Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 13 - Stunning First Battle

Chapter 13: Stunning First Battle

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All the students looked at Jiang He sympathetically.

This kid had somehow offended the White Devil. She actually picked the strongest opponent for him.

Jiang He did not understand either. He was just a beginner. Yet, he had to fight against the top student.

This did not seem like a good idea.

Ding Lei should be fighting Liu Hao, right?

“Blue Ice, don’t hurt the Moonlight Elf.”

Ding Lei felt a little embarrassed. It was as if he was a bully.

Bai Shan was expressionless. Since the Moonlight Elf and Snow Wolf were ready, she shouted, “Begin!”

The Snow Wolf did not take the initiative to attack. It just stood there quietly.

Jiang He was a little nervous. This was his first battle with the little fellow.

‘Ziyue, use your speed!’


Jiang He commanded telepathically.

A silver light appeared under the Moonlight Elf’s feet. Its speed instantly increased.

The Snow Wolf’s speed was also equally impressive. Since they were more or less equal, the Moonlight Elf activated Godly Speed.

In a blink of an eye, it got close to the Snow Wolf!

The Snow Wolf did not expect Ziyue to have such astonishing speed. Nonetheless, it managed to react on time and slightly turned its body. At the same time, frost appeared on its claws and it struck forward.

Frost Claw!

The Moonlight Elf had no plans to face the Snow Wolf head-on. It changed the direction of its movement and quickly dodged.

The Snow Wolf’s claws struck the ground, causing a layer of white frost to appear. Some cold air was also emitted.


The Snow Wolf did not expect this.

It became serious after its attack missed.

The Moonlight Elf was not as easy to deal with as it had originally thought.

Ziyue had yet to attack. It just kept circling around the Snow Wolf with a provocative expression.

‘Keep running and look for an opening. Pay attention to the opponent’s pace. You’ll definitely find a chance.’

Jiang He began thinking of various ways to win.

The difference in strength between the two was too great. Ziyue’s only advantage was her speed.

They needed the Snow Wolf to reveal its weakness.

Soon, the Snow Wolf became a little impatient. It stared at the Moonlight Elf. Its sharp claws were slowly covered in a layer of solid ice.

It was accumulating power, preparing for a fatal blow.


The Snow Wolf’s huge claws suddenly slammed forward. Everyone held their breath. They thought the outcome was already decided. However, the Moonlight Elf suddenly disappeared.

Instant Flash.

It was the skill Ziyue had learned during VR training and it had been refined into a form of instinct. Before Frost Claw could reach it, the little fellow subconsciously used this skill.

Then, the Moonlight Elf appeared at the back of its opponent. The Snow Wolf had no time to react!

This was an unexpected outcome. People thought the match would be over within thirty seconds in the Snow Wolf’s favor. Instead, the Moonlight Elf launched a counterattack!


The Moonlight Elf scratched the Snow Wolf’s back using its claws, emitting a bone-chilling sound. However, it only left three faint white marks.

Ziyue could not even break through the Snow Wolf’s defense. The latter’s skin was rough and thick. It was very difficult to be damaged.

“It would be great if Ziyue had mastered Light Spike.”

Jiang He felt a little regretful. Although the Moonlight Elf had already mastered two out of three of the assassin’s path skills, it lacked an attack move.


Bai Shan shouted.

There was no point in continuing. She already had a rough idea of the Moonlight Elf’s potential. Obviously, it was outstanding.

“Student Jiang, your Moonlight Elf was well nurtured!”

Ding Lei gave Jiang He a thumbs up.

“I was lucky. If the Snow Wolf showed no mercy, my Moonlight Elf wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

Jiang He tried not to brag.

“Good job, Ziyue.”

He smiled and patted Ziyue’s head.


Ziyue looked at Jiang He with disdain.

‘Why do you always treat me like a child?’

Jiang He looked at the pleasure points.

Pleasure points: 91%

A three percent increase.

It increased during the battle. Clearly, the little guy enjoyed battling very much.

He had to let Ziyue participate in more battles in the future.

“Your Moonlight Elf is following the assassin’s path, right? How long has it been since you’ve contracted with it?”

Bai Shan suddenly asked.

“Yes, it has been a week.”

Jiang He answered truthfully.

“To be able to train it to this degree in a week is quite impressive.”

Bai Shan nodded.

“You should train an attack skill next. Have you thought about what to learn?”

“Light Spike.”

“Light Spike is a good choice, but I think another skill is more suitable. If you perform well in the special training class, I’ll teach you.”

Bai Shan smiled at Jiang He and continued to host the battles between students.

“A skill better than Light Spike…”

Jiang He was looking forward to it.

“We must perform well in the special training class!”


The Moonlight Elf was full of energy.

Anyway, the rest of the students took their turns and fought in pairs.

However, compared to Ding Lei and Jiang He’s battle, their standards were obviously much lower. Even the spectators were not interested.

Some recently subdued beasts did not listen to their beastmasters’ commands. Two Mosquito-scented Pigs even made up their own rule, whoever made the loudest noise would be the victor.

Originally, Ziyue wanted to watch how the other subdued beasts fight. It was hoping to learn something. After seeing this scene, it ran to a corner and practiced Moonblade instead.

As for Jiang He, he wanted to browse the forums, but Ziyue glared at him. In the end, he took a sip from his thermos bottle and sat down to meditate.

“Ahem, let’s work hard together.”

“Jiang He, how is your subdued beast so diligent?”

Liu Hao’s match with a girl had just ended. He immediately noticed that Jiang He and his Moonlight Elf were practicing at the side.

It was free time. Most of the students just watched others’ battles. Only Jiang He and Ziyue were tirelessly training.

What the hell.

Jiang He had never been so hardworking in the past.

“A naturally disciplined cat. Even I was affected.”

Jiang He had a helpless look on his face. Once again, he felt like he was the one being trained.

What if his subdued beast was too diligent?

“I’m so jealous.”

Liu Hao’s eyes were filled with envy. He looked at his Lightning Lizard disappointingly.

It was so lazy that he even had to carry him previously.

He wished it was more like the Moonlight Elf.

The Lightning Lizard rolled its eyes at Liu Hao and fell asleep on the ground.

Liu Hao sighed heavily.

“The combat class isn’t even over, yet, I feel like half of my lifespan is gone. At first, I thought the Lightning Lizard was a gift from the heavens. In the end, it’s only here to harm me.”

“Is your Lightning Lizard gluttonous?”

Jiang He suddenly asked.

“Probably. It eats several pounds of meat a day.”

Liu Hao was a little resentful because the Lightning Lizard failed to live up to his expectations. He felt the Moonlight Elf was better.

“I’ll share a video with you. It might be useful.”

Jiang He said with a smile.

“What video?”

Liu Hao clicked on the video. The main character was a Husky. Its master tied a small cart behind it.

Then, he hung a drumstick in front of the Husky.

The Husky immediately ran forward, eager to eat the drumstick. However, it was always a little off.

“Ahem, you can use this for reference.”

Liu Hao’s face was instantly filled with excitement. It was as if he had just discovered a new world.

“Why didn’t I think of that! I’ll give it a try once I get back!”

Jiang He looked at the Lightning Lizard that was not far away.

‘Don’t blame me.

‘I just gave him a suggestion.’

The combat class lasted for four classes. It took the entire morning.

After every battle, Bai Shan would give the students her opinion. She also gave them training tips.

Many students had a “flash of brilliance”, but their familiars would not cooperate at all.

Basically, it was something like, “I understand but my subdued beast does not.”.

Subsequently, Bai Shan instructed her students to do a series of basic training.

“This is even crueler than military training!”

Liu Hao’s legs were trembling and his face was pale.

“You’ll get used to it.”

Jiang He patted Liu Hao’s shoulder and comforted him.

Liu Hao became even sadder.

Combat classes were held three times a week and he had to endure it for another two years!

He would die!

“Fortunately, the afternoon classes are more relaxed. There’s language (TN: The contents were mainly referring to Chinese language and culture) and biology. Furthermore, according to my senior, Old Zhang’s lectures are pretty good. He often talks about urban legends, myths, and the like. I’m looking forward to it.”

Language class was indeed much more relaxing.

There were only three main classes which were language, mathematics, and biology.

Jiang He did not even have to study English which he struggled with the most!

It was a blessing!

The only downside was the students had to keep their familiars in the interdimensional space again.

Otherwise, they might not focus.

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