Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Tong's insight .

After Tong and Hua Shi left the main hall, the three Zhang brothers and their servants cleaned up the corpses and traces of bloody battle .

They found the cause of the Julu men's visit, a warrant for Hua Shi .

There was written statement by Guo Dian in the scroll that Hua Shi was suspected for being an evil shaman cultist . She had to be taken to Julu County to be investigated and interrogated .

Having read the contents in the warrant scroll, Zhang Jiao was furious . Hua Shi was such a good girl . She was with him almost all of the time they were in a journey to neighbor villages together . It was impossible for her to be an evil cultist .

This Guo Dian had to be one of the lolicons that pursued the body of the famous 'Goddess' .

His anger and hatred towards the imperial officials rose . The will to rebel against the Han court ignited once again .

She would soon to be his daughter-in-law! How dare them trying to lay a hand on her!

Though he already made up his mind that he would not rebel anymore, he couldn't remain calm when he witnessed how much immoral the government officials had become .

He felt pity toward Tong and Hua Shi . He wanted them to spend the rest of their life in peace without getting dragged into his war .

But for the sake of their future happiness and for their descendants, the Han dynasty had to fall!

Next day morning .

Tong woke up with sore and numbness all over his body . His mouth was as dry as a desert .

He was eaten in his sleep last night .

When he went to take a bath yesterday, Hua Shi followed him into the bath too . She took advantage kissing him again .

After managing to chase her out, he went to sleep . Because of the events yesterday and Hua Shi's molestation, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep instantly as his head hit the pillow .

Hua Shi somehow sneaked into his room and continued her sexual harassment .

When Tong woke up again, he found himself with dried mouth . Hua Shi also cuddled with him in his bed too .

Though she confessed that she didn't pop his cherry last night, she did drink every fluids he produced from his skin and body .

Hua Shi got hit a few times on top of her head . Two big round swells appeared on her head, but she didn't show sign of remorse . She laughed in happiness as if it was the best day of her life .

Tong was so pissed that he wanted to strangle her to death . But he valued her skills and her usefulness when it came to medical knowledge, so Tong continued to tolerate .

Tong only prayed to Friday that she wouldn't castrate him after he returned .

After enjoying her breakfast, Hua Shi came back to her room, finishing her daily accountant job for Tong's soap business .

While she was at it, she checked up her status and push a random new quest button .

It had been a while since she had completed her 12th mission . Hua Shi thought that it was time for her to take another one when she was free .

[Aye! Wait a minute . My right hand is busy at the moment . ]

[Sorry for the wait! Phew! That was a good work out!]

[Here's your mission, miss pervert!]

[By the way, you need help . Go see a doctor . ]

. . .


**Main Mission No . 18**

Your grumpy husband didn't finish his job properly . Go clean up his mess .

Protect Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang with everything you have .

Clear Condition: At least one of the three is alive after the threat has been thwarted .

Failure Condition: All three of them died .

Clearing Reward: 10,000 years of lifespan per one person saved . One shopping pass .

Mission Failure: All your skills will be erased .

System Note: So much for strategy and schemes . In the end, he's still not thorough .



Hua Shi was aware that the system always gave her unpredictable missions . But she could guess that it would always be related to her environments and her surroundings .

Her 17th mission was related to her medical skill and her overall talent . Her 15 tutorial missions were also easy to complete without much of a hassle . She just needed to put in an effort, that's all .

However, this was the first time that she had received a quest to protect someone . Someone tried to harm them? Why did this mission mention Tong? Clean up his mess?

There were many hints but she couldn't put the pieces together to complete the whole pictures .

Although she didn't understand what would happen to the three of her future relatives, she thought of Tong .

'I should go and tell him about it . '

'It said he didn't finish his job, it might be related to his works . '

'Or maybe his quest?'

'No point guessing widely . I'd better ask him . '

'Hope he's not angry anymore . '

'It's just a little skinship and kissing . Why was he so angry?'

'We're going to get married anyway . Why is he so shy?'

'May be the girlfriend excuse was a lie and he was actually a virgin in his previous life?'

'That explains it . '

'Kukukuk! He's so cute . I want to eat him more . '

'A pity I can't chop him up to pieces . '

'But blood is fine too . '

'Saliva is fine, two!'

'Once he's old enough, I can milk him, three!'

'Ah, I can't wait for the tonight…'

'Whoops, I wet myself again . '

'Gotta change my underwear . '

[… Please . . . see a doctor . ]

Today, Tong gathered his father and uncles in his courtyard . He made the decision to tell them everything . Delaying the inevitable might result in tragedy and misunderstanding in the long run .

Tong confessed "Almost" everything to the three Zhang regarding the immortal trial . Only a few things that he didn't mention was his current mission that Zhang Jiao had to start the rebellion and its punishment if he failed . Tong didn't want to worry his father .

Incidents in the first day of January, otherworlders, special skills, system and rewards, everything was revealed to Tong's father and his uncles .

The three was half-expecting a story like this so they didn't have the shock reaction, only asked back a few questions in disbelieved .

After an hour of explanation, Tong narrated about the future of the Han dynasty in the next few years .

"A drought season in two year?"

"We lost?"

"We will all die?"

Tong was merciless when it came to explaining the harsh truth . He wanted them to understand their future and their fates even if it meant the three of them would call him crazy .

"If father continues proceeding the rebellion plan as it is, we will fail . "

It felt comical to have a younger generation relative told them in the face that the grand schemes they had planned for years would fail . However, Tong's abilities and his supernatural skill was the proofs of his story .

Zhang Jiao's face lost its color . He couldn't believe that his followers would turn rogues and turned the Yellow Turbans into a group of bandits .

Zhang Bao held his mouth in deep thought . He revised the plan they had again . He indeed found flaws and weaknesses if he compared the current soldiers with the imperial army .

Zhang Liang gritted his teeth . He was the only one who didn't totally buy Tong's story . But after he had contemplated it with his logic, he realized that they indeed lacked funds, personals and proper logistic supplies .

The drought season would arrive without warning and would force them to launch the plan before they could gather enough provisions for their army .

Their skills in management and politics was also a problem . They never attended school or had any proper tutor .

Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao managed to learn reading and writing by joining a Taoist sect and became a shaman priest . Zhang Liang was worse, he only knew about army management .

The three was silent . They couldn't utter a word .

Tong smiled and gave them hope .

"But that doesn't mean it's impossible to raise our flags . "




Tong explained further .

"If we have over 360,000 troops, we won't be able to support all of them . "

"Therefore, why don't we reduce the size of our army to the size that we can support?"

"Secondly, if we attack multiple districts or cities at once, the imperial force will naturally react . "

"However, what will happen if we make the rebel a smaller scale . "

"What will happen if we only take one small county, but not an entire province?"

"What will happen if we just aim small and not declaring ourselves rebellion?"

Zhang Jiao's eyes lit up . He continued to listen .

"Don't forget that the emperor has his eyes on tributes and taxes, but nothing else . "

"So we can use this to our benefits . "

"We take one district . Then we stop . "

"The imperial will just see it as a quarrel between noble forces and won't interfere . "

"Then we send a tribute to the emperor and ask him for forgiveness and so on . "

"Do you think they will rally a force against us if we do it like this?"

As if the three Zhang were struck by lightning . They had an enlightenment .

Then Zhang Jiao frown . He had doubts in his mind .

"What about the government and the emperor? Why can't we fight them?"

Tong shook his head and smiled at his father and smiled .

"The Han will be self-destructed by the nobles and the emperor will die soon . "

"If father wants to reform this country …"

"We just have to wait and lay low for a few years . "

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