Bank of the Universe

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Person With Deep Feeling

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Naturally, Li Xiandao welcomed new guests. During these few days, he was busy with many things and he forgot about the business.

“Let’s go welcome our guest!” Li Xiandao placed on the mask and waited for the person to arrive.

Seven stood to the side in a well-behaved manner and waited quietly.

In a short while, a person appeared from nowhere. It was a middle-aged man in his prime; he had a handsome-looking face, a tall body, and decent cultivation. He stood to the side and gave off a natural majestic aura.

This was a Sect Leader level cultivator.

But at this moment, his face was filled with exhaustion as he held a blood-red watch. He looked around in shock, especially when he saw Li Xiandao and Seven, his pupils constricted.

“This place… where is it?” The middle-aged man hesitated before asked.

Li Xiandao said calmly, “The Bank of the Universe, what do you want to trade?”

“The Bank of the Universe!” The middle-aged man looked at Li Xiandao in shock and was instantly elated.

Li Xiandao’s brow rose up and said, “You know us?”

The Bank of the Universe was really hidden; people who didn’t enter wouldn’t know that it existed. Those who did enter wouldn’t speak of it when they exited too.

It wasn’t that they kept secrets but because the rules of the heavens restricted them!

The moment they talked about it, they would be punished!

This was the reason why the outside world didn’t know about the Bank of the Universe.

Li Xiandao didn’t expect this kid to actually know about it, which meant that at least there were some people who spread the news about the Bank of the Universe.

Taking the risk of punishment and spreading news?

The middle-aged man nodded, “I obtained a treasure and in it, there was a scroll which someone had written in before he died about the Bank of the Universe. He said that when one enters it, one can trade anything. Is that correct?”

When Li Xiandao heard these words, he was helpless. The person who recorded this was definitely punished, but since he was on the verge of death, that punishment wasn’t important, so it wasn’t surprising that this guy found out.

“The Bank of the Universe indeed can trade anything, but the prerequisite is that you can pay the price!” Li Xiandao said calmly.

“I want to trade. I want to give my lifespan to someone else!” The middle-aged man said right away. He walked up and looked at Li Xiandao like he was looking at a savior.

Li Xiandao waved his hands to ask him to calm down, “Sit down first!”

The middle-aged man calmed himself down and slowly sat opposite Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao looked at him; he had Sect Leader strength, which was quite decent in Dali Land. He looked at his cultivation; there was a thick monster energy and he wasn’t a proper human. He instantly knew that he was a demon.

“White Fox that formed a Dao?” Li Xiandao’s brow rosed.

The middle-aged man nodded. He wasn’t surprised because, in that book, it was recorded how strong the Bank of the Universe was. In the past, he thought that it was nonsense, but now that he personally witnessed it, he believed it all.

This was why no matter what Li Xiandao did, he wasn’t surprised.

“You want to give your lifespan to someone else?” Li Xiandao asked.

“That’s right, I want to give it to a human!” The middle-aged man said right away.

“Human!” Li Xiandao laughed. He activated his talent and followed the clues to gain infomation.

“Female, she is your wife and is heavily injured!” Li Xiandao said.

“She is the goddess of Hundred Flower Holy Land, after meeting me, I dragged her down.” The middle-aged man said slowly.

Li Xiandao listened on calmly, he pouted a little; the sour smell of love, it just felt so smelly.

Seven listened on with great interest, her eyes blinked and blinked.

“I am the Seven Tail in the Fox Race and should have taken over the position of chief, but because of her, I gave it up. She also gave up her position as the goddess of Hundred Flower Holy Land. We were prepared to leave and silently cultivate to become a Celestial couple.” A blessed smile appeared on his face.

Seven nodded her head and said with envy, “Such beautiful love.”

Li Xiandao added expressionlessly, “Hundred Flower Holy Land and people of the Fox Race wouldn’t let you off, forcing you to a corner. Then, your wife was injured, couldn’t heal, and is now facing death. Then, you came across the red watch and entered the Bank of the Universe, right?”

The middle-aged man looked at Li Xiandao and said with respect, “As expected, from the owner of the Bank of the Universe. Although it isn’t totally accurate, it is close enough.”

Li Xiandao burst into laughter, “Who knew how many trash dramas I watched in my last life with this storyline…”

Seven was infuriated, “This Hundred Flower Holy Land… Both of you are in love and haven’t harmed anyone, so why don’t they let you two be together?”

Li Xiandao looked at Seven; this was the first time he saw her so angry and he was surprised. So, Seven actually cared about such male and female relationships.

“My wife was injured by people from Hundred Flower Holy Land. I couldn’t save her. She is also with child at the moment, so I can’t let her leave this beautiful place.” The guy said firmly.

“So, no matter the price, I have to save my wife!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were determined as he stared at Li Xiandao.

Li Xiandao thought about it and said, “You want to give her your lifespan; you have 3,000 years left, so how much are you prepared to give?”

“2,000!” The middle-aged man didn’t hesitate and chose to give her two-thirds of his life.

Li Xiandao raised his hand and said, “Don’t rush, if your wife is safe, then this trade is simple but now she is heavily injured and is about to die. She also has a kid which means that you are saving two people at once. You also only have 3,000 years of lifespan and you also need to pay me something.”

His face stiffed up and asked, “What do I have to pay?”

Li Xiandao raised one finger and said, “1,000 years of lifespan!”

His face turned grey and defeated. He calculated and stood up. He took in a deep breath, “I will pay you 1,000, then I will give my wife 1,000 and my kid 1,000 too. Can this deal work?”

Li Xiandao’s expression was solemn, “If you do that, you will die!”

If Li Xiandao took his remaining 3,000 years, then he would die.

He burst into laughter, “Even if I go out now, I will die. Hundred Flower Holy Land swore to kill me and the Fox Race wants me to head back to reflect. However, I don’t want to go back and I also don’t want to be killed by people from Hundred Flower Holy Land. The only way is to give my lifespan to her and the kid. If I die, they will stop forcing us and they will let her and the kid off.”

This was the best choice that a husband and father could make under such a situation.

He had nothing; he only had 3,000 years of lifespan and Sect Leader strength. Li Xiandao didn’t worry about Sect Leader strength anymore, so he definitely wouldn’t take that.

With a Saint under him, Li Xiandao would be dumb to take in a Sect Leader level person.

Moreover, he also saw that this middle-aged man was heavily injured; the seven tails in his body had all been ripped out…

His foundations were already broken!

There was no way forward for him!

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