Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Sima Xin

February 17th, 181 A . D . 10 AM .

Hua Shi changed her cloths and got out of her room, only to catch a whiff of fresh soil and grasses .

The servants were busy attending the backyard garden . All the corpses last night were chopped up and buried 6-feet-under there .

Hua Shi didn't take part in the butchering, she was busy molesting Tong who was her priority food .

The 20 Julu men reeked of alcohol and they were also poisoned . It didn't match Hua Shi's taste .

She liked it living-fresh when she cut open a piece of meat . Other than that was nothing but dog foods, which she no longer interested in .

Hua Shi ignored the activities and reached Tong's room . The four Zhang family members were still in there, discussing future plans .

"Tong!! Let's play!"

She barged into the room, pretending to be an innocent child who wanted to ask Tong out to play .

The three adults laughed while Tong had black lines on his face . Tong forgot to tell his father and uncles about Hua Shi's secret and her existence as an otherworlder .

Zhang Jiao, Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao left the two alone . They had works to do so they would talk in another day .

"What are you up to?"

Tong asked Hua Shi in with frowning face . Hua Shi had done a number on him yesterday which caused him to be more wary of her sexual harassment .

"Relax, darling . I won't bite this time . "

"Who's your darling!? I already have a girlfriend! What are you here for?"

"Listen, I haven't come here to joke or play around . I have something serious to tell you . "


Hua Shi told Tong about her latest mission content, after which made Tong lost all blood on his face .

'Come to think of it . The system didn't announce that I completed the mission . '

'Which meant that all kidnappers haven't dead yet or are still alive in this vicinity . '

'Are there still more soldiers?'

Although Tong put every effort in his planning or scheming, he always made a mistake here and there .

The long years in Hell dulled his sense . Tong believed that he had to start sharpening his mind, analysis senses and his wits from scratch, just like when he had first entered the police military school in his previous life .

"Oh, hey . Is there a way to show you my mission menu? It was tiring reading it out loud . " Hua Shi asked Tong .

"Huh? There is such a feature?"

"Eh? You didn't know? I thought you were an expert at this . "

Hua Shi was fumbling through her status menu, hoping to have such an option to share a mission content to others .

She felt it was too inconvenient to explain everything word by word from the system mission menu . Though she was a hard worker in her previous life, but after being born as a child again it made her lazy .

After being asked, Tong was also curious . He explored every nook and cranny in his status menu, looking for any feature that he hadn't tried before .

[Well, actually there is a way . ]

The system message sounded out in Tong's room .

"Really? I looked at everything but I can't find a way to do that . " Hua Shi asked the system .

[It's a feature that I'm currently implementing . It's not 100% complete yet . ]

[Because this is the first time the goddamn irresponsible angels sent all sinners into one world at once, then they didn't prepare any support feature in the case multiple sinners interact with each other . ]

[So I have to create and adjust everything from scratch . ]

[Do you understand how hard my life is after being reincarnated as a system?]



[Anyway, let's talk about my life later in the sequel novel . ]

"Don't hint it . The readers will ask for it and our author will be trouble with that . "


[Whoops, my bad . ]

[Okay! Neuralyzer time!]

*** WHOOSH ***

*** FLASH!!! ***

[None of you readers will remember or should ask the author for this sh*t . ]

[Ok, it's done . Or not… None of my business . ]

[Anyway, there's a way for you two to share mission contents, trade or even complete the mission together . ]



[However, there are conditions . ]

Tong clicked his tongue . There was no free lunch in this universe . If they want to gain something, they had to pay a price one way or another .

[The two of you have to form a contract with each other . ]


[There are three types of contracts you can choose . ]

[One, party contract . ]

[Two, clan contract . ]

[And lastly …]

February 17th, 181 A . D . Afternoon .

Outside Zhang's resident, a young boy was observing the Zhang Manor from atop of a tall tree, scanning what was inside .

His name was Sima Xin . He was an otherworlder just like Tong and Hua Shi .

In this life, he was fortunate to be born in the famous family of Sima clan .

His father was Sima Fang, an assistant official of the imperial secretariat of Luo Yang . He was also the father of Sima Lang and the famous legendary Sima Yi who would be recorded in the history as "Father of the Jin Dynasty" or "Emperor Xuan of Jin" .

As a result of being born in this family, Sima Xin had become the elder brother of Sima Lang, Sima Yi and other 6 Sima clan members .

Despite being born in a noble clan, Sima Xin refused to pursue the career of aristocrats or the government official in the capital . He simply had to flee from the capital or he would be hunted down or being killed by the system .

If he remained in the capital and followed the footsteps of his father, he would be restricted in the capital . The missions always demanded him to move around, meeting people or doing something to them, killing included .

It was not wise to stay and risk his life completing missions in such environment, even though it was tolerable if he got used to it .

However, during the 16th mission where he had to kill an otherworlder to survive, he realized how deadly each otherworlder was . They were all criminals with great sins engraved on their back just like him, and they had cheat abilities . They wouldn't be simple opponents .

Sima Xin could barely survive after he killed one of the sinner by relying with his martial arts technique from his previous life . But then, he noticed another dreadful otherworlder .

That person resided in the inner imperial palace, which he could never enter with his current status .

That red dot also had many white dots surrounding him . It was as if they were his guards . There used to be another red dot in the palace, but it had disappeared .

Sima Xin assumed that there should be someone that was lucky enough to be reincarnated as a child of a concubine . Or he could be even worse, a prince, the son of the Emperor . And he already had completed the mission .

Secondly, he found an unusual dot in his HUD map at that time .

Otherworlders were marked as red dots in the map . However, there was a strange flashing golden dot in an official resident . It never moved during the entire event night .

The reincarnator in the inner palace already intimidated him enough . The unknown being in the capital terrified him further which he could no longer sleep with his eyes closed by being in that city .

Continued staying in Luo Yang was too risky . What if one day there would be another killing mission like this again? Could he fight them and survive? What if they were stronger than the last guy?

Next day, he told everything and consulted it with his father . Then his father, Sima Fang wrote a recommendation letter and told him to escape to Julu County . Guo Dian was his acquaintance so he should be able to help Sima Xin .

Sima Xin escaped from the capital the next day .

During his journey, he managed to complete another mission on the way, scoring another 10,000 years lifespans .

With two shopping passes and over 20,000 lifespans in his stocks, he gambled his luck and bought a 10,000-year-lifespan weapon gacha ticket to roll for random weapon .

And he was lucky enough to score the M16A4 rifle! It was listed in the shop for 100,000 lifespan years so he made a huge profit .

At first, Sima Xin already lost hope in this life . As a veteran soldier in his previous life, he couldn't sleep in peace without his gun, especially after knowing that all otherworlders might be stronger than him .

This existence of this rifle gave him hope . It was like a ray of light shining upon a lost traveler who got lost in the darkness .

Sima Xin later spent the remaining shopping pass to buy a pack of ammunition .

A month later, he arrived at Julu County . Although he had his father's recommendation letter, Guo Dian sent him to a barrack, transferring him into a scout squadron .

To Guo Dian's judgement, Sima Xin was too young . He needed more experiences before Sima Xin could be put into an important position in his county .

Then he received his 18th mission .


**Main Mission No . 18**

Several ex-bandits are hiding in a village within Ningjin County . Kill at least one of them .

There are extra bonuses if you can kill their ring-leaders .

Clear Condition: Kill one or more ex-bandit(s) or ring-leader(s)

Failure Condition: Time Limit exceeded

Clearing Reward: 1,000 years of lifespan per one ex-bandit killed . 10,000 years per one ring-leader killed . One shopping pass .

Mission Failure: All of your skills will be erased

Time Limit: 2 Days 16 Hours

System Note: Don't press R2 when petting a dog or the villagers will hunt you down .


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