Battle Royale of the Sinners

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Uninvited Guests – Part 3

The "Unique Wine" had been served . After the serving was done, Tong had all of the servants leaving the hall and locked the main hall room in secret .

The Julu soldiers were furious seeing the young servants left . They hadn't taken the main course yet, which were the orgy party they were looking for .

"Please don't misunderstand, my dear guests . I have invited proper entertainers for you . Their look were too poor and their bodies were too thin . I'm afraid that it may not be up to your standard . "

Tong made an excuse that he had invited many beautiful girls and widows from the village to entertain them while the servants were too low in quality .

The men agreed . However …

"Strip!" One of the 20 men ordered Tong .

"I beg your pardon?"

"I said, STRIP!"

Seeing how overbearing these homo-pedophiles were, Tong frown . But he regained his calm and smiled to the pervert man and started taking off his cloths, piece by piece .

The pedophile soldiers whistled and laughed while the normal one just drank the wine and chuckled . They were used to their comrade's behavior .

Some of them got too excited and took off their cloths too, standing by for the main course .

Tong took off his last cloth, revealing his naked body . Then he stopped and gave a toast to all men .

"Before I entertain you further, I want to give a toast to all the guests that has come here and honored our family tonight . Cheers!"

"Hahahaha, well said! You should be honored having us here . Cheers!"

Everyone drank all the "Unique Wine" that Zhang Liang had prepared while Tong pretended to drink it .

After confirming that everybody drank it, Tong started counting down .

'Modern anesthetic takes a few minutes for the effect to kick in . '

'I wonder if Hua Tuo's anesthetic can keep up with the 21st century . '

'Well, it might be faster, they are drinking it directly . '

'But wait … Normally it can cause death if someone drinks it directly . '

'Will I get the rewards if someone else poison them?'

'Crap! I messed up!'

A drop of sweat roll down on Tong cheek, his plan was executed flawlessly in terms of the overall execution and expected result . But he made a mistake in terms of making a profit from the system rewards .

Tong wasn't sure if someone else had put poison in the food or drink, after which the preys died from it, would he still get the reward?

Furthermore, Tong's messages to Zhang Liang was too vague when he whispered him . Tong forgot to direct the amount of anesthetic of how many dose should be put into the food or the wine .

If Zhang Liang was careless and put a large amount into the wine, then they would die before Tong killed them and reaped the rewards .

No human was perfect . Even though Tong might believe he was smarter than the local natives because of his previous life memories, he still screwed himself up with minor details he overlooked .

"This wine tastes funny … Hmm?"

The captain of the 20 men only sip a mouthful of wine . He glanced at his men and found that all of them stopped talking and held their stomach or neck .

Some of the men already laid on the ground, having a spasm .

"Uh, dammit . Screw this . Fudge it . Time to kill . "

Tong complained to himself . He walked to a nearby man who was having a spasm, grab the soldier sword which laid down on his side .

Tong drew the sword and stabbed it into the dying man's neck .


Because of the sword piecing through the man's artery veins, after Tong pulled off the sword, blood gushed out and splashed on Tong's face and body .

'Eww gross . I have to take a bath after this . '

'This reminds me of my times in Hell . '

Tong wiped the blood away from his face with the back of his hand . Then he walked toward another man in a hurry . He had to kill them all before they died from poisoning .

"How dare you!!"

The Julu squad captain roared and charged at Tong with his sword . He wasn't effected by the drug, yet .

Tong ignored the incoming sword . He was more concerned that he wouldn't be able to kill all of them before they died by poisoning .

Tong leaped toward another man who was puking out what he ate and stabbed his sword into the man's neck . After Tong pulled out his sword, the squad captain's sword reached Tong .


The captain felt like his sword hit an iron mountain . A crack appeared on his sword, yet Tong didn't flinch the slightest .

The captain was shocked . His face distorted as if he had seen a ghost .

"It will be your turn soon . Could you wait for a minute after I entertain the other guests, please?"

Tong said to the captain in the same tone when he welcomed the 20 of them .

However, in Tong's mind, he was in panic . He only killed two of them, yet the 10 men beside the captain already showed signs of being poisoned and their conditions was getting worse on each second . The other 7 stood up and picked up their weapon, getting ready for combat with their pale face .

'At this rate I can only kill 4 or 5 of them . '

'If I use my gun …'

'Fudge!!! I left it in my cloth!!'

Tong facepalmed himself in his mind . He forgot that he was currently naked, and his gun was in one of the piles of his cloths that he took off .

Secondly, even if he had the gun in his hand, he won't be able to use it efficiently .

In this party, all guests sat on the ground behind a short table . As a result of the poisoning pain, half of the poisoned Julu men laid down on the ground behind the tables .

If Tong used his gun, the tables would block his line of sight and obstruct the bullets . The men that managed to stand would get in the way, too .

Even if there was no table, Tong still couldn't kill every one of them in one shot because they tumbled down and laid down on the ground, which made it hard for the shooter to find an angle to aim at the vital point, in order to claim the one-hit-kill .

The bullets were expensive and there were limited in quantity . Tong didn't want to waste it recklessly .


Meanwhile, at the entrance of the village where Zhang family lives .

Zhang Jiao and Hua Shi were riding a horse, returning from their journey .

Thanks to Hua Shi's skill, all of the patients were healed faster than they expected and managed to return home one day ahead of their schedule .

Zhang Jiao was happy when he looked back and saw a long line of wagons and carriages following them . They were the rewards from this trip .

In those wagons and carts, there were grains, vegetables, tools and a couple boxes of coins and gold .

Healing ordinary peasants yielded some food as a donation . But healing town mayors or wealthy merchants profited them money and other stuff in exchange .

Physicians and doctors in this era were one of the lucrative jobs .

Zhang Jiao alone wouldn't be able to gain something like these by himself . His herbs and acupuncture technique could only relieve pain and slowly recovered the patients .

However, Hua Shi's 21st century drugs were so effective that it was like a sorcery .

He felt glad that he took Hua Shi in as Tong's fiancé . She was very helpful in this trip . The girl was knowledgeable in medical practice and her attitude towards seniors was nice too .

Hua Shi was an ideal wife which all men in this era always sought for .

Zhang Jiao had been contemplating if he should follow up with the rebel plan .

The plan was made when he heard that Emperor Ling demanded more tributes and several governors raised more taxes .

That time, the Zhang family took a big hit from taxes and extortion, which almost caused the family to go bankrupt .

If it wasn't for Tong who had given them his pocket money from selling soap, they would have fired several servants and sold his entire resident .

But now, Hua Shi was destined to join his family in the future . With her here, the income of the family would increase . If Zhang Jiao included Tong into his calculation, this family younger generation had bright future .

It might not be a bad idea to forget about the rebellion plan and chose to live their life peacefully as a physician family or a merchant family . Then maybe one day their descendants would bribe their way into the government office and became nobles .

Thinking up to this point, Zhang Jiao asked Hua Shi .

"Do you enjoy being a physician?"

Hua Shi tilted her head to the side, feeling complicated . She only did it for the mission rewards and extra food . But she did enjoy seeing the poor families smiling and laughing when someone in the house was cured .

In her previous life she pursued the nursing career because it was her childhood dream . She liked seeing smiling people and interacting with the patients .

However, after she became a nurse, she strayed from her path somewhere along the road and developed the sinful fetish .

Hua Shi smiled, feeling nostalgic when she recalled her memories about her life before and after she worked as a nurse .

"Not as a physician . But I like saving people . It feels good when the patient is cured . "

Hua Shi answered while reminiscing the fateful day in her previous life . That day when the building she was in collapsed on her and her friends, causing them to get stuck under the debris for a month .

'If I were able to endure a bit more, maybe I would probably be in heaven by now . '

'Haiz, it's too late to regret it now . '

'I ate it . I liked it . Then I ate more . End of story . '

Zhang Jiao smiled at Hua Shi . He made up his mind .

'If there were just me with Bao and Liang, then I would probably push on with the plan . '

'But now my son has a good wife . I shouldn't ruin their future for my selfishness . '

'Let's not rebel anymore . We're going to spend our days in peace . '

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