Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 47 - Trust

Chapter 47: Trust

The general public clearly was not as professional as Qin Lei. In their opinion, Gu Qiao’s movements were no different than Mu Sheng’s.

[Erm… That certainly explains why someone like Mu Sheng who could barely dance a month ago could end up skiing so professionally, right?]

[How could she have the audacity? Isn’t she afraid of blowing her cover?]

[Don’t you know what Mu Sheng is like? She could hurt her bandmates anytime for the sake of moving up. She must have been betting on the fact that the company would help to clean up her mess. If her company ended up cleaning up the mess, she would have a great career ahead of her.]

The netizens talked about her disbelievingly until Talent Scout Entertainment suddenly made a shocking post to verify Mu Sheng’s schemes.

@TalentScoutEntertainment: [The company apologizes deeply about Mu Sheng using a stunt double. We will investigate the matter and punish all involved parties. We promise never to let this happen again. The public is invited to continue being our watchdogs.]

[That was fast. They certainly sounded sincere about it.]

[Ruan Yingying is far more honest. Even though she had stopped being an athlete for years, she did not lie about her current level of skiing skills. She is poles apart from Mu Sheng.]

After people started talking about it, the public opinion for Ruan Yingying altered to her advantage. Since Mu Sheng had lied about her skiing skills, everyone genuinely appreciated Ruan Yingying’s honesty and Mu Sheng started to lose fans.

“Tian, have you seen the news?” Tang Tiantian held her phone in front of Jiang Tian. “Have we made a mistake about signing Mu Sheng?”

Jiang Tian was sitting sideways on the couch playing video games as he smoked. He raised his brow and asked, “What happened? I’m busy, so just tell me what happened.”

Tang Tiantian went speechless. It was one of those days when she felt it was time to find a new job. She was bound to go hungry sooner or later if she continued working for Jiang Tian.

“Someone said Mu Sheng used a stunt double to ski on the entertainment program. Now even her entertainment agency has confirmed it as the truth,” said Tang Tiantian succinctly. “What do you think happened?”

Jiang Tian continued pressing the keys. “Anyone with money can control what goes online. Don’t believe everything you see. Let me ask you this. Do you think Mu Sheng is that sort of person?”

Tang Tiantian was stunned by how serious Jiang Tian seemed all of a sudden. She thought about the day she first saw Mu Sheng. Mu Sheng had a cold distant look in her eyes and looked proud. Tang Tiantian shook her head. “No, she doesn’t.”

“You have to use judgment if you don’t want to be strung along.” Jiang Tian kept his eyes on the computer screen as he spoke. Tang Tiantian felt Jiang Tian finally started to look a little like a boss.

Jiang Tian suddenly stood from his chair and threw his mouse. “Those stupid teammates! Even dogs can do better than them!”

Tang Tiantian went quiet as she chuckled in her heart. What on earth came over her when she felt Jiang Tian was giving off a leader’s aura?

“Enough. Get in touch with Mu Sheng and find out how she feels about this. She is our future celebrity, so we have to help improve her reputation.” Jiang Tian waved to Tang Tiantian before he sat down and continued getting sabotaged by his team members in the video game.

Tang Tiantian quickly got in touch with Mu Sheng.

“Just give me some time. I will ensure Talent Scout Entertainment terminates my contract in a week. After my contract gets terminated, I will retaliate.”

Tang Tiantian could not help feeling impassioned when she heard Mu Sheng’s cool voice over the phone and felt as though she was about to witness something huge firsthand!

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