Bank of the Universe

Chapter 619 - Peak Heaven Celestial

Chapter 619: Peak Heaven Celestial

Li Xiandao swallowed the death energy and his entire body turned grey. His surroundings turned into a death whirlpool.

What was strong about Li Xiandao was that even when he was drowned in death energy, he was able to ensure that his soul wasn’t wiped out. He was able to maintain calm and suppress everything else.

Hong long long!

The death energy was being absorbed and celestial energy surged all about like heatwaves. They were huge and it filled one with disbelief.

The four cemeteries shook. There were many corpses buried here and they contained huge amounts of death energy. Maybe in terms of quality, they couldn’t compare to Emptiness’s one but Li Xiandao didn’t care. That was because there was a large amount.

With the quantity, the quality problem was solved. Li Xiandao himself could also improve.

Fortunately, the four factions were preoccupied with Emperor Beiqiu’s death. They didn’t have time to care about the cemeteries.

Of course, even if they were free, they wouldn’t pay attention to the cemetery. After all, it was peaceful for tens of thousands of years so who would think about targeting a bunch of dead people?

This benefitted Li Xiandao. He was able to absorb as much death energy as he wanted to comprehend the power of death. At the same time, he forced all the death energy into his left index finger.

That was because he held the sword in his right hand. Now that he had the finger of death in his left, the layout was really balanced.

“Death! The end of everything. Death can make a person disappear from the world. No matter how glorious and beautiful their life before was, in the end, they won’t be able to avoid death.”

“You can be a ruler and looked down on everyone but in the end, you will end up as a skeleton. You can look down from above and suppress a generation but in the end, you will end up as a legend.”

Death could let everything calm back down. It could let all traps, plans, and huge businesses turn to smoke.

This was the truth about death!

Li Xiandao comprehended slowly. Each bit that he comprehended, he would force a bit of death energy into his index finger.

Along with Li Xiandao’s comprehension, he learned more and more about death. Death energy was being swiftly squeezed into his finger.

At that moment, Li Xiandao was filled with half life and half death energy!

Like a god and a demon, that was unbelievable.

Li Xiandao comprehended the truth about death and only forced half the death energy in. There was still half that didn’t listen to the truth.

Li Xiandao frowned and continued to comprehend. His all-knowing talent was in full flow and it analyzed the truth about death.

“Death is not only the end of everything, it is also the start.”

“Death and new life is the same line. Death can last for a very long time, so can new life.”

“Many people know that death is the end but they don’t know that end the end of death is new life. Most experts want a second life but the second life that shock everyone might come after death.”

Li Xiandao comprehended.

Death and new life were compatible with one another.

Or rather, life and death were two sides of a mirror that one couldn’t escape from. With life, there is death, with death, there is also life.

This comprehension allowed the other half of the death energy to be forced into his index finger.


Li Xiandao’s index finger turned grey and inside it was filled with death energy. It was filled with Li Xiandao’s comprehension of death energy and once it exploded, it could instantly wipe out someone’s life.

At the same time, Li Xiandao’s comprehension was rising quickly. At that moment, the grade six celestial formation and the death energy merged together and were absorbed by Li Xiandao. He rose up to stage nine of Heaven Celestial!

Li Xiandao looked around and his eyes shone brightly. He looked down on his left index finger and it returned back to normal.

Yellow Fountain Formation also slowly dissipated. What Li Xiandao shot underground was only some talismans and it wouldn’t last for a long time. Once the death energy in Emptiness’s body was chased away, the talismans would also disappear.

At that time, no one would know that such a thing happened in the four cemeteries.

Li Xiandao sensed the huge surging power in his body. he took in a deep breath and was satisfied.

The current him had a small bit of self-preservation ability in the Celestial World.

In the next second, Li Xiandao looked at Emptiness. He stood there and didn’t move.

“The death energy in your body is all gone?” Li Xiandao asked.

Emptiness raised his head and was a little numb, “The death energy is gone but I can’t remember who I am?”

This was what frustrated him. His death energy was absorbed but he couldn’t remember who he was and where he came from.

He thought that his memories would awaken after the death energy was absorbed. But the more hope he had, the more disappointment he got.

So he was really numb now.

Li Xiandao sighed, “Memories aren’t easy to recover. Your death energy has been sucked away by me and only life is left. Recover your strength, maybe when you return to your peak your memories would awaken.”

Emptiness nodded, “Let’s hope so.”

Li Xiandao wanted to say something but his ears moved. He heard many people rushing over from the distance.

“People from the four factions are here, let’s return to the Bank of the Universe.” Li Xiandao said decisively.

The True Celestial guards definitely reported it and the four factions rushed over right away.

Li Xiandao didn’t want to have a conflict with them. this was their ancestral land and for Li Xiandao to lay out a formation here without telling them, he was in the wrong.

Fortunately, Li Xiandao didn’t damage any of the corpses. Instead, he absorbed the thick death energy, allowing the celestial energy here to nourish the corpses and not continue to suppress the death energy.

When the people from the four factions arrived, they were shocked.

Flowers and trees bloomed and white petals danced. Each tomb was perfectly fine and celestial energy surged in the air, several times thicker than before.

“What happened?” The people from the four factions looked at one another and they went to check their own cemeteries.

After their checks, they didn’t notice anything abnormal. No tomb was opened, there weren’t even marks of someone being here.

But something definitely happened here which was why the trees and flowers were blooming.

“Strengthen the supervision here. Once you notice something, report it.” The four factions could only give such an order.

That was because they couldn’t find anything wrong abnormal. They could only strengthen the guards and then they left in confusion.

At the same time within Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao told Emptiness to cultivate and recover his life energy. As for him, he received information from Seven.

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