Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – First Encounter – Part 2

Tong checked the distance between him and Sima Xin . The distance was a little over 400 meters which was not the best range for the pistol Tong had in his hand .

The best effective range for Glock 17 was 30 to 50 meters for average shooters . Any longer range than those would affect the accuracy, but the 9mm bullet would still be lethal at the range of 100 meters .

Tong's best record during his military school was 200 meters . But at that time, Tong managed to luck out and hit the target one time out of the entire magazine of 15 bullets .

He still couldn't reliably shoot at a live target at a distance more than 100 meters yet . All instructors in his school taught him not to rely on the long distance shooting with a pistol, but to use it as a covering fire or for collateral damages on vehicles or bigger targets .

Tong need to get closer to Sima Xin to the range of 100 meters or shorter to get to the effective shooting range .

He reached to the fence which separated the area of Zhang household and the backyard wild grasses and trees . Tong climbed the fence and was about to drop onto the other side .

"What are do you doing?"

Zhang Jiao showed up with Hua Shi and Zhang Bao . Each of them was holding a fire torch in their hand .

The sun had already set and it was the nighttime . The sky was brightened with stars of the Milky Way galaxy . But in contrary of the sky, the land below was in complete darkness . Only the area with torches and lambs were brightened .

Tong had a small candle in his cloth, but he hadn't lightened it yet . He wanted to sneak up to Sima Xin without him noticing Tong .

"An enemy is here . Get back in the house . "

Tong said to the three and gestured them to hurry . However, before they could react, a loud gunshot sounded from inside the woods .



Tong could feel something small hit him at the back of the head when he turned around to talk to his family .

The sound of gunshot made Tong lost all blood in his face . His face became pale as if he had just seen a ghost . It was the signal that the other side had a gun .

"THERE'S A SNIPER!! GET DOWN!!" Tong shouted with all air in his lung .

Hua Shi jolted and shifted her position to the front of Zhang Jiao while she told her in-laws to escape into the house . She had seen enough war movies to know what she should react to snipers .



Another shot fired and hit Tong's left eye . Tong could see the trajectory of the bullet for an instant before the bullet hit his eye lit, deformed and dropped itself on the ground .

Though Tong didn't feel any pain, but the impact still made him feel uncomfortable and put a mental pressure on him .

"Zombie! Get the two into the house right now!!"

Tong shouted again while dashing toward Sima Xin in the distance . He was immune to all physical attack so he decided to rush toward the sniper to get rid of him .

"I know! Uncle, father-in-law . Please run into the house! There's an enemy!"



Hua Shi also yelled at Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao while pressing them back to the house . Then she drew her short sword and stared into the darkness where the bullet came from .

Then she noticed a light reflection on one of the trees . It was the reflected light from the torches shining to a glass lens, or a scope .

Because of the reflected light, she could tell the direction the sniper was . At the same time, she could roughly guess where the sniper was going to shoot next .

'Crap, the next target is me!?'

The reflected light landed on her . Then …


A bullet flew at Hua Shi who suddenly hacked her sword at empty air by instinct . Her sword master passive skill activated .

The sword path and the bullet trajectory crossed each other, causing a spark on the impact .



The bullet that was deflected by Hua Shi's sword hit the ground .

Hua Shi was astonished by her action . She didn't order her body to move her arm and her shoulder in the last moment . She felt like her body moved by itself .

Hua Shi eased up a lot when she realized that it was possible for her to parry bullets . She stopped urging Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao to escape, but stood firm in front of them, ready to deflect any bullet that came in her way .

She felt proud and started to act cocky . Hua Shi then mocked the sniper .

"Hahaha! Fool! As long as I'm here, it's all useless!"


Another bullet fired .



Another bullet parried .


Three gunshots were burst-fired this time . They didn't go for Hua Shi, but to the two people behind her .


Hua Shi's sword moves left after images, striking toward the incoming bullets with precision .


After all bullets was swiped away, Hua Shi felt elated . The skill she bought was worth every penny . However…


The continuous intense movement put a strain on her arm, hand, wrist and her shoulder . As a result, she dislocated her shoulder and her wrist .


Instead of screaming in pain, Hua Shi cursed out loud . The pain on her shoulder was like a cold bucket of water pouring on her . She regained her cool and not allowing her judgement to go along with the adrenaline .

Zhang Jiao who was crouching and hurried back to the house noticed Hua Shi's scream . He rushed back to her, lift her up on his shoulder, and ran back to the house without looking back . He was scared of the thunder magic that roared out in the woods .

Fortunately after Hua Shi's stunt, the sniper stopped firing and seemed to disappeared, relieving Zhang Jiao and co .

Meanwhile, Tong was running and making a beeline toward Sima Xin . He heard another four gunshot sounds which worried him . But Tong kept his focus and continued chasing Sima Xin . The distance was now 200 meters .

Although everything was dark and Tong could barely see anything, he still managed to pick a path by observing the HUD map terrain indication .

Tong still didn't light his candle . He continued moving in the darkness as he didn't want to spook Sima Xin yet .

Then, he noticed that Sima Xin was moving in his radar . Sima Xin retreated toward the road outside of the village .

Tong clicked his tongue and continued the chase, only to find out that Sima Xin was faster than him . The distance between Tong and Sima Xin continued to increase .

215 meters … 230 meters … 250 meters .

Tong was astonished . This was in the middle of a forest where trees and bushes were in the way and the terrain was uneven . Even Tong found it difficult to get through this forest with the HUD map .

Sima Xin could run away as if he could see in the dark!

Tong felt helpless . The rat was getting away each minute of chasing .

Then he was surprised by another white dot that started moving in the map . It had been in a hut nearby the roadside which Tong assumed it was just a villager sleeping inside the hut .

However, this white dot seemed to move to the direction of Sima Xin as if it was also chasing him .

'Huh? Why is this person chasing after the sniper?'

Tong was confused . Since he couldn't catch up with Sima Xin anyway, he checked the name of the white dot . Then he was shocked when the map revealed his name .

'Zhou Cang? That guy is Zhou Cang!? What is he doing over there?'

Zhou Cang was one of the famous characters in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms . He was once a Yellow Turban Rebellion member . After Zhang Jiao's main force was annihilated, he became a mountain bandit .

Then he met Guan Yu and became his follower after . It was said that he died later in the battle of Fancheng Castle in Jing Province in the year 220 A . D . when Cao Cao and Sun Quan conspired and sent forces to attack Guan Yu in secret .

Tong didn't know whether to laugh or cry . He could not confirm if Sima Xin and Zhou Cang were in league together or had a feud against each other . But from the first look, they appeared to be the latter .

Zhou Cang intercepted Sima Xin midway before Sima Xin could run past Zhou Cang .

Sima Xin's movement stopped for a few seconds before Tong heard sounds of fighting and a gunshot .







A painful scream of a teenage was heard . Tong managed to shorten the distance down to 200 meters . He could finally see a faint shadow figure and an area of torchlight in the middle of darkness .

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