Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – First Encounter – Part 3

The injured teenage held his wound on his thigh while Sima Xin ran away .

There were horses tied up with the trees nearby in front of Sima Xin who rushed forward . Tong realized that Sima Xin was trying to take one of the horses and get away .

The distance was now 200 meters which was not favorable to Tong .

'Time Stop!'

Tong used his extra 10 seconds of time stopping to shorten the distance further . After 10 seconds count down was over, Tong managed to get closer to 160 meters .

Too many obstacles were on his way and his physics were still that of a 11-year-old boy . Tong clicked his tongue in annoyance .

Tong pulled out his gun and aimed at Sima Xin's back . It was not an ideal distance, but he still fired three rounds .





One of the bullet bit out a chuck of fresh from Sima Xin's right elbow while the other penetrated through his left shoulder .

Sima Xin didn't stumble or fall down . He jumped on one of the horse, slapped its butt and made it dashing into the darkness .

Tong lowered his gun . The rat slipped through his fingers . This could spell trouble to Tong and his family .

Tong sighed to himself . History of the Three Kingdoms period might change starting from tonight . If the entire Sima clan got involve in the Yellow Turban Rebellion early on, this could change the entire flow of historical events and god knew how many butterfly effects there would be in the future .

But for now he had to take care of the prospect general he had just rescued .

Tong then glanced at Zhou Cang who was looking at Tong in a daze .

"I-I-Immortal Zhang Tong!?"

Tong smiled at Zhou Cang .

"Yeah, it's me . "

Back in time, 6:45 PM . The same day .

After Sima Xin dealt with the yellow cloths soldiers in the inn, he rushed back to the tree he used to climb to scout the Zhang resident . He planned to use his rifle to snipe down all Zhang family members to gain extra system rewards .



Name: Sima Xin

Age: 16

Lifespan: 9,479 Years

*Skill List*

[Supreme Nightsight] Cannot be leveled up

- Host can see in the dark .

- Host's vision can be zoomed in or out . The maximum distance is two kilometers


Unlike Tong or Hua Shi, Sima Xin didn't buy any limited skill of the fallen otherworlders from the shop . He saved up his lifespans to buy a more advanced weapon or items for him to use .

He spent 10,000 lifespans to buy a gacha ticket which had gotten him a M16A4 rifle . Then he spent another 1,000 lifespans for 10 bullets . Sima Xin wanted to buy more ammunition but the pricing was unreasonable .

For a pack of 100 rounds, the system charged for 15,000 lifespans which Sima Xin didn't have enough . And there was no package in between the 10 rounds pack and 100 rounds pack .

Therefore, he had no choice but to buy the little pack for the emergency usage or for an important mission, which happened to be the current mission that he was about to complete today .

Sima Xin hid in the shade, waiting for the sun to set and allowed darkness to cover this world .

Within half an hour, the sky had turned dark . It was the time that Sima Xin had confident that he could snipe the people inside if someone showed up .

It didn't matter if he couldn't kill Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao or Zhang Liang . He wanted to gamble if he could take out one of the three, or he could kill any extra ex-bandit for bonus rewards .

Then he spotted a boy with similar age as Sima Xin walking toward in his direction . Sima Xin used his vision and his scope to zoom in and locked on to the boy .

Though Sima Xin never liked harming any children or elders, he was cautious toward anyone with similar age as him . There was a chance that the person in front of Sima Xin was also an otherworlder .

The boy climbed up the fence and was still staring in Sima Xin direction, which made him nervous .

'Does he know I am hiding here?'

Sima Xin aimed his rifle at Tong . There was a military motto in his previous life, saying that 'Never Mind is the Way to Die' . It never hurt to be cautious toward the unknown .

Then a group of people appeared from inside the house, walking toward Tong .

"What are do you doing?"

"An enemy is here . Get back in the house . "

Sima Xin's was surprised . Although Tong whispered and tried to keep his voice low, but the night was so quiet that even a drop of a needle could still be heard from a distance away .

Sima Xin sharpened his eyes . The boy seemed to know that Sima Xin was here . He shouldn't be a simple ordinary boy!

Though Sima Xin didn't have any evidence or any logic deduction proof, he chose to play it safe by killing the boy first .

He then aimed and pulled the trigger .



The bullet hit the target where he had aimed . But Tong wasn't killed . And the sound of impact was like the bullet had just hit a steel plate .


'It was a clean shot but he hasn't died?'

'Sh*t . He's an otherworlder!?'


There was no mistake . The keyword that the boy shouted was 'Sniper' . Only someone not from this era could know the term after being shot at by a gun .

Confirmed that the boy was an otherworlder, Sima Xin showed no mercy . He aimed at Tong and pulled the trigger one more time .



Sima Xin aimed at Tong's left eye, but the bullet couldn't penetrate through Tong's body even the weakest part .

'That boy has a protection skill . I probably can't kill him like this . '

'Wait! That girl on the back reacted to the word 'Sniper' and didn't question that boy's order!?'

'Sh*t! They've teamed up!'

Realizing that the girl in the back was also an otherworlder, Sima Xin switched target and aimed at Hua Shi .




Sima Xin couldn't believe his eyes . Did that girl just parry his bullet with a sword? What kind of monstrous reflect was this?

"Hahaha! Fool! As long as I'm here, it's all useless!"

The girl provoked Sima Xin . Veins and blood vessels bulged under Sima Xin's face skin . His long trained marksmanship was looked down upon .

Sima Xin readjusted his breathing and fire another shot .




Sima Xin's eyes opened wide . How could this be possible? Parrying a bullet once could be considered as luck, but twice in a row was not a joking matter anymore .

He glanced at the location that Tong was before, only to find that he was no longer there . Moreover, the boy was running toward him in the darkness as if he could see everything around him .

'This can't go on! My location was already blown . '

'I have to finish this fast!'

'I can't fight both of them head on!'

Sima Xin switched targets again . This time he aimed at the two adult behind Hua Shi .

'Let's see if you can parry this!'

Sima Xin concentrated on his grips, and changed his firing mode from single fire mode into burst fire mode .

'Ora! Ora! Ora!'





Sima Xin was flabbergasted . Hua Shi deflected all of his bullets . What kind of monster was this girl?

Sima Xin heard a rustling sound . Then he saw Tong leaped over a bush and making a bee-line toward his direction . The distance between them got closer every second .

'I'm out of time . I have to bail out now!'

Sima Xin couldn't afford to stay on the same spot anymore . He leaped down from the tree and ran toward his escape route he had planned before coming to Zhang resident .

Sima Xin managed to keep the distance of 200 meters between Tong and him . Sima Xin also managed to outrun him, which relieved his nervousness .

'A pity that I can't get more rewards . '

'But keeping one's life is more important . '

He kept running . There were only a hundred meters left to the location Sima Xin and his comrade had hidden their horses . Once he got on a horse, he would rush back to Julu to report the incidents to his lord .

However, a familiar looking teenage jumped on Sima Xin . He had seen this person before, it was the thug he had met earlier today .

"Surprise, motherfu**er!"

The teenage swung his sword at Sima Xin, whom managed to react and drew his knife to parry it .


"I have no time to play with the likes of you!"

"Ha! But I do!"





Zhou Cang and Sima Xin clashed . Sima Xin used his experience as ex-soldier to deal with Zhou Cang . But Zhou Cang was also good at close-combat . They couldn't find an opening on each other .

Sima Xin attempted to sneak-attack Zhou Cang at his blind spot, but Zhou Cang always reacted in time and dodged all of it .

Then Sima Xin heard a rustling sound from behind . Tong was getting closer .

'Tch! I don't want to waste anymore bullet . But you left me no choice!'

Sima Xin retreated and kept the distance between him and Zhou Cang . He grabbed his rifle that was holstered behind his back and aimed at Zhou Cang .

Zhou Cang sensed something amiss . He jumped out of the way of the muzzle .


Sima Xin still had a better reflex . He readjusted his aim and the bullet pierced through Zhou Cang's thigh .


Using this time when Zhou Cang was hurt, Sima Xin dashed toward his horses . However …




Three gunshot sounds rang from Sima Xin's behind along with the sense of pain on his right elbow and his left shoulder .


Sima Xin gritted his teeth and jumped on one of the horse, slapped its butt and made it dash into the darkness .

'He has a gun too . This mission was too dangerous . '

'Since I've found the Yellow Turban's hideout . I'll report this to Guo Dian . '

'All of you will pay for this!'

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