Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: No Love for Him

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Mu Sheng walked over as well. She took a whiff of the food and said, “Smells good.”

Li Hanchen snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Li An. “Serve the rice.”


“Sure.” Li An obediently served the rice before he sat down to feast.

“Tastes great,” praised Mu Sheng.

“Uh huh.” Li Hanchen took a prawn and placed it in his mouth.

Li An furtively glanced at Li Hanchen. He could tell that his older brother was very happy again. He finally grasped that Li Hanchen liked receiving praise.

Li An looked at Li Hanchen with his eyes gleaming. “Big Bro, your cooking is absolutely delicious. This is the best food I’ve ever tried in my life.”

Li Hanchen glanced at Li An coldly.

Li An could detect that his older brother was angry again and genuinely had no love for him.

Excruciating cries of pain kept coming from the VIP ward at Metropolis Hospital.

“Go easy on me! Are you trying to kill me?” Li Ming lay in bed with a team of medical experts around him helping to tend to his injuries. “How bad is it? Do I need to undergo an operation?”

An old doctor’s lips twitched. “Young Master Ming, it isn’t that serious, so you don’t need any operation. You just need some rest.”

“Then why am I in so much pain?” Li Ming not only felt the pain coming from the places Mu Sheng had struck, but he also felt a burning sensation coursing throughout his body and felt as if he were run over by a truck.

The doctors glanced at each other and wanted to call him a wimp. Even though he did not suffer from any broken bones, he howled so painfully. However, the thought merely ran through their heads, and no one spoke their minds.

“We can give you some painkillers for it.” The doctors had no choice but to give Li Ming a sedative.

Sadly, the sedative was completely useless on Li Ming and the pain was coming from his very core. Li Ming gnashed his teeth hard at the thought of Mu Sheng’s cold arrogant face.

“Mu Sheng, I swear to make you suffer the same pain a million times over!”


After dinner, Li Hanchen told Li An to do the dishes before he headed upstairs with Mu Sheng.

Li An felt miserable looking at the table full of empty dishes.

Mu Sheng performed acupuncture on Li Hanchen as usual. She examined Li Hanchen’s pulse and nodded satisfactorily. “You have to ensure that you stay warm. Things are gradually starting to improve for you.”

“Okay.” Li Hanchen put on his shirt. He glanced at the remote control and said, “I don’t have a TV in my room.”

“Hmm?” Mu Sheng did not know what he was driving at.

“I want to watch TV.”

“Help yourself.” In Mu Sheng’s opinion, they were roommates and he was her patient. Also, Li Hanchen was paying her consultation fees. Hence, it was no big deal to let him watch the television in her room.

Since Yang Tao had not spoken to Mu Sheng for a long time, she was unaware that “Every Day Is an Inspiration” was airing today.

Lots of marketing had been done for the program. Also, Talent Scout Entertainment wanted to groom Ruan Yingying to be a superstar, so they invested a lot to market her, and many viewers were already enthusiastically waiting for it to air.

Li Hanchen turned on the television and the first thing that popped up was the introduction to the program. Mu Sheng raised her brow. “Isn’t that the show I joined?”

Li Hanchen had already switched channels, but he hurriedly turned it back to the program.

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