on. They were important materials for refining pills and also had a strong healing effect. In a helical- or skypiercer-class world, an ether herb would be considered a most precious treasure. Divine hazards, herbs, and ores transformed due to natural formations, thus offering top cultivators better options for weapons, pills, and formations. Everything in the world originated from nova source and divine ordered patterns.

Xiaoxiao's bow and arrows were created with those treasures. Because the Swordgod Lin Clan used swords, bows and arrows had long been neglected, which gave her an opportunity to pick up a bargain. Her low-ether-class cosmic artifact usually sold for eight hundred thousand merit points, but Tianming had only spent five hundred thousand merit points or the equivalent of two and a half thirty-aperture ordered manna. It was called the Skywreck Vortex!

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