Astral Pet Store

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Training Effect Test

“Sir, are you being serious?” Su Yanying could not help but voice her doubt. She felt that Su Ping might be joking or was plainly mocking them. After all, the expression on his grim face didn’t appear to be friendly.

“Hmm. Interesting.”

Su Ping was not in the mood to defend himself against their disbelief. He whistled at the Lightning Rat who was by her foot and sent over instructions through his consciousness using astral power, “Thunder Shadow Image!”

Even without the contract, the Lightning Rat acted by reflex after sensing Su Ping’s consciousness. Electric arcs burst out from the Lightning Rat and two more Lightning Rats that were surrounded by lightning emerged.

There were three in total!

Each Lightning Rat was doing something different. One was looking around, one ran to the door, and the other one stayed by Su Yanying’s foot.

“What… Multiple Thunder Shadow Image?!”

Both Su Yanying and Lan Lele were stunned by what they saw.

Two cloned shadows could be created?

Besides, the three Lightning Rats were acting differently. This was not something that the average Thunder Shadow Image could have managed. The cloned images were lifelike!

“Such a lazy bone…” Su Ping was unhappy since merely two images were created but he did not push the Lightning Rat. After all, this Multiple Thunder Shadow Image alone was well worth the 10,000 coins paid.

“The Thunder Shadow Image is an advanced pet skill. Now, it has been upgraded!”

“This… is amazing!”

Su Yanying and Lan Lele’s faces were covered in astonishment. It was rare that the Lightning Rat could learn the “Thunder Shadow Image.” It had even been upgraded to “Multiple Thunder Shadow Image.” That wasn’t something many advanced pets of the thunder family could have done!

It took them a while to get back to reality. When they lifted their eyes to Su Ping again, the looks were different from before.

They were convinced that there had to be a master trainer in the store, one who could upgrade an advanced pet skill within three days.

Who were master trainers?

They were people that even a ninth-rank battle pet warrior with a title should treat politely.

Lan Lele blushed as she thought of her previous attitude and she was afraid as well. Regardless of Su Ping’s cold face, she lowered her head. “Sir, I have misjudged you. I am sorry…”

“It’s okay.”

Su Ping did not mind what happened before. “Is there anything else you need? Like pet food?” he asked.

The two didn’t see this question coming. They looked at the counter behind Su Ping. The corner of their eyes twitched violently when they saw the price of the pet food.


Su Yanying was hesitating.

On the other hand, the fact that her Lightning Rat could experience such a drastic change was entirely because of this pet store.

She bit her teeth to force out some words, “I don’t have much money with me. Sir, how about you recommend some of the cheaper pet food?”

“How much do you have?” Su Ping asked.

“I have 1500 coins,” Su Yanying said honestly.

“Let’s go with this.” Su Ping turned around to choose. He just happened to find a Fire Grass that the Fallen Phoenix could eat. “That will be 1200 coins.”

Su Yanying felt her eyelids twitch as she saw this red grass that was less than 10 centimeters long. One blade of grass was sold at 1200 coins…

She made up her mind after thinking about the Lightning Rat’s progress and paid for the grass.

Lan Lele knew what her friend was thinking and did not stop her. Lan Lele thought this could be regarded as thanks for the Lightning Rat’s training.

Su Ping placed the grass in a transparent bottle and gave it to Su Yanying.

Su Yanying took over the grass and placed it in her messenger bag without looking. Then, she expressed her appreciation to Su Ping again for his training.

Her thanks were sincere. After she witnessed the Multiple Thunder Shadow Image demonstration, she was completely convinced that the Lightning Rat had been trained there.

Without the Lightning Rat, even if she had fought with the Fanged Tiger, she would have lost in the preliminary matches.

She would have been embarrassed. To make it worse, such loss could affect her career after graduation. It was safe to say that this store had helped her.

The two girls thanked him effusively. From this, Su Ping felt his hard work had paid off.

As he watched them leave, something stuck in Su Ping’s throat—words that he failed to utter. “Don’t just say thank you. Why didn’t you pay me more money…”

Having picked up their pets, Lan Lele and Su Yanying hurried back to the academy.

They arrived at the gate and looked at the time, relieved to see it was only 10:00 in the morning.

“Yingying, slow down. Your turn will come up at 11:30. We still have time.” Lan Lele was struggling for breath and her cheeks blushed.

Su Yanying was filled with excitement, “I want to go to the training ground to see how they are doing.”

“Sure. I will go with you.” Lan Lele’s eyes glowed as she thought of that Lightning Rat as well.

Soon, they had arrived at the training ground in the academy. The training ground was large; it had twenty different venues of various environments, such as forests, furnace hearths, waterways and others.

People could choose different training venues according to their pet types.

Also, there were the regular comprehensive training venues with a common environment, one that the battle pet warriors would often come across outside. After all, nobody would only fight in the environment they were more familiar with. Therefore, combat abilities demonstrated in the common environment were more important!

At the moment, most of the students were watching the games at the stadium. So, Su Yanying did not have to wait in the line for a turn.

Su Yanying stepped to the machine by the door to log onto her student account, deduct the credit and pick the venue.

She chose a common venue with a 2v2 model.

Lan Lele did the same thing. She logged on her student account, had the credit deducted, and then she was invited into the team.

Since there was no line, after they made their choice, they saw the number of the venue the system had assigned to them, 08.

Su Yanying and Lan Lele headed in together.

“Yingying, let’s try your Lightning Rat!” Lan Lele was itchy to try. It interested her just to think that she could fight with a Lightning Rat that had mastered advanced pet skills.

Lan Lele unleashed her contract power to summon her strongest pet, Earth Buddha!

This pet of the rock family with an advanced bloodline was made of rocks; it was human-like, and was named the Earth Buddha because it looked like an ancient Buddha.

“Such a dirty trick!” Su Yanying said grumpily.

The Earth Buddha had not reached adulthood yet, and was not an advanced pet in the real sense but it was a fifth-rank one already!

Lan Lele was being deliberately dishonest by sending out a fifth-rank pet to fight against Su Yanying’s Lightning Rat, when the Earth Buddha could be the Lightning Rat’s mortal enemy!

Still, since this was a practice, Su Yanying wanted to find out if the Lightning Rat’s Multiple Thunder Shadow Image could fool a fifth-rank pet.

“Astral Shield!”

Lan Lele stuck out her tongue at her friend. As soon as she entered the venue, she established her astral shield. Previously, the Lightning Rat had lured away the enemy pet and snuck up on the battle pet warrior to secure the final win. Therefore, Lan Lele was putting her guards up as a precaution.

Su Yanying snorted gently and said to the Lightning Rat next to her, “Go ahead!”

The Lightning Rat sensed its master’s battle will. Its lazy-bone-state changed in an instant. Neither of the girls noticed that from its small rat eyes darted out a bloodthirsty and cold glare, one that belied an extremely crazy killing intent!

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