Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 3 - Super-Autonomous Cat

Chapter 3: Super-Autonomous Cat

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To be precise, the purebred familiar was called a Moonlight Elf.

It was small, delicate, and cute. However, even a Windstorm Wolf of the same level was no match for it!

The Moonlight Elf in front of Jiang He had soft white fur. There was a moon pattern in the middle of its forehead that was emitting a faint purple light. Its pair of bright eyes were staring at him vigilantly.


Jiang He was prepared to run away, but he realized the Moonlight Elf was not hostile. So, he turned around and used his intuition skill telepathically.

An invisible spiritual power brushed past the Moonlight Elf. Jiang He had successfully sensed the Moonlight Elf’s current emotions.

It was seventy percent alert and uneasy. The other thirty percent was actually feeling remorseful?!

Did it do something bad and was afraid of being discovered?

“Fish thief!”

Jiang He suddenly thought about the missing grilled fish and blurted out these words.

After saying that, he regretted it.


“F*ck! If it gets angry, it might kill me!”

Just as he was about to turn around and escape, the Moonlight Elf displayed an apologetic expression. It seemed to understand Jiang He’s words. After rubbing its small claws against the ground, its eyes revealed a thoughtful look.

This cat appeared to be quite reasonable!

Jiang He stopped in his tracks and calmed down. Various thoughts began to cross his mind.

Could he use food to temp the Moonlight Elf into becoming his initial familiar?

After all, he loved cats the most!

It was said that high-level Moonlight Elves take on human forms!

“Forget it! It’s just a couple of grilled fish. I don’t need them.”

Jiang He said “generously”.


The Moonlight Elf seemed to have come up with a solution. A white ball of light the size of a fist appeared in front of it. Then, it slowly flew toward Jiang He.

Jiang He did not dodge. The description of this skill flowed into his mind. It was the memory of the original host.

Subdued beasts had developed to a prosperous level. Some scholars classified their skills of various elements into an illustrated handbook.

[ Skill ] : Moonlight

[ Type ] : Light

[ Description ] : Healing skill. Borrows the power of moonlight to heal wounds quickly.

[ Proficiency ] : Beginner

The silvery-white moonlight enveloped Jiang He’s body. A numbing sensation immediately spread through his arms and legs. His wounds were healing at a visible rate.

It was almost like a miracle!


After the Moonlight Elf finished treating Jiang He’s wounds, it raised its head and snorted softly.

“This is your way of paying me back, right?”

Jiang He felt that he could understand the little fellow.

The Moonlight Elf nodded. Then, it waved its claws and drew a line between them.

In other words, they were even. No one owed each other anything. In the future, Jiang He would not be allowed to enter its cave.

“Alright! Since this is your territory, I won’t trespass. However, if you ever want to eat fish again, feel free to look for me.”

[ Pleasure points: 22% ]

The progress bar on the book of contracts had increased by two percent.

“I was very happy when I was healed by Moonlight. Despite that, the pleasure points did not increase at all. On the other hand, it went up after I told the cat it could come to me for fish.”

Jiang He immediately understood how to increase the pleasure points.

It depended on a beast’s happiness and not him!

The previous increase of twenty percent was also probably due to the Moonlight Elf.

Jiang He exited the cave and prepared to grill more fish. He wanted to test his theory.

Once again, he used “Acting” to catch more fish from the river. After grilling them, he threw some into the cave.

Five minutes later, the pleasure points increased by another two percent.

“As expected!”

Jiang He smiled.

“As long as the Moonlight Elf eats my fishes, the pleasure points will increase. I have to catch more.”

There was only one familiar in this valley, which was the Moonlight Elf. If Jiang He wanted to increase his progress bar, he could only rely on it.

What would happen after the progress bar reached a hundred percent?

In the following days, Jiang He kept fishing. After grilling the fishes, he would deliver some to the Moonlight Elf.

Neither rain nor shine could stop him.

It was a pity that he did not have a pen and paper. Jiang He would love to record his days in the valley. If he could, the contents would probably be something like the following.

Day one.

After fishing for some fish, I grilled them. The Moonlight Elf took two but I did not mind, as I wanted to get close to it. However, the little fellow was quite cold and completely ignored me. Fortunately, my pleasure value increased.

Day two.

I went fishing and grilled the fish again. Of course, I gave some to the Moonlight Elf. It seemed to be a little flustered. I was not as cautious as before.

Jiang He, you have to hang in there!

Day three.

Fishing. Grilled fish. Fish delivery.

Day four.

Fishing. Grilled fish. Fish delivery. Unfortunately, I only caught two fish today.

It seemed like I had caught all the fish in this area.

Day five

I moved to the entrance of the cave and caught a glimpse of the Moonlight Elf every day. It did not say anything and only quietly retreated a little bit at night.

How cute.

Day six.

This Moonlight Elf is really self-disciplined! During the day, it would practice different skills.

It’s really worthy of being my partner.

Day seven.

Fishing. Grilled fish. Fish delivery.

Day eight.

Fishing. Grilled fish. Fish delivery.

The progress bar for the pleasure points had already reached sixty-four percent.

There was still no hope of returning to the city. However, Jiang He was not in a rush. His priority was to increase the Moonlight Elf’s favorability. Then, he could convince it to be his pet.

On the ninth day, while Jiang He was grilling some fish, the Moonlight Elf was slowly practicing its Moonblade skill at the side. The bright Moonblade landed on a rock in the cave and completely shattered it.

[ Skill ] : Moonblade

[ Type ] : Light

[ Description ] : Offensive skill. Condense moonlight energy into the form of a blade.

[ Level ] : Beginner

In addition to Moonblade and Moonlight, the Moonlight Elf also mastered another skill called Moon Prayer.

[ Skill ] : Moon Prayer

[ Type ] : Light

[ Description ] : Special skill. Pray to the moon and obtain its blessings. This skill can increase one’s speed for a short period of time. Effective on nights when the moon is present.

[ Level ] : Beginner

After smelling the tempting aroma of grilled fish, the Moonlight Elf stopped practicing and quietly walked to Jiang He’s side.

“We can be friends now, right?”


“Friends help each other out. For example, you treated my wounds and I provided you with grilled fish. So, we’re basically friends.”


The Moonlight Elf answered lazily. It did not look like it recognized Jiang He as a friend.

[ Pleasure points: 67% ]

A three percent increase.

“You’re quite arrogant.”

Jiang He was secretly happy.

“Don’t you have a name? Why don’t I give you one?”

Jiang He threw two grilled fish to the Moonlight Elf and smiled.


The Moonlight Elf curled its lips, meaning that Jiang He could do whatever he wanted.

“Then… I’m going to call you Ziyue! If you take my surname, you’ll be Jiang Ziyue.”

There was a faint moon pattern in the middle of the Moonlight Elf’s forehead.

Most Moonlight Elves were silver-white in color, but this prideful Moonlight Elf was a faint purple color. That made it look a little mysterious.


The Moonlight Elf responded lazily again. It slowly ate the grilled fish and did not seem to be bothered by the name.

[ Pleasure points: 77% ]

A ten percent increase.

“Ziyue, do you live here alone?”

Jiang He asked.


The Moon Elf responded in a low voice. It suddenly looked a little down.

This confirmed Jiang He’s previous guess. Something might have happened to its parents!


All of a sudden, Ziyue gently wiped the dividing line on the ground.

“Can I go in now?”

Jiang He was a little surprised. He had always wanted to go into the cave to see if he could find a way out of the valley.

He did not expect Ziyue to cooperate.

“Thank you for trusting me.”

Jiang He picked up a torch and walked into the cave. Ziyue walked in front of him and the moonlight energy it released illuminated the entire cave. It almost seemed as if it was daylight.

Unexpectedly, the cave was not spacious. After walking for a while, they reached the end of the cave.

There was no road leading to civilization.

“What is this…”

Jiang He saw a horrifying scene at the end of the cave. Two huge beast bones were lying on the ground, emitting a faint fluorescent light.

Judging from the remains, the owners of the bones were most likely bigger than adult Manchurian tigers!

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