Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 9 - Shadow Path

Chapter 9: Shadow Path

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Jiang He looked at the book of contracts. Ziyue’s interface had changed a little.

[ Subdued beast ] : Moonlight Elf

[ Race ] : Cat Beast

[ Age ] : One year and three months old

[ Spirit affinity ] : 87

[ Spirit ] : Moonlight energy (392) – Shadow energy (32)

[ Physique ] : 156

[ Rank ] : Tier 3

[ Evolution path ] : Moonlight Elf – Three-tailed Civet – Nine-tailed Cat Emperor ]

[ Moonlight Elf – ??? – Shadow Path ]

[ Skill ] : Moonblade (proficient), Moonlight (proficient), Moon Prayer (proficient)


“Let’s try to use shadow energy.”


Ziyue tried to activate Moonblade using shadow energy but failed.

It tried to use this energy to release other skills as well. Unfortunately, it failed again.

“Maybe you need to learn a shadow attribute skill to use this energy.”

Jiang He guessed.

“For now, the most important thing was to increase the pleasure points. That way, I can get another hint about the shadow path.”

“Come and eat.”

His mother’s voice could be heard coming from outside the door. Jiang He decided to stop thinking and ran out with Ziyue.

When he looked at the dishes on the table, he was dumbfounded.

It was an all-fish banquet.

Braised carp, steamed crucian carp, sweet and sour fish, pickled fish, and so on.

Jiang He was already sick of them since he had to eat fish for every meal during his time in the valley. He thought that he could eat something else once he returned. Alas, that was not the case.

Still, he could only blame himself.

After all, he was the one who bought all the fish.


Ziyue’s eyes were blinking. It almost drooled. However, it wanted to leave a good impression. Hence, it forcibly held back itself.

“Mom, did you have to cook them all at once?”

“I don’t know what Ziyue liked. You didn’t tell me either. That’s why I made all these.”

Jiang He smiled and gave the Moonlight Elf half a fish and a bowl of fish soup.

It felt like he was introducing his girlfriend to his parents.

In the beginning, Ziyue only took a small sip.


Pleasure points: 85%

An increase of two percent.

Pleasure points: 90%

An increase of five percent.

Pleasure points: 95%

An increase of five percent.

Pleasure points: 100%

An increase of five percent.

The pleasure points had risen to one hundred percent again.

Pleasure points (Stage 2) : 1%

An increase of one percent.

Pleasure points (Stage 2) : 2%

An increase of one percent.

Pleasure points (Stage 2) : 3%

An increase of one percent.

Jiang He looked at the skyrocketing pleasure points. He was stunned.

Was the meal really that delicious?

Regardless, after reaching stage two, the speed at which the pleasure points rose had slowed down a lot.

Jiang He guessed that it was probably due to the level of his subdued beast. Ziyue was still servant-level. If he wanted the pleasure points to increase quickly during stage two, Ziyue would need to reach warlord-level.

If that was the case, he needed to provide it with as many resources as possible.

Jiang He was not a hoarder.

He rather spent his resources on practical usage.

Upon extracting, he received a few items.

[ Moonlight Barrier Fragment *1 (1/4) ]

[ Shadow Claw Fragment *1 (1/4)]

[ Moonlight Elf’s Shadow Path evolution hint – Practice a shadow skill to the level of mastery (2/2) ]

[ Miniature moonlight energy pack (Could be used on Moonlight Elves) ]

There were two skill fragments, one hint, and one energy pack.

“If I want Ziyue to take the shadow path, it’ll have to master a shadow-type skill…”

Jiang He looked at the hint thoughtfully.

Shadow-type skills were expensive and it would not be easy to master them.

Over the course of hundreds of years, the Beastmaster Supervisors had divided the mastery of skills into five stages.

They were beginner, proficient, expert, master, and grandmaster.

It was not easy to master a skill to the third stage when the subdued beast was still at servant-level.

‘Perhaps I could borrow the power of the mutated book of contracts.’

Shadow claw was a shadow-type skill and Jiang He had already collected two fragments as a reward.

He really needed to increase the pleasure points as soon as possible!


The Moonlight Elf let out a sound as if it was satisfied.

Ziyue had never eaten such delicious fish before!

At the same time, it felt a sense of guilt in its heart.


If it continued to eat like this, it would lose the will to train.

“Eat! Eating will also make you stronger.”

Jiang He said jokingly and laughed.

After that, he decided to use the miniature moonlight energy pack.


The moonlight energy in Ziyue’s body began to surge without warning.


‘Did I really become stronger by eating fish?’

The little cat was shocked!

In a way, eating fish equals pleasure points, and pleasure points equal moonlight energy packs.

Hence, eating fish equals becoming stronger.

“Jiang He, you must have a drink with your father today. You’re basically fulfilling my childhood dream by becoming a beastmaster. Back then, I was so close to condensing the book of contracts.”

Jiang He’s father said with a smile.

Not many people could become beastmasters. Only about one-tenth of the population succeeded. Therefore, becoming a beastmaster was something worth celebrating.

“Sure! By the way, there’s still a week before school starts. I want to stay at your farm for a while.”

Jiang He brought up the idea of going to the farm.

His father owned a piece of land in the countryside and he turned it into a farm. It was very spacious, hence, a suitable place for Ziyue to train.

There were very few places in the city suited for training. The plaza, park, basketball court, and so on were all dominated by the old ladies. Moreover, a hefty fee was required to access actual training. It was unwise to spend their money that way.

Jiang He preferred to spend his funds on resources and training equipment.

“No problem! I’ve neglected the place for a while because we have been searching for you. There are a lot of things to do. You should help out.”

After dinner, Jiang He’s parents watched the news on television in the living room.

Ziyue tried to pull Jiang He to the open space below the residential area. It wanted to practice its skills. However, Jiang He hugged it and sat on the sofa.

“This is your first day at home. Take a good rest!”

“Recently, the Regulatory Bureau had received a lot of reports from beastmasters about their subdued beasts disappearing. According to the police’s investigation, the mastermind is most likely a poacher. Please pay attention to your subdued beasts when you travel. If you notice anything suspicious, report to the police immediately.”

The television was broadcasting the various events that happened in Haiping Cty during these past few days.

A large portion of them was related to familiars.

After hundreds of years, they had been integrated into human life.

“Jiang He, you have to be careful too. If you encounter a poacher, go to a safe place and report them to the police.”

Upon seeing the news, Jiang He’s mother could not help but become a little worried.

“Yes, mother.”

“Remember, your safety is the most important.”

Jiang He’s mother turned around and looked at the Moonlight Elf.

“Ziyue, you must not be rash and impulsive. Stay close to Jiang He.”


Ziyue nodded seriously and patted its chest, indicating that it would definitely take care of the poop-shoveling officer.

Once they were done watching the news, Jiang He’s father brought out a crib that Jiang He used when he was a baby. After a little modification, it became the Moonlight Elf’s crib. He also placed a thin blanket on top of it.


Ziyue felt very comfortable. It was definitely much better than the cold and gloomy cave.

Jiang He and his family were really caring.

Before establishing a contract with Jiang He, the Moonlight Elf actually felt rather anxious.

Now, that feeling was dispelled.

A warm sensation took place instead.

It was like a sense of belonging.

In a daze, the Moonlight Elf fell asleep.

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