Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Mu Sheng’s Amazing Performance on the Program

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“Every Day Is an Inspiration” was the most popular entertainment program on the Apple Network, so it was always well-produced and had high viewership.

After the advertisements were over, the hosts appeared on the screen, and an increasing number of viewers started watching it online.


In her past life, Mu Sheng spent all her time in the laboratory, so she never had the time to watch the television, but she finally had the time to do it now.

Mu Sheng leaned into her blanket and told Li Hanchen, “Pass me my candy and water.”

Li Hanchen glanced at Mu Sheng before he stood up and retrieved her things from the table. “You sure aren’t shy about it.”

“Aren’t we roommates?” Mu Sheng raised her brow. “Do I have to worry about being rude?”

The hosts started to introduce the guests for the day. Li Hanchen pulled his hand back and sat back on the couch without any expression showing on his cool profile.

The hosts started to introduce the guests for the day.

“Hi, everyone. I’m Ruan Yingying. It’s my pleasure to meet you.” Ruan Yingying smiled with her bangs fluttering in the air. She perfectly embodied the image of everyone’s first crush.

“Hello. I’m Peach, Su Tao.” Su Tao blinked at the audience with her head tilted.

“I’m Jiaojiao, Chen Jiao. Nice to meet you.” Chen Jiao placed her hand under her chin and looked adorable.

A lot of people screamed in the comments when they made their appearance.

The camera swiftly turned to Mu Sheng. Even though she was standing quietly wearing only light makeup, she was a striking beauty. Her ski jacket was zipped up to her chin as she glanced at the camera calmly.

In that instant, it felt as though they had witnessed white plum blossoms blooming on a snowy mountain peak. Coldness and inborn elegance emanated from Mu Sheng.

Although the comments section was previously in a commotion, everyone abruptly went quiet.

After some time, a handful of comments finally appeared on the screen.

[Cough cough. Am I going blind or something? Why did I find Mu Sheng pretty?]

[Me too. This is the first time I appreciate her beauty. If not for her awful personality, I really want to say that Mu Sheng is the prettiest female celebrity I have ever seen…]

[The sentiments are probably contagious. Perhaps the cameraman caught her at a good angle. Have you forgotten all the stupid and embarrassing things Mu Sheng has done?]

Before long, fans of the other band members started to talk badly about Mu Sheng.

Since the camera was trained on the three other band members, the audience was only briefly awestruck before they tossed it to the back of their minds and focused on the program.

Yang Tao was watching the program at Talent Scout Entertainment too. The instant Mu Sheng appeared on the screen, he hurled his cup to the ground angrily. “What’s going on? Didn’t Mu Sheng tell the production team to cut her scenes?!”

“Calm down.” Yang Tao’s subordinate hurriedly picked up the cup and comforted him cautiously. “Didn’t she get cut from the show after the opening? Since Sunny is a girl band, she has to show her face every now and then, right? It’s no big deal letting her show her face for now as long as her skiing shots aren’t aired.”

Yang Tao was slightly appeased after hearing what his subordinate said and continued to watch the show anxiously.

He prayed in his heart for Mu Sheng’s skiing not to get aired. The moment those shots got aired, all the marketing they did for Ruan Yingying would go down the drain.

The host finally started talking about the skiing they were going to do today.

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