Astral Pet Store

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: I Have Crossed the Mountains of Bones and Oceans of Blood…


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Thanks to countless revivals, the two skeletons were finally eliminated by the Lightning Rat and the Little Skeleton in a prolonged fight.

Su Ping did not stop there. He took the Lightning Rat and the Little Skeleton with him to search for other prey around this huge mountain of bones, all though they were the puniest lives there.

When he was out of strength, Su Ping would recover by revival.

When his mind was fatigued, he would commit suicide to recover.

The person, the rat, and the skeleton went on an expedition along the mountain of bones. They only chose to revive in another location when they encountered beings that were far superior to them. Then, they would start their exploration again!

Time zipped by. Soon, three days had passed.

Su Ping had lost count of the number of revivals or places that he had visited randomly. He just remembered there were mountains with huge piles of skeletons and bones, dark forests that would feast on life energy, and boundless oceans that were bubbling with blood…

He had encountered many undead beings, some twisted and ugly, some charming and beautiful, some weak like an average skeleton with a combat strength of no more than five and others that were so strong and powerful, as towering as mountains, that Su Ping could not even see their complete appearance.

In this sinister environment, Su Ping, the Lightning Rat, and the Little Skeleton were all growing quickly.


Suddenly, two spooky ghosts’ pale and transparent bodies were suddenly shrouded by a large cluster of lightning bolts; they annihilated on the spot before they could come close!

A purple figure jumped out with the lightning bolts rushing in its hair. The guy landed gently, striding with a dexterous step through the place where the ghosts were exterminated, and continuing onward.

Behind it, a person and a skeleton followed closely.

Compared with three days prior, the appearance of the Lightning Rat did not change much, except that its fur darkened and the thunder power contained within was thicker.

After all, the Lightning Rat was only of the second rank. Unleashing several skills of the thunder family in a row would take a toll on its energy storage.

Therefore, when the Lightning Rat learned “Thunder Slash,” the Lightning Rat had gradually picked up more sophisticated ways to store energy. The Lightning Rat would compress its energy to the extreme and fill its entire body with energy. Regarding the total amount of thunder energy stored, the Lighting Rat was no weaker than a fifth or sixth-rank pet of the thunder family!

“Fruit of the Undead!”

Su Ping suddenly saw a dusty, odd tree in front of him, with several bright, blood-colored fruits.

These fruits had a faint outline of a human face and were the favored food for a handful of pets of the thunder family. The fruits contained strong power of the undead and could be rarely purchased in the federation. After all, each of those fruits represented a life lost!


Su Ping drew back his sight. Without hesitation, he told the Lightning Rat to strike that fruit tree.

As soon as the Lightning Rat received Su Ping’s command, electric arcs burst out all around the Lightning Rat, eventually converging into a ball of lightning that whooshed toward the root of that fruit tree.


The moment the bolt of lightning came close, the rootstock buried underground suddenly broke through the soil, reaching toward the bolt of lightning, shattering the latter in an instant. However, the roots and twigs were burnt black and fell to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Lightning Rat launched strikes consecutively with its thunder and lightning. The number of roots of this fruit tree were decreasing until, finally, the tree could not endure a hit on its trunk where a black mark was left. Su Ping could somehow hear unpleasant screams coming from under the tree.

Su Ping didn’t show any mercy. That Tree of the Undead would capture other lives, including skeletons and ghosts, to turn them into nourishment. It just so happened that pets of the thunder family were the invincible opponents of such trees.

Soon, the fruit tree was cleaved in two. Su Ping picked the Fruits of the Undead and put them into his storage space.

“The storage space is almost full.”

Su Ping frowned when he noticed how the storage space had almost reached the limit. There were various kinds of pet food that he had collected on the way during those three days. He had two more days left and he could find more food, but he feared that the remaining storage space would not be enough.

“System, can the storage space be upgraded?” Su Ping asked in his mind.


“How many energy points?”

“One hundred energy points for every cubic meter.”


Su Ping didn’t bargain with the system because it never worked. He used his remaining points to upgrade the storage space. It was a rare chance that he could come to this top-level cultivation site that would cost 9000 energy points for supplies. He didn’t wish to lose some pet food just because he lacked storage space.

“It is unfortunate that the pet food harvested here is mostly pet food for the demon family, which is not in popular demand. Few places would sell such food and few people would buy it. I must think hard about distribution,” Su Ping said to himself.

After harvesting the fruit, Su Ping pressed onward.

Su Ping had searched the entire area after some unexpected deaths due to surprise attacks. Again, he chose to revive at a random place and thus began to explore a new area.

On the fifth day.

“The time is almost over now…”

Standing in front of a cliff, Su Ping gazed at the muddy ocean of dead bodies in which many bones and remains were soaked, rising and falling with the tide.

Su Ping had become immune to that hellish scene.

By his feet, two little guys stood in silence.

Compared with five days before, their appearances were not quite different. Between them, the Little Skeleton’s change was more obvious. The bones transferred from gray to black and there seemed to be some blood streaks in the bones like veins.

As for the Little Skeleton’s size, it was still about as tall as Su Ping’s knee. There was no growth in this regard.

It was holding a sharp bone blade in its hand. A dagger, to be exact.

This bone blade was made from the fang of a skeleton that was almost 10 meters long!

After five days of training, the Little Skeleton was at the moment more like a local skeleton born in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead. Its energy changed from a light gray to a dull black. The energy was moving around the Little Skeleton and the bone blade.

“This is the end of the road. Let’s go.”

Su Ping drew back his sight after standing in that stinky sea wind. He took out a pointed tooth from his sleeve.

This tooth was sharp; it was surrounded by some foul aura.


Su Ping kept a straight face as he stabbed his chest with this blade.

When he felt pain, he curled his lips. “This is a mistake. I should have stabbed harder.”

He fell to the ground with a bang. Staring at the crimson air, feeling blood oozing out, Su Ping exclaimed to himself that this… was a complete waste of time!

The Lightning Rat and the Little Skeleton looked at him. They were anxious but did not know what to do.

While this had happened many times, they would feel anxious and longed to do something when they felt life leaving their masters bodies due to the power of the contract.

Not long afterward, in another place in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, the person, the rat, and the skeleton appeared out of thin air. After a short time checking, they launched vicious attacks on the undead beings around them…

The Pixie Pet Store on Taohuaxi Street.

The shutter door was closed. It was pitch dark inside.

All of a sudden, a whirl emerged out of nowhere, spitting out three figures.

When the whirl gradually disappeared, someone opened his black eyes. Seeing the familiar store that he had been away from for days and smelling the unprecedented fresh air, Su Ping felt that he had been resurrected from the numbness and his life had gone back to normal.

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