Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 46 - : The Stunt Double’s Video

Chapter 46: The Stunt Double’s Video

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If Li An had a tail, it would be wagging happily now. He quickly went back to his room next door and came back with his pillow. He placed it on Li Hanchen’s bed before he quickly crawled under the blanket.

Li Hanchen reached his hand out to turn off the light. In the darkness, Li An’s voice suddenly came. He had always wanted to ask Li Hanchen this ever since Li Hanchen returned to the family in the past year. “When did you escape from the kidnappers?”


“Nine years ago,” said Li Hanchen before he went quiet briefly.

“Then…” Li An clenched his fists slightly. “What have you been doing in the past nine years?”

“Nothing much. Go to bed.” The dark past that was etched in Li Hanchen’s soul surged into his mind as he instinctively frowned and suppressed the emotions flooding his heart.

“I see,” acknowledged Li An. He wanted to ask Li Hanchen why it took him nine years to come back to him, but he could not bring himself to do it.

The room quickly reverted to silence as the two of them lay in bed restlessly, both wrapped in deep thought.


At Talent Scout Entertainment, the marketing department finally came up with a foolproof marketing strategy to promote Ruan Yingying after a night of chaos.

“How could Mu Sheng hire a stunt double for the program?” An employee felt puzzled when he saw the video clip Yang Tao possessed. Yang Tao was also present at the filming. How could Mu Sheng do it right under Yang Tao’s nose?

“They were skiing, so they had to change into skiing gear. After Gu Qiao put on a ski cap and goggles, I failed to catch on. Considering how similar Mu Sheng’s and Gu Qiao’s physiques are, she managed to get away with it, ” explained Yang Tao. “If not for her, you wouldn’t have to pull an overnighter trying to fix it.”

“Mu Sheng is nuts. How could she have the audacity to do this?” complained the employee. “She was completely unscrupulous for the sake of becoming a hit.”

A smug look swept across Yang Tao’s eyes when he heard the employees talking. Even professionals like the marketing department employees were unable to detect the difference between Gu Qiao and Mu Sheng, let alone the netizens.

“Thanks for your work. We can send out our content now.” At Yang Tao’s orders, all the social media accounts that collaborated with Talent Scout Entertainment swung into motion.

Before long, a post about Mu Sheng hiring a stunt double to ski on the program became a top search.

Everyone tapped in for a look to see a video linked to it.

Inside the video, a woman resembling Mu Sheng was talking to the camera dressed in ski gear. After she put on her skiing goggles, she looked exactly like Mu Sheng.

At the very same spot at the ski resort where Mu Sheng was filmed during the recreation program, Gu Qiao did four backflips.

The social media account posted the video with accompanying text: [I didn’t think Mu Sheng would have such audacity. She deceived the public so that she could become a hit. Did you see that? That was her stunt double.]

[The stunt double came out after changing into the skiing gear and swapped with Mu Sheng after the filming. This video is proof that Gu Qiao was the one who did the skiing. Gu Qiao is actually Mu Sheng’s stunt double.]

At the national team skiing training location, Qin Lei turned on his phone and received the latest news on his social media account after he sat down to rest and look at his phone.

He tapped on the video for a look and his eyes instantly opened wide. What on earth was going on?

Was Mu Sheng the sort who needed a stunt double? How could such an awkward skier compare to Mu Sheng? Did the culprit think the people were fools?

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