Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Awaken Hua Shi

Zhang Jiao and his caravan reached home . Before they could unload their cargos, they was surprised by the incoming news reported by servants of the family .

Their young master Zhang Tong took over Zhang Bao's training camp and announced himself as an immortal?

Twenty Julu soldiers came here to see Hua Shi and insisted staying in this resident?

Zhang Liang and the Julu soldiers almost clashed?

And Tong invited the uninvited guests in and entertained them in person, and they were now inside the main hall?

Zhang Jiao was stunned . He was away just for less than a month and so many things happened .

Zhang Jiao was worried about Tong . He strode through the path in the outer courtyard to the main hall in a hurry .

However, Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao were there in front of the main hell . They had a smiling face and their eyes didn't show any concern about what was happening inside .

Hua Shi also followed behind Zhang Jiao . She was curious about the current events . After all, the Julu men were looking for her .

"The door is locked? What's going on here?" Zhang Jiao asked his two brothers .

"Don't worry . It should be over soon . " Zhang Liang answered with a smug face .

Within ten seconds after Zhang Liang had spoken, there was a commotion inside the main hall room .

"How dare you!!"


"It will be your turn soon . Could you wait for a minute after I entertain the other guests, please?"

" . . . "













"No! Please forgive me! NOOOOO!!"




Sounds of fighting and screams mixing in together like an orchestra music sounded from the inside .

After two minutes of chaos, the sound stopped .

Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao looked at each other and nodded . They unlocked and opened the main hall gate . The image everyone outside inside the hall saw was like an art .

In ancient era, there was no electricity and no light bulb . When it was nighttime, they used either torches, lambs or candles to brighten up the room .

In the main hall, there was no light from torch, lambs or candle . However there was light shined from the moon through the hall windows .

Within that moonlight, naked Tong who was soaked in the men's blood was standing alone in the hall, looking back at the moon that shined upon him .

There were corpses laid around the hall . Half of them died in a tumbled position behind a low-table with dinner food set and a jar of wine on it . The rest laid down in the middle of the hall . Blood covered the floor and slowly flew onto the ground that hadn't soaked in blood yet .

The three Zhang sighed in relieve after seeing that Tong was fine . However, Hua Shi stared at Tong in a daze .

The iron bloody smell aroused her appetite . The glistering smooth naked boy in front of her aroused her body's pubertal carnal cravings . After being in Hell for hundred thousands of years, she had forgotten about this urge . But it came back to her tonight .

As if she was injected with chicken blood, Hua Shi's heart beat accelerated as if it was enjoying playing a solo drum session in a concert . Her blood pumped through her entire body and her face was burning hot .

The lust for food and sexual desire merged in together and turned into a new form of sensual feeling inside of Hua Shi's mind . Something awakened in her .

Hua Shi's legs were raised and stepped forward to Tong's direction by themselves while her eyes fixated on Tong's bloody body and his smooth neck .

Her breathing was rough, puffing out warm air from her mouth .

Steadily, she walked towards Tong . Then she wrapped her arms around his neck, opened her mouth and took a bite on Tong's smooth neck .


Tong had a jump scared, feeling warm hard slimy objects touching his skins . He didn't pay attention at the door direction so he didn't notice that everyone had opened the door and Hua Shi already walked in .

Tong glared at the zombie girl . Though he knew Hua Shi couldn't harm him but this psychopath's action was unpredictable . He also remembered that this mess had happened because of her .

Tong grabbed her forehead and tried to push her away .

"Get off, you zombie! Stop biting!"

Hua Shi wasn't budge .


*Passive Skill List*

[Sword Master] Cannot be leveled up

- Master all kinds of swords . Increase all attributes by 10 times if the host is using a sword .

- If the host kill an enemy, increase the host lifespan by the remaining lifespan of the dead enemy .


Hua Shi currently carried a short sword on her back . Even though she hadn't drawn out her sword, the skill still activated automatically .

Because of the passive skill [Sword Master], her overall body attributes increased by 10 times by her actual attributes . This resulted her being stronger than even an average adult .

Tong's current body couldn't overpower her as long as she still had a sword on her body .

'This skill is totally bullsh*t . Who the heck designed this stupid skill!?'

'As long as she's carrying a sword, the system treats it as if she's using it?'

'Screw you, system!'

Tong knew everything about all Hua Shi's skills, yet he was helpless . He couldn't push her back and he didn't want to harm her either . She was still useful to the family so he had to put up with it .

At the same time, Hua Shi was also aware of Tong's passive skill . She had tried to cut off a piece of Tong's flesh in secret when he was sleeping once before, but her knife couldn't piece through Tong's skin .

Though Tong never told her about his skills, she could assume that it was a passive skill that grant the user some kind off protection to the body, so no one could hurt him .

Hua Shi regained a bit of her sense . She slapped her forehead in her mind .

'What am I doing?'

'This is stupid . His skin can't be bitten through, yet I'm trying to bite him?'

'He's going to throw a fit again . '

'Oh well, what's done is done . Let me take advantage of the situation . Hehehe!'

Hua Shi stopped trying to bite Tong, but she stick out her tongue and licked his neck to taste his sweat .


The moment the stinky and slimy tongue touched his skin, Tong jolted, feeling a chill run down his spine . He tried to exert more force but Hua Shi couldn't be moved at all .



Hua Shi screamed in her mind . She could no longer stop her tongue and started licking every part of his neck and his face .


"BEGONE THOT!! Are you a dog!?"

Tong lost his cool . He started screaming and cursing . Tong clenched his fist and punched it on top of Hua Shi's head .

However, Hua Shi still didn't flinch . Instead, Tong felt pain in his fist . Even her bone and her skin were reinforced by the skill too?

Tong's [Plot Armor] skill should have made him immune to all attacks . But if he attacked someone and the damage was reflected back to him, the system treated it as he hurt himself?

'Fudge the system . I'm going to get rid of this girl first . '

"Hey! Get off already or I'll- MMMFFF!!"

Hua Shi who was busy licking Tong's face saw a chance . She slipped her tongue into Tong's mouth and twisted it around, draining the liquid inside .


Tong felt like there was a vacuum sucking all of his saliva . Her tongue kept twisting and rotating, making Tong having a goose bump .

'This is otherworldly!!'

'Normally there should be a tinge of breathe smell in the saliva or in the inner mouth . '

'But this tasted like a sweet-and-sour sauce!'

'Ah … this is too good . I can't stop . '

'The locals are sh*t . All men here are sh*t . '

'Only he can give me this taste!'

'I've decided . '

'I'm making him mine!'

'Mine Alone! Mine for myself! MINE! MINE! MINE!'

Hua Shi jumped up, wrapping her legs around Tong's waist while she held his head tightly with both her arms and hands . From outsider's point of view, it looked like a monkey hugging its parent .

Tong stole her sword and threw it away to disable her cheat . But she held him too tight, Tong still couldn't pry her off .

Then he felt that Hua Shi had a spasm and there was something slimy and sticky dripping on his lower waist and his thighs .

Black lines appeared on Tong's face .

'Are you serious!?'

Zhang Bao who was observing the two clapped his hands, trying to stop the live action scene in front of him .

"Alright, that's enough you two . You will get married eventually so save it!"

"First thing first, sir immortal brat, go take a bath . You stink . "

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