Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2461: The Seven Starsword

Chapter 2461 - The Seven Starsword

In about half a day, Tianming spent all two million five hundred thousand merit points. He couldn’t help but sigh; merit points were easy to spend but difficult to earn. Everything he had earned from the minor reges mundi ranking was gone in just half a day.

"It just means there’s never enough merit points."

Of course, the treasures he obtained in exchange for the merit points were definitely worth it.

"These merit points were given to me by the Lin Clan, so the treasures I bought with them are actually rewards for taking first place on the minor ranking." All four of them had gained something.

At that moment, Lin Xiao's black sword reached Brokensword Peak. Tianming was still inside with the others, distributing the rewards.

"Come on! Take them all out!"

Tianming’s lifebound beasts couldn’t wait. After becoming astral gods, they could finally transform, break through the limits of myriadstar beasts, enhance their bloodlines, and move closer to becoming super beasts that roamed the cosmos. The ordered manna for the Archaionfiend, as well as his lifebound beasts, had cost more than half of his merit points because Dongshen Yue had selected the best manna they could get their hands on. Tianming had originally hoped to get eight- or nine-aperture ordered manna, but he’d underestimated the value of that many merit points. Many cosmic cartographers would fail to earn that amount even after thousands of years.

Tianming pulled out the set of ordered manna as Ying Huo and the others looked at him pitifully.


Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, Yin Chen, as well as Xian Xian and Ji Ji’s spiritforms gathered together, their eyes lighting up. The Archaionfiend behind them folded its arms, looking over despite its seemingly calm demeanor.

The transformation will be significant this time. I believe they’ll unlock further bloodline chains and abilities, Tianming thought. A cluster had ten thousand stars, and the stars in their eyes had already formed one. In an ordinary world, that would be a great number of stars, but it was nothing in a sixth-level nova source world. The lifebound beasts of other beastmasters in the top ten of the minor ranking had almost seventy thousand stars.

"So pretty!" they exclaimed upon seeing the manna.

Tianming had quite a few six-aperture ordered manna that were shaped like spherical honeycomb briquettes, much like his astrons. However, the ordered manna he had exchanged this time were different. They resembled beehives.

In his hand was a huge, fiery red beehive that intensely burned, emitting bright sparks and shining with starlight. It appeared more mysterious and profound than the six-aperture ordered manna in his spatial ring. On the surface of the beehive were a total of thirty hexagonal bees’ rooms, and in each room was the essence of the manna, a sea of flames in the shape of a sword. The combination of the beehive, bees’ rooms, and sword-shaped sea of flames formed a top-grade ordered manna. Threads of sword ki constantly exploded with loud booms as the flames rotated in unison with the stars within them. Each sword-shaped sea of flames was equal to a myriadstar manna.

Tianming was in awe, but what was even more astonishing was that all seven of the ordered manna were shaped like beehives, each with thirty bees’ rooms and something similar to the sea of flames.

"These are thirty-aperture manna, which will allow your lifebound beasts to evolve to more than three hundred thousand stars. You must be the only one in all of Ebonia’s history to own and take on manna of this level at your cultivation level. Generally speaking, not even elders at the initial levels of Cosmic Cartography possess manna like these!" Dongshen Yue said, her eyes reflecting the colorful glow of the manna.

From ten thousand to three hundred thousand stars, from one cluster to thirty; that was a huge leap. Lifebound beasts of experts in a level-six nova source world who had cultivated for thousands of years like Lin Xiao, had less than a million stars. The lifebound beasts of Lin Yun and the rest had seven hundred thousand stars at most. According to the elders, ordered manna with more than nine apertures would evolve from the shape of a spherical honeycomb briquette to a beehive. It was similar to one’s order, which proved that everything in the cosmos originated from the same meticulous design.

"These seven ordered manna came from the same place and are a complete set. They’re called the Seven Swordstar. Each of them contain both star and sword elements. A set of manna has a better effect on lifebound beasts, so it’s something everyone wants. They’d be gone in seconds if you’re willing to exchange them for two hundred thousand merit points each! The real value for each manna is probably about four hundred thousand merit points. You can think of it as a gift from your Uncle Changkong. If the reformists were still in power, they’d definitely make a big fuss over this."

The consequences would be more serious than that. Tianming wouldn’t be able to exchange them at all, in all likelihood, because Lin Jie and the others wouldn’t allow it.

"A set of seven manna for only 1.4 million merit points.… You’ve made a killing," Lin Xiao sighed, stroking his long beard.

"Grandpa, Grandma, you must thank Uncle Changkong for me when he returns." Tianming smiled. He had managed to obtain them at half price without any objections. Of course, that was because he had become the hope of the clan. In a situation like this, there was no need to be so rigid and an impartial system could be slightly altered. In fact, the items he exchanged would normally have cost more than five million merit points.

Ying Huo and the others couldn't wait. Tianming began distributing the manna so they could absorb them on the way to Gladeus. With their transformation, Tianming and Xiaoxiao would have stronger abilities.

"Ying Huo, this is yours." Tianming handed Ying Huo the manna with thirty bees’ rooms all filled with fiery, sword-shaped seas.

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