Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points

Chapter 11 - Beauty of a Lifetime

Chapter 11: Beauty of a Lifetime

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The Moonlight Elf and Jiang He had spent a week in high-intensity training by the end of summer vacation.

Ziyue had learned another assassin’s path skill, Flash.

The next skill should be a light skill, Light Spike.

However, that skill involved the micro-manipulation of moonlight energy. In other words, it was not easy to master.

According to the forums, even if a Moonlight Elf trained every day, it might still be unable to fully release Light Spike.

Jiang He was not in a hurry. In fact, he thought that Light Spike was unnecessary.

The shadow-type skills seemed to be more suitable for assassin-type Moonlight Elves.

The shards of Latent Shadow, Shadow Blade, and Shadow Claw were rewarded via pleasure points.

They were all stronger and faster than Light Spike.

Ordinary Moonlight Elves were unable to master shadow-type skills.

Ziyue was obviously special. The purple moon pattern on the little fellow’s forehead could absorb shadow energy. Moreover, the second hint for the shadow path was to master a shadow-type skill.


‘I need to prioritize earning more pleasure points.’

Jiang He thought to himself.

September 1st.

It was the first day of school.

A lot of people were still trying to complete their homework last night. Fortunately, that was not the case for Jiang He.

The Subdued Beasts Department was unique. They were responsible for training beastmasters. In the future, beastmasters would attend Beastmaster University, so the curriculum was very different from other departments such as art and science.

The assessment of the strength of a subdued beast was one of the most important, followed by spiritual power assessment, then results of the culture class.

There was very little written work.

It was rather nice.

“No one is allowed to release their familiars except in certain areas.”

As Jiang He was about to enter, he was stopped by an old man at the door.

“Ziyue, sorry about this.”


Ziyue answered in a daze and closed her eyes.

The little fellow had been training until five in the morning.

Thus, it was a little sleepy.

The moonlight at night greatly increased Ziyue’s energy. It could also absorb spiritual energy much faster. Due to that, it began training at night and would rest during the day.

Jiang He summoned the book of contracts. Each page of the book had an interdimensional space inside where familiars could live.

When fighting, they could be summoned directly through the page.


Ziyue yawned and sank into the summoning circle, entering the interdimensional space.

“Familiars section (3) Class…”

Jiang He searched for a long time before finding the rightful class.

The school he was currently enrolled in was Haiping City High School. The name was the same as his old alma mater, but the campus was much larger.

“Jiang He, over here!”

As soon as Jiang He stepped into the classroom, he heard a vigorous voice.

A fat boy with short hair and freckles was waving at him excitedly. The latter was telling him to sit next to him.

His name was Liu Hao and he was Jiang He’s best friend in his previous life. Unfortunately, they did not have much contact after entering college.

They could only get together during the holidays. Nonetheless, their relationship never deteriorated.

It was a pure and sincere friendship.

Liu Hao had also successfully condensed the book of contracts.

Once again, they had been assigned to the same class. It was fate.

After Jiang He sat down, he took a look around. Most of the students did not know each other.

Jiang He only recognized two or three students. They were also from the parallel world.

“Jiang He, you must have contracted a beast, right? What type is it?”

Liu Hao said with a smile.

Jiang He could see through the smug look he was trying to hide. Clearly, he had gotten himself a good familiar.

“What about you?”

Liu Hao chuckled.

“My dad ordered a lightning lizard for me. It has a little bit of the Lightning Dragon’s bloodline. At first, someone had already reserved it. However, they canceled it. Here, take a quick peek.”

After saying that, Liu Hao summoned the Lightning Lizard. There was a golden array before it appeared in front of Jiang He.

This Lightning Lizard was about twenty inches in length. It was mainly brown with a few golden stripes mixed in. There was also a circle of gold in its pupils and there were traces of electric arcs flashing. It looked really amazing.

Jiang He looked at Liu Hao with a strange expression.

‘This Lightning Lizard… Could it be the one his father had reserved?’

“Jiang He, what beast have you contracted?”

Liu Hao asked again after showing off his subdued beast.

“Moonlight Elf. Let me show it to you real quick.”

Jiang He was worried that Ziyue would feel uncomfortable in the interdimensional space, so he wanted to bring it out for a bit.

There were quite a lot of students with familiars, so this classroom should be considered a permitted area, right?

Jiang He summoned the Moonlight Elf.

The little fellow was still catching up on sleep. It was a little groggy after being summoned and subconsciously licked the side of Jiang He’s face.

“F*ck! Moonlight Elf? Jiang He, you’re secretly a tycoon, aren’t you?!”

Looking at the cute Moonlight Elf, Liu Hao could not help but feel envious.

“Moonlight Elf!”

“Wow! So cute!”

“Hey, can I give it a hug?”

Once Ziyue appeared, the expressions of the surrounding girls instantly changed. They immediately surrounded Jiang He.

A Moonlight Elf was one of the most well-known beasts. In the past, it was on the top ten “Beastmaster’s Most Desired Beast” list. In fact, it ranked first for a very long time.

They were very rare and expensive. Hence, not many people could afford them.


The Moonlight Elf was a little frightened. It subconsciously crawled into Jiang He’s embrace.

After that, it returned to its cold and calm self.

“I’m sorry. My Moonlight Elf is a little shy. It’s not used to interacting with strangers.”


The surrounding girls revealed regretful expressions. All they could do was stare at the Moonlight Elf.

“Can I add you as my friend on social media?”

“Me too!”

A few girls were prepared to play the long game. They wanted to get to know the owner of the Moonlight Elf.

“My username is ‘Ziyue Is The Best’.”

Jiang He did not reject the offer. After all, they were all classmates. He would have to add them sooner or later.

“The Moonlight Elf is pretty but has average combat strength. It can only be used as a support.”

A boy wearing black-rimmed glasses could not help but feel sour after watching the scenario.

“It will get stronger with time. On the other hand, beauty is eternal. Moreover, it’s a pureblood familiar. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“He’s just jealous.”

“Smells like lemon…”

Before Jiang He could say anything, the bespectacled boy was rebuked by the group of girls.


The bespectacled boy’s face turned red. He wanted to retort but before he could, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door.

A woman wearing a military green short-sleeved shirt walked in. She looked very fierce.

The noisy classroom instantly became silent. Everyone quickly returned to their seats.

“Students, please be quiet.”

The woman’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Bai Shan. I’ll be your combat and homeroom teacher for the next two years.”

The woman wrote down “Bai Shan” on the blackboard.

“In this class, there are new and experienced students. However, that’s not important. All of you just needed to work hard for the next two years. Let’s cut to the chase. Everyone, introduce yourself one by one.”

“Liu Hao. My subdued beast is a Lightning Lizard. You can also call me Mouse.”

“Wang Jun. My subdued beast is a Flame Dog and I’m good at basketball.”

“Xia Bin. My subdued beast is a small Water Spirit. I like rap.”

Everyone took their turns and introduced themselves. The format was mostly the same.

Jiang He’s self-introduction was also quite ordinary. Still, his Moonlight Elf attracted a lot of attention.

The other person who caught everyone’s attention was a tall, dark, and strong boy.

He was wearing a linen shirt. His clothes looked like those of an ethnic minority. Additionally, he had dark skin and a wolf fang was hung around his neck.

“My name is… Ding Lei. As for my subdued beast… It’s a Snow Wolf.”

Ding Lei was very nervous when he introduced himself. His face immediately turned red. Clearly, he was a shy person.

He was a native of the snow domain in the New World.

After hundreds of years of exploration, for various reasons, some beastmasters chose to settle down in the New World.

Some would inhabit the cities while others chose to live in villages.

Although they still maintained contact with the original world, they had formed their own traditions and customs.

Ding Lei’s Snow Wolf Clan was one of them.

Not long ago, their clan leader made an announcement. Apparently, the Snow Domain where they resided had sunk into the abyss!

As such, the Snow Wolf Clan had no choice but to migrate. With the help of the government, they returned to the original world.


Ding Lei summoned his familiar. It was a giant wolf with ice-blue fur. When its head was raised, it almost touched the ceiling.

The Snow Wolf’s gaze was as cold as ice. It gave off an oppressive feeling. Most of the other students’ familiars were trembling. They instantly retreated into their beastmaster’s embrace.

On the other hand, Ziyue showed no fear. Her eyes were filled with a strong fighting spirit.

“Its name is Blue Ice, a tier 9 servant. I treat Blue Ice like my very own brother. The people of our clan would only contract one familiar in our entire lifespan.”

Once Blue Ice appeared, Ding Lei’s nervousness immediately dissipated. He also sounded much more confident.

“A level nine servant!”


Jiang He was also a little surprised.

Ziyue had trained in a disciplined manner for a week and its spiritual power had only increased by twelve points in total.

At that rate, it would have taken a year and a half to accumulate nine hundred points.

Nonetheless, considering that Ding Lei and his Snow Wolf had grown up together, it was not odd for the subdued beast to possess extraordinary strength.

This thought made Jiang He feel relieved.

After everyone finished their introductions, Bai Shan returned to the podium and said, “The first practical combat lesson will be held in the training hall. Everyone, don’t be late.”

Then, she left.

“There’s something special about Teacher Bai.”

“She has a military aura, right? I heard that Teacher Bai used to be a member of the Beast Tamer Army. She retired for some reason. A few years ago, she returned to Haiping City and became a teacher in our school. Moreover, she prefers to be called Instructor Bai by her colleagues.”

Liu Hao had obviously done a lot of research.

“Senior Mi Mi referred to her as White Devil because her combat classes were devilishly hard. We’ll get to find out later.”

Liu Hao sighed. There was a frown on his face. It was as if he was unprepared for the combat class.

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