Bank of the Universe

Chapter 620 - Three Green Hats

Chapter 620: Three Green Hats

Seven told Li Xiandao that a new guest was here.

Li Xiandao was shocked, “There is a new guest so quickly.”

Emptiness’s matter was just half done and there was a new guest?

“This guest is someone that you have to receive.” Seven smiled.

Li Xiandao was excited and asked, “I have to receive him so he must have some strong background.”

Seven smiled, “Do you still remember the green watch you made when you found out you could create your own watches at the seventh mountain?”

Li Xiandao was shocked and had a weird expression, “So that watch found a guest?”

Seven nodded her head and sighed, “Terrifyingly green!”

Li Xiandao couldn’t help but say, “Then let’s go take a look.”

Seven nodded and followed behind Li Xiandao to the Trading Hall.

In the Trading Hall, Li Xiandao waited for the guest to arrive.

He had just casually created a watch, who knew that someone would really get it.

This world didn’t lack green.

In just a moment, a nicely dressed middle-aged man walked over. When he saw Li Xiandao and Seven, he said solemnly, “Who are you two?”

“Welcome to the Bank of the Universe, guests here can trade anything, as long as you can pay the price.” Li Xiandao said calmly.

“Bank of the Universe…” The middle-aged man was silent. He suddenly recalled the green watch he got previously. The voice in the watch told him to head to the Bank of the Universe to solve his questions.

“I didn’t crush the green watch.” the middle-aged man hesitated.

Li Xiandao frowned and looked at Seven. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t be able to enter.

Seven smiled, “Think about it, did you really not?”

The middle-aged man was shocked and tried to think.

Celestial World, North Nether Region, Yuntian Sect.

The middle-aged man was called Zhou Tian An and he came from a poor family but he was really talented. When he was young he joined Yuntian Sect and rose up step by step.

He had no resources and no background. He rose up slowly step by step. He didn’t improve quickly like geniuses. After ten thousand years, he became a celestial.

What changed him was during the night when he turned into a Heaven Celestial. Yuntian Sect’s sect leader died and they were going to choose the new sect leader. Other people had supporters but he didn’t. He wanted to give up and not fight for that spot.

But, the daughter of the last sect leader who was called the most beautiful woman in Yuntian Sect found him and said that she wanted to marry him. Moreover, she would support him in his fight for sect leader position.

What Zhou Tian An had to do was to become her puppet, a microphone for her.

Zhou Tian An agreed!

He came from a lowly family and cultivated for ten thousand years without many relationships. Now that the most beautiful girl in Yuntian Sect found him and gave him such huge rewards, he was tempted.

He revealed the strength that he had hidden for ten thousand years and defeated three opponents to become the sect leader.

Then he married the most beautiful girl in Yuntian Sect.

Seven months later, their first kid was born.

He was really healthy.

But Zhou Tian An felt like something wasn’t right.

But as they were in their honeymoon face, he didn’t think much. A year later, the second kid was born. Two years later, the third kid was born…

After three kids were born, Zhou Tian An felt like something wasn’t right. That was because before the third kid was born, he was in secluded meditation to break through to peak Heaven Celestial.

He did make out with his wife but he remembered that they didn’t do the last step.

The third kid was a problem!

This matter was like a nail stabbing into his heart and he felt bad.

He was an honest person but she couldn’t bully him like that right.

Not long ago, he got the green watch. The color made pierced his eyes. He thought about it and decided to keep it in the end.

In the next few days, he investigated and noticed many traces. Maybe the three kids all weren’t his.

That was the most annoying thing!

To outsiders, he was high above. He was the sect leader of Yuntian Sect, his wife was the daughter of the last sect leader and was really beautiful. He had three kids. His family was so close and harmonious. He was truly the winner in life.

But inside, Zhou Tian An knew that this family was about to be destroyed.

He didn’t dare to continue investigating. If he found things out, his face would be lost.

So he came to the Bank of the Universe instead of using his identity as Yuntian Sect Sect Leader to investigate this matter. The reason was that he didn’t want others to find out.

As for the green watch, he was drunk and using wine to vent his frustration. He couldn’t control himself and crushed the watch.

Zhou Tian An calmed down. Since he crushed it then so be it.

“I don’t want to trade.” Zhou Tian An turned around and wanted to leave. He felt like he shouldn’t let outsiders know about his matter as they might spread it.

“Then send him off but remind him that once he heads out, he would forget about the Bank of the Universe and never be able to enter again.” Li Xiandao said calmly. He wasn’t afraid of such a person.

Zhou Tian An’s footsteps stopped. He turned around and looked at Li Xiandao and asked, “You will help me to keep it a secret?”

“We will sign a contract and you can add a nondisclosure clause.” Li Xiandao said.

Zhou Tian An returned and sat opposite Li Xiandao. He took in a deep breath.

He felt really complicated.

If this thing happened to anyone else, they would find it really complicated.

Celestials were no exceptions.

“Speak, what would you like to trade?” Li Xiandao asked calmly.

Zhou Tian An recalled that he could be wearing three green hats and was totally furious. His eyes were red as he said, “I want to know, are those three children mine?”

Li Xiandao looked at him, “Since you are asking and since this is your first time here, I will tell you for free.”

Zhou Tian An looked at Li Xiandao nervously.

“None of them are!” Li Xiandao’s heartless words made him hold his heart in pain.

“I hate it! ! !” Zhou Tian An shouted in rage. Blood from his hurt spurted out and he looked really pitiful.

None of the three kids were his which means that from start to now he was just raising another person’s kid.


This was something that Zhou Tian An couldn’t accept.

“Help me find out who the person is, I will make him pay the price.” Zhou Tian An gritted his teeth.

“What can you pay?” Li Xiandao asked.

“A million celestial crystals, high quality!” Zhou Tian An raised a finger and said firmly.

“A million so that I find him or that I kill him?” Li Xiandao asked carefully.

“A million high-quality celestial crystals, kill that cheater!” Zhou Tian An said coldly.

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