Astral Pet Store

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Chaos Star Chart

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“Ding! Main quest finished. The host has earned an award. Collect?”

“Ding! The side quest ‘first training order’ has finished. The host is given three ‘Force Pellets’. Collect?”

Before Su Ping could clear his head, he had heard two prompt messages from the system.

Su Ping was surprised at first and then he gladly accepted.

Those five days of non-stop battles and countless resurrections had paid off. Half a day before their return, the two little guys had completed those two almost impossible tasks!

Of course, apart from their efforts, they had to thank the environment in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead. As a top-level cultivation site, the aura of the undead in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead was extremely profound. Just breathing that air constantly would slowly turn a live being into an undead!

That was the best world for the Little Skeleton. Because of this, the Little Skeleton could improve from a poor aptitude to an above-average rating after five days of insane battles!

At the moment, the Little Skeleton and the Lightning Rat were much stronger in combat strength than their peers. None could compete with them!

Su Ping cast an identification spell on them.

Little Skeleton

Property: Pet of the demon family

Rank: Upper position of the second rank

Combat strength: 7.4

Aptitude: Above average

Abilities Mastered: Regeneration, Undead Enslaving, Intermediate Saberplay, Puppetry, Rotting Flesh, Darkness Blinding, and Deadly Roar

Apart from the upgrade to the regeneration from the species’ basic skill, “Severed Limbs Reassemble,” the Little Skeleton had picked up more abilities to an intermediate and advanced levels. Amongst the skills, the Undead Enslaving was a rare special skill in the species of the undead!

The strength of the undead slaves was related to the surrounding environment. When the number of dead bodies reached a certain range, that strength would be unmatchable!

With Blood Spirit Conversion, the pets could devour blood and transform blood into energy for their uses.

As for the Intermediate Saberplay, it was not an ability for the undead and should belong to some quasi-human pets. For the Little Skeleton, this ability, as the name suggested, was merely at the intermediate level.

Puppetry, Rotting Flesh and the other abilities were quite useful and they could be the headache for the majority of battle pet warriors.

With so many abilities mastered, while the Little Skeleton was only at the upper position of the second rank, its combat strength had reached an alarming 7.4 level, enough to compare with most of the average seventh-rank pets!

Su Ping was rather happy with the result. When the Little Skeleton reached a combat strength of 7.1, the aptitude had been identified as above average. Half a day later, there was another increase of 0.3. The Chaotic Realm of the Undead was surely a paradise for the Little Skeleton!

As for the other pet.

Shadow Lightning Rat

Property: Astral Pet of the thunder family

Rank: Intermediate position of the third rank

Combat strength: 7.3

Aptitude: Above average

Abilities Mastered: Thunder Rush, Thunder Flash, Multiple Thunder Shadow Image, Thunder Slash, Thunder Armor, All-round Thunder Prison, Bloodthirst Bite, Thunder Roar, Soul Eater, Claws of the Undead, Life Drain, Undead Calling, and Death Deceit

Apart from the “shadow” addition in the name, the number of abilities the Lightning Rat had mastered was alarmingly large!

“Thunder Rush” was an upgrade from “Lightning Speed,” an advanced skill for pets of the thunder family, but a common one amongst all the advanced pet skills. Generally, all advanced pets could replace “Lightning Speed” with “Thunder Rush”!

As for the “Thunder Shadow Image,” it had been enhanced. Four images could be generated at one time. Counting the actual Lightning Rat itself, there would be five Shadow Lightning Rats in total!

The “Flying Thunder Arrow” that the Shadow Lightning Rat learned there had been upgraded to “All-round Thunder Prison,” with a wider attack range and more strength. This was a must for pets of the thunder family of the offensive type!

“Thunder Roar” was also an advanced pet skill, quite common. It was a skill that advanced pets used for deterrence effects.

Apart from those skills of the thunder family, the other ones were quite peculiar.

Soul Eater and Life Drain were used by pets of the undead branch of the demon family which were common amongst them.

Claws of the Undead was a common skill of the undead. As for the Undead Calling, it was an intermediate level skill of the undead. The caller could summon the undead for help.

As for the last one, Death Deceit, it was an authentic undead pet skill. One could fake death and lose the breath of life completely.

“I didn’t know that pets of the thunder family could learn skills of the undead. I think it is rare that a pet could learn the skills of another family. Such things can only happen either because of coincidence or due to living in a different environment for long periods of time.”

Su Ping found it both strange and funny when he saw that Undead Calling. If, on the stage, a low-rank Lightning Rat would suddenly unleash Undead Calling to summon an undead to cooperate, that view would twist people’s fundamental values!

“Having stayed in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead for five days, the little guy seems to have changed a bit. In addition to the thunder energy, there is undead energy mixed within. That is why this little thing is able to use undead skills.”

Su Ping looked at the Lightning Rat by his feet. On the surface, it did not seem to be that different from the average Lightning Rat. Differences could only be found after a closer check, such as the fir color, the sharpness of its fangs, and the color of its pupils.

“That is to say, in the future, when I take the Little Skeleton to a thunder realm such as the Thunder Cloud Realm, could it learn to use skills of the thunder family?” Su Ping wondered. He couldn’t help but laugh as he pictured how the Little Skeleton would generate lightning, waving its hands with a dull look on its face.

But he did understand that it wasn’t easy for a pet to learn the skills of other families.

This time, they visited a top-level cultivation world that was rich in undead energy. That had exerted a great influence on the Lightning Rat.

If they had gone to other sites, the effects might be less obvious. Just relying on average battles, it would have taken an incredibly long time for a pet to learn the skills of other families.

“It’s such a shame to give away this genius Lightning Rat.” Su Ping felt sorry. But he did have some comfort since his Little Skeleton would remain.

He sent the two pets to the pet room and bought an elementary nursing pen for the Little Skeleton with the last 10 energy points he had left, so that the Little Skeleton could rest there.

After they went to sleep, Su Ping left the pet room quietly and headed to the lobby where he finally had the time to collect the rewards the system had given him.

“What is this ‘Chaos Star Chart’?”

Su Ping was curious.

He had just collected the reward when a vast and simple presence suddenly came into his mind, instantly drawing his consciousness into the unlimited and boundless universe, making him a tiny wisp of consciousness in the starry sky.

Around him were spiral galaxies, surrounded by countless stars.

In the next moment, those cosmic landscapes were condensed at a rapid speed, turning into a ray of light and shrinking to enter his body, with galaxies matching various body parts.

“Chaos Star Chart…”

Some ancient consciousness surged out from this information. The reward of this main quest, the “Chaos Star Chart,” was an archaic method for astral power cultivation!

Su Ping was marveled at this because the cultivation methodology of the “Chaos Star Chart” was simply stunning. He would be the vast universe, and the acupuncture points, muscles, and bones throughout the body would be the corresponding stars. This methodology was nothing like the astral power cultivation practice used in the federation, a method he had barely come into contact with!

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