Astral Pet Store

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Swear and Run

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Su Ping’s body was completely annihilated the moment he muttered insults, exploding without even leaving the slightest trace of ash!

The being sitting on the throne wore a cold look.

He didn’t understand Su Ping’s language but that didn’t stop him from detecting Su Ping’s evil intentions. Once again, for such a benighted person to try to fool him… he was annoyed by how ignorant those inferior creatures could be!

This was just a small punishment. The king on the throne planned to strip this puny being of his soul when Su Ping came back to life again, to find out the secrets inside him. He would imprison this ignorant soul under his throne throughout eternity so that Su Ping could not die even if he aspired to!


Five seconds had passed, then ten seconds… and then one minute passed.

The void in front of him was undisturbed. Su Ping did not come back again.

The king on the throne frowned. While he was still baffled, all of a sudden, he shifted his look. His dark eyes seemed to be able to see through the void. He, who had been sitting still for all this time, stood up all of a sudden!


The palace trembled and space shook.

The pride that he had accumulated through the ages manifested, and that overwhelming power could run through the entire world!

All the undead beings within millions of meters of this majestic bone palace felt the anger from their king. They fell to their knees, shivering in fear!

“This is a time-spatial diversion! The time-spatial diversion!”

This heroic king who was surrounded by monstrous powers gazed through the hall with his dark eyes into the distance. “The two laws of supremacy were applied at the same time. The distance of one transfer is beyond the scope of my territory. Who is it? Who is it!”

The black-winged lady that fell to a corner of this bone palace was surprised to see her king flying into a rage. How long had it been? Tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years had passed since she last saw her king losing his temper.

When the king was angry, blood would flow for thousands of miles, and ghosts would cry!

“You!” That towering being lowered his head. Flames were blasting around him. His eyes could snatch people’s souls as if they were a pair of black holes. “Find that being and bring him back to me!”

The black-winged lady lowered her head at once. Her voice was trembling as she replied, “Yes, your Majesty!”

Afterward, she kept her head lowered for two more seconds. There were no more orders for her. She shifted into a puff of black mist and vanished from the palace.

The peerless king seemed to be unaware that the lady with black wings had left. He frowned and murmured to himself, “Only those old guys that are sealed in the dust-laden ancient times can apply the two supreme laws at the same time. Who else can it be? Have they come back from the cursed old world…?”

“Revive at a random spot!”

After he hurled out those insults, Su Ping accepted his death calmly. It was not a surprise that this time, he chose to be revived at a random spot!

“It’s so exciting to run after cursing!”

Su Ping felt even his pores were breathing in comfort since he had vented his anger.

He was on the verge of bursting into laughter as he thought about that big potato being unable to chase him after being dissed.

“Does he think that I would keep reviving myself and sending myself to oblivion? So naïve!”

Su Ping wore a sarcastic grin.

Sarcasm aside, that was a risky move. Luckily, that being was overly confident and proud. He thought that Su Ping would revive on the spot every time and that he could squeeze him to death at will.

If he had known that Su Ping could revive at a random spot, Su Ping supposed that the being would have imprisoned him and tortured him slowly until he drove him crazy.

“I hope I never run into him again. Otherwise, I’ll have to kill myself at once,” Su Ping said to himself. He felt he had to find some handy weapons to defend (i.e. kill) himself. Otherwise, it would be utterly painful to be ravished by some enemies that wanted to kill him but refused to.

More importantly, his precious time in this cultivation site would be wasted if he were to be slowly tortured.

At the same time, Su Ping’s sights cleared up gradually. He had been brought back to life in another location.

Hanging above his head were still the three blood moons and the sky was cloudy and crimson. Around him was a huge mountain covered with bones and remains.

Neither grass nor flowers of any sort grew in the mountain, which was made up entirely of countless bones and remains.


Su Ping moved his feet. He had stomped on some hand bones.

Those bones must have been weathered during thousands of years to be that fragile.

Gradually, Su Ping got used to the scenes in this Chaotic Realm of the Undead. He had developed some resistance to these hellish horror scenes.

He took his time to bring the Lightning Rat and the Little Skeleton back to life. Those two little guys had been killed in that black haze. Thanks to the power of the contract, they could revive right by his side.

The Lightning Rat could once again see the outside. It was appalled by the view of this mountain of skeletons. But different from before, the Lightning Rat was not as agitated or terrified. Soon, the Lightning Rat put its guards up and began to check the surroundings with its rat eyes.

Having been stimulated by the “killing intent” several times, the Lightning Rat had become much bolder than before.

After the Little Skeleton was brought back to life, it glanced around with a dull look. Then, the Little Skeleton cast its empty gaze on the piles of bones on the ground, picking and choosing. But the Little Skeleton threw away the bones it picked up because it was discouraged after seeing the options.

“Let’s take a look around and see if there are any enemies.” Su Ping instructed the Lightning Rat in his mind.

The Lightning Rat was reluctant and hesitating. Still, it began to move forward cautiously without making any noises to check the area.

Su Ping cast his gaze on the Little Skeleton who was picking bones. All of a sudden, Su Ping remembered the blood-red bead he grabbed off from the throne. An idea came to his mind. He took it out of the storage space at once.

The blood-red bead felt warm in his hand.

When he snatched it, Su Ping put it away into his storage space in a hurry, so he didn’t have time to check the bead carefully. At the moment, it was to his surprise that the blood-red bead seemed to be a living entity and it would tremble and throb mildly.

“This is precious…” Su Ping exclaimed.

At the same time, the scavenging Little Skeleton lifted up its head all of a sudden and fixed its hollowed eye sockets on the blood-red bead in Su Ping’s hands.

Su Ping sensed a strong desire from the Little Skeleton’s consciousness.

This desire was tens or hundreds of times stronger than when the Little Skeleton wanted those human-shaped skeletons. If it weren’t for the constraint exerted by the contract, Su Ping believed the Little Skeleton would pounce on the bead!

“Do you want it?”

It was most likely that the blood-red bead could do the Little Skeleton good since it wanted the bead so much. That was understandable. After all, this bead was from the Realm of the Undead. It was only natural that the bead would be of help to an undead being like the Little Skeleton.

Su Ping remembered the main quest. He threw the bead to the little guy after a bit of hesitation. Anyways, this little guy was a pet of his own.

The Little Skeleton held the blood-red bead and the red glow from the bead seemed to have deepened the crimson color in the Little Skeleton’s eye sockets. Resolutely, the Little Skeleton stuffed the bead into its mouth and the bead moved up to the skeleton’s skull directly!

After the Little Skeleton removed its hands, the blood-red bead began to float around in its skull. There seemed to be some faint red threads that looked like blood vines, flowing into the Little Skeleton’s skull along with the greyish energy inside, and then going into the bones around the Little Skeleton’s body.

Su Ping was surprised. He cast another identification spell on the Little Skeleton again.

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