Bank of the Universe

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Archangel Greets Master

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Archangel Gabriel entered Bei Heng’s body, instantly causing him to scream. His body went stiff like a corpse and his muscles trembled with pain.

The bone-wrenching pain was something that Bei Heng, who was at Saint Realm, couldn’t take.

He cried out in pain; he was screaming and crying!

His body was uncontrolled, hard like a corpse and that sense of fear penetrated deep into his bones!

Bei Heng tried his best to calm himself down; the heart of a Saint slowly allowed him to deal with it!

Soul and body separate!

The pain in his body, the crying of the body, the screams of his body, these were just his instincts.

But his soul was still merging with Archangel Gabriel!

This step was extremely important!

If he survived this, then Archangel Gabriel would reappear in the world!

If he couldn’t, then Archangel Gabriel would still become a Primordial Divinity, but Bei Heng would die!

Luckily, Li Xiandao was controlling from the back!

Li Xiandao, who was all-knowing, reached out and grabbed Bei Heng’s neck as he injected in energy.

He was trying his best to stabilize Bei Heng’s soul so he could swallow the Archangel!

Unlike Zhou Tianyu, Bei Heng didn’t have such terrifying talent; he only had a firm heart!

His Dao was his sword!

Within Bei Heng’s body, there was a Celestial Artifact. It was the one he gained from the Heaven and Earth Battlefield!

After getting this sword, Bei Heng used it to enter Saint Realm. During these few years, the sword merged with Bei Heng!

But… Bei Heng tried his best, but the sword didn’t bother with him at all.

The Celestial Sword had a deep background and didn’t bother with Bei Heng’s talent. Although Bei Heng used it to enter Saint Realm, it still didn’t care about him and did whatever it wanted.

Bei Heng was helpless toward it and there was nothing he could do!

Bei Heng’s progress in merging with Archangel Gabriel was so slow; at this speed, it would take at least half a year.

Li Xiandao had to take care of him for half a year!

Thinking about this, Li Xiandao felt really tired. He was the Master, but why did it feel like he was doing a dirty job?


A crisp sword hum reverberated through Bei Heng’s body and stabbed into the merger of Bei Heng and Archangel Gabriel!


Bei Heng, who was progressing slowly, started to quicken by a few hundred times with the help of the Celestial Sword.

When Li Xiandao saw these scenes, he carefully sized up that sword, his eyes full of amazement!

“A decent Celestial Artifact with its own thoughts. It isn’t an average Celestial Sword!” Li Xiandao was certain about it.

Just one look and he knew that this sword was amazing!

Bei Heng was really lucky. 10,000 years ago, he went from being a normal person into becoming a Saint and acquiring a celestial sword. Now, when Li Xiandao was lacking people, he managed to merge with Archangel Gabriel!

He was really lucky!

Li Xiandao didn’t study it more. Although the sword was strong, it wasn’t as noble as Li Xiandao was. As long as Bei Heng became the Archangel, he would be of help to Li Xiandao.

As for that Celestial Sword, so what if he let Bei Heng use it?

Anyway, Bei Heng’s life and death was in his hands!

Li Xiandao continued to control the energy to help Bei Heng deal with his soul and the merger continued!

After it became several hundred times quicker, Bei Heng finally completed this step.


At that moment, Bei Heng’s body was totally stiff; the body died, turned old, and finally decomposed!

The new Bei Heng was rebirthing in the corpse, his eyes gave off a saintly light, and his body was covered in armor. Compared to the silver of Battle Angel, this milk-white armor was even more amazing. Along with the primitive staff, it represented the power of the archangel.

Tian Guangming looked on with jealousy and envy; he wished that he was that person!

A Saint, who was about to die, had jumped to become a member of the God Race with endless potential with the help of the Bank of the Universe’s Owner.

How strong was he now?

Although Tian Guangming was jealous and envious, in his heart, he was more loyal to Li Xiandao!

If there was a system, then Tian Guangming’s loyalty was at least over 90, close to full marks. He would be just a few points less than Battle Angel and Archangel.


Archangel Gabriel was reborn and merged with Bei Heng, giving birth to a new body. It was white and clean and really handsome. He had golden hair that hung behind his back, which gave off a noble aura. Three pairs of wings spread out behind him, one hand held a celestial sword, and the other held the Primitive Staff!


Archangel Gabriel landed from the sky, kneeling on one knee, “Archangel Gabriel greets Master!”

Li Xiandao nodded his head in satisfaction, “Not bad, the truth proves that you are a lucky person. Without this sword, you wouldn’t have managed to succeed so quickly, you might have even died!”

Archangel Gabriel looked at the sword, and his eyes became gentler, “Master, this sword has a deep meaning behind it. Once I find out, I will report to Master!”

“Eh, you are currently the strongest under me. Adapt to this strength and a while later I will send you to complete missions!” Li Xiandao said with satisfaction and told them all to leave.

Battle Angel Michael nodded towards Gabriel. The two of them were from the God Race and they were possibly the only two God Race members left in the world. Naturally, they had a sense of closeness with one another.

The fighting and killing from before, all the grievances were tossed to the back of their minds after they changed their names.

Now, there was only Battle Angel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. There was no more Zhou Tianyu and Bei Heng!

Tian Guangming was salty but he still walked forward, “Congratulations!”

Battle Angel Michael looked at Tian Guangming and said, “You need to work hard to find one. I remember that when the God Race was wiped out, there were many Primordial Divinities that were lost. Master only got four. If he found one, then you can too!”

Tian Guangming kept his salt and said, “Then, I will need you two to help me!”

“Sure!” Battle Angel Michael immediately agreed.

Archangel Gabriel felt like he was new and that Master only had the three of them under him, so it was best to get close and he agreed too.

Tian Guangming was grateful towards the two of them and the three of them just backed down.

At that moment, Tian Guangming totally forgot about Tiandao Sect and that 14-year contract!

Even if the 14 years were over, Tian Guangming would still stay by his side. He wasn’t a fool and a chance was right in front of his eyes; if he couldn’t grab it, then he was really a fool.

Li Xiandao laid on the chair after they left. He took off the gold mask and he rubbed his hands together while in deep thought.

The gold mask was very soft and stuck to the skin, so one didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. It felt like it was a part of one’s own skin.

But Li Xiandao didn’t want to wear it for long periods of time!!

“Master, there is a guest!” Seven suddenly said.

Li Xiandao’s brow rose, “The 10 watches I tossed out have finally found someone!”

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