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Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Escaping Earth Buddha

“Zangzang, target the rat!”

Lan Lele gave instructions to the Earth Buddha in front of her. She lifted her hand and the power of the blast was added to aid the Earth Buddha. A whirlwind span around the Earth Buddha to make it lighter and more flexible.


The Earth Buddha was standing on one foot like an old monk meditating. Having felt its master’s will, the Earth Buddha set down the other foot. The four eyes on its face were opened all of a sudden as the roar was let out!

This roar was like one from Buddha’s fury, full of deterrence.

Usually, a low-rank pet would have flinched upon hearing this roar. After all, this was the most basic deterrence skill mastered by an advanced pet that could completely overwhelm low-rank pets. while the Earth Buddha had not reached adulthood or the most advanced level, its roar could be already appalling.

Su Yanying looked at the Lightning Rat in front of her. Its hair stood up in terror.

However, from the emotions she felt in the Lightning Rat, she detected a strong intention to fight which was so wild that she found it hard to control, as if the Lightning Rat were going to run away.

“Unsteady Ground!”

Lan Lele made the first move and told the Earth Buddha to attack first.


The ground in front of the Earth Buddha burst open all of a sudden and the crack reached toward the Lightning Rat and Su Yanying.

The image of the Earth Buddha was reflected in those blood-thirsty, reddened eyes of the Lightning Rat. The desire for blood surged out. After the impact of countless killings, the moment the Lightning Rat entered the battle, its will for harvesting blood had reached the extreme.

To battle was to kill the enemies!

That was something the Lightning Rat had learned.

When the Lightning Rat was about to do something, it felt some instructions coming its way. “Use the Multiple Thunder Shadow Image now!”

That instruction came from Su Yanying.

The moment the Earth Buddha initiated the attack, Su Yanying had decided to let the Lightning Rat apply its strongest skill, the Multiple Thunder Shadow Image.

She intended to find out if the Lightning Rat’s “Multiple Thunder Shadow Image” could fool the Earth Buddha. As for defeating the Earth Buddha? She never thought that could be possible.

After all, the Earth Buddha was a fifth-rank pet. While Lan Lele herself was not famous for her combat strength, the strength of her pets was well-known in the academy!

The reason that Lan Lele could not show her capabilities in the tournament was that she loved to have fun and her skill as a battle pet warrior was inferior.

The pet’s strength was not the only factor that mattered. The battle pet warriors’ mastery and command were important as well. An outstanding battle pet warrior could support their pets and even enable them to take on others of a higher rank!

When the Lightning Rat received Su Yanying’s instructions, the former seemed to be struggling to hang on to its desire for blood. However, the power of the contract stipulated that the Lightning Rat had to follow orders from the battle pet warrior. The energy surging inside the Lightning Rat changed directions and several figures surrounded by lightning dashed out.

In an instant, three Lightning Rats appeared in the venue.

However, the three Lightning Rats were not running in different directions. Instead, all of them were charging toward the Earth Buddha. It didn’t seem that the Lightning Rats were going to distract it.

Su Yanying did not expect this. Was the Lightning Rat trying to engage in close combat with the Earth Buddha? However, the Earth Buddha was a fifth-rank pet and of an advanced bloodline which gave it more abilities, including inherited advanced pet skills, unlike the other regular fifth-rank pets!

“Split up and go around the Earth Buddha!” Su Yanying said at once.

The thirst for blood faded away a bit more in the Lightning Rat’s eyes. The Lightning Rat was struggling, but it followed Su Yanying’s orders eventually. The three headed up to three directions and dashed toward Lan Lele who was behind the Earth Buddha.

“Yingying, let it fight with Zangzang. My astral shield is fragile,” Lan Lele shouted at once as the three Lightning Rats ran toward her.

Usually, pets looked cute. However, those little guys could kill a person easily!

“Don’t worry. I’m just trying to see if your Earth Buddha can tell which one is the real one.” Having said that, Su Yanying told the Lightning Rat to fake an attack on Lan Lele.

The Thunder Slash that was taking shape on the Lightning Rat’s forehead came back as Su Yanying passed along the order. The Lightning Rats began to run around the venue.


The Earth Buddha roared angrily as it saw two Lightning Rats charging toward its master. The Earth Buddha slapped the ground. Several earthen walls were erected around Lan Lele to shield her inside.

Then, the Earth Buddha pounced at the ground as if diving into the water. The Earth Buddha and the ground became one. In less than three seconds, the Earth Buddha burst out and stopped a running Lightning Rat.


The Earth Buddha was surrounded by spikes like a sea urchin. The Earth Buddha smashed this Lightning Rat into pieces.

That was only an image!

Su Yanying was pleasantly surprised. The Lightning Rat’s disguise was quite successful, having fooled a fifth-rank pet.

If the Lightning Rat could fool pets, then it could fool battle pet warriors as well.

After all, the battle pet warriors that she could encounter were the students at the same grade in the academy. Such advanced skills were not something that could be learned in the academy. Only some powerful teachers could have told the minute differences between the real one from the fake Lightning Rats!


After the Earth Buddha crushed that image of the Lightning Rat, the former was surrounded by the electric arcs bursting out from the latter at the same time. That being said, since the Earth Buddha was a fifth-rank pet, its skin managed to transmit the electricity into the ground, so the Earth Buddha remained unharmed.

The Earth Buddha snuck back into the ground once more.

The other two Lightning Rats stopped at the same time. On one of them, the lightning was becoming messier and messier. This one was an image. As time moved on, it would be harder for the Lightning Rat to control its shadow images. The differences at this stage were easy to ascertain.

The Lightning Rat, the real one, did not move. It just stayed close to the ground and did not blink its reddened eyes for once.

All of a sudden—

The Lighting Rat’s eyes were rekindled!


The ground under the Lightning Rat was lifted, and dirt was stirred up.

The ferocious Earth Buddha broke through the soil and seemed to have hit the Lightning Rat.

Lightning flashed!

Teleport in mid air!

In the old days, the Lightning Rat was rusty when it came to the “Thunder Flash.” The Lightning Rat would rarely use the skill and after a long time, the skill might even slip from its mind!

However, in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, every time the Lightning Rat wanted to come close to its enemies, it would have to rely on this skill. The Lightning Rat had become quite proficient with it!

Amid the dust.

The Earth Buddha was confused because it sensed it had missed its opponent.

While the Earth Buddha was still in shock, it saw some sparkles. All of a sudden, with a bolt of lightning, something came up.

That was something with a pair of eyes filled with violent, blood-thirsty looks, and raging fury!

Thunder Slash!


The Thunder Slash that came into being almost instantly landed on the Earth Buddha across the air.

However, while in terror, the Earth Buddha reacted fast. A shield built of soil surrounded the Earth Buddha. With a cracking sound, after the Earth Buddha was hit, it fell to the ground.

As things happened, it seemed as if the Earth Buddha had turned into water. The Earth Buddha had gone underground and escaped.

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