Astral Pet Store

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Bone King


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“Is this the residence of a higher intelligent life in the Realm of the Undead?”

Su Ping looked at the bone palace curiously. The owner must be out of the ordinary, being able to build a palace to dwell in. Besides, the massive bones that were used to build the palace were towering and grandiose. Su Ping found it hard to picture how horrifying those beings must have been when they were alive!

“Is that the gate…?”

Su Ping stepped forward.

He felt the air was more suffocating than outside and it was deadly still.

The air was thick with the smell of decay and a strange, fishy odor.

He walked only for a dozen meters when he lost his sight. He felt his body being torn apart from within by something out of the void and then he was reduced to nothing.


His sight blacked out and was recovered. Su Ping looked around, searching for the thing that attacked him.


His body burst open all of a sudden for yet another time.


Su Ping recovered as before.



“Damn it…”



This time, just as Su Ping was coming back to life, he saw the space in front of him begin to twist. A mass of dark energy emerged from the whirl, gradually taking the shape of a human being.

This was a tall woman with an insane body shape. The buxom lady was well-endowed, which gave her an enchanting appearance. There was a black charm on her forehead, with a symbol that resembled a fishhook. She was flapping the eight dull black wings that grew from her back, just like a fallen angel depicted in the myths.

Su Ping threw an identification spell on her at once.

Just as he expected, no information came out.

“Eh?” The black-winged lady raised her pretty eyebrows. She looked Su Ping up and down and then, as if to seek confirmation, pointed her finger at him.


Su Ping’s body exploded.


The black-winged lady was stunned to see Su Ping recover. Then, she pointed her finger forward. This time, Su Ping was swallowed by a green mass of energy shaped like a skeleton.

Su Ping felt he was melting; he was dissolved until nothing was left.


Su Ping stood on the spot but his face was dark. That lady was treating him like a guinea pig and was exploring different ways to kill him.

“Hey, can’t we have a simple conversation?” Su Ping was furious.


He exploded again.


Su Ping clenched his teeth in hatred. The game was on. That’s right. He was filled with wrath and was daring the lady to kill him!

Bang, bang, bang!

After he exploded several times, he heard a surprised “oh” when he came back to life again.

This was a deep, nasal sound that was both light and at the same time, loud enough to echo in the entire palace, like a thunderbolt that could make the entire space tremble.

Su Ping suddenly felt the depths of his soul quiver. His hair was standing on end. This was freakishly terrifying.

His heart was pounding uncontrollably and his blood was surging as he was shivering.

He couldn’t see anything but he was simply afraid; something was inducing his fear.

The black-winged angel that was still attempting varied ways to end him was startled by that questioning nasal sound. She turned around at once and bowed, dropping to her knees in the air toward the void in front of her—toward that gate built with white bones at the end of the void.

Su Ping noticed that the black-winged angel was trembling, even her wings were shaking.


Abruptly, his sight was blurred. Next, both him and the black-winged lady re-emerged in front of a throne made of bones, but their positions and relative location had not changed one bit. It was as if they had been teleported by some mighty force.

All he could see was a staircase made up of white bones pieced together. He found skulls of many different beings. There were horns on some of the skulls which had to be from demons.

Atop the stair was a throne of bones with the backrest made in the shape of a sharp sword. On both sides, the armrests were two enormous skulls encrusted along with some smaller ones.

Seated in the throne was a towering figure covered in the gloomy dark energy which flowed all around him, his elbows supported by the ghastly armrests. The skin on his bare wrists was pale. He tilted his head so he could look down upon those present.

He lifted his eyelids slightly, revealing his dark, unemotional eyes.

Su Ping looked up at him and into the cold eyes that seemed to be able to see through history. Instantly, he felt cold, fear, and the desire to kneel and worship this being.

However, he dismissed the idea just as it popped out.

Remembering that he could not be killed, Su Ping made up his mind and stood up straight. “Are you the man in charge here?”

The moment he opened his mouth, the kneeling and trembling black-winged lady waved her hands at once. A streak of dark energy sealed off Su Ping’s mouth like a tape.

She lowered her head at once and apologized to the king on the throne, but Su Ping did not understand one word.


All of a sudden, without any warning, Su Ping exploded.


Su Ping was dumbstruck. Why was there never any sign before those beings took action?

He was furious and chose to revive on the spot at once.

The king on the throne of bones squinted his eternally immutable and cold eyes.


Su Ping exploded once more.


Explode again!

“Revive one more time!”

“Are you kidding me? Can you let me finish…”



This time, Su Ping did not die at once. Angrily, he climbed that stair of bones and dashed toward that being.

Nobody was born to be above others!

Su Ping wanted to go there and punch that guy, even though he was aware that he was as vulnerable as a puny insect; he was completely unable to harm that king. But he would have died for nothing if he didn’t fight back!

The black-winged lady freaked out, seeing Su Ping trying to approach the “king.” Her expressions were twisted in wrath. Dark energy surged around her. This time, with this blow, she used her strongest strike.

Since she was exerting her full strength, Su Ping would die ten thousand times over, even if he were a hundred times stronger!

However, before her strike was released, she began to bend over as if something were squeezing her. There were sounds of her bones being fractured. Then, she was swung to the side, smashing into the bone columns like a bird with broken wings.

While still in rage, Su Ping did not notice what happened to her. He dashed up the stairs and stood in front of the throne.

The process was strangely smooth. Nothing hindered him.

“F*ck you…” Su Ping raised his hand and punched.

But his fist stopped midway and his body became so still that he could not move at all.

“Traveling back in time and space?” All of a sudden, Su Ping heard a frigid voice in his mind. It had to be from the being on the throne.

But Su Ping never saw his lips move.

“What?” Su Ping had never heard about the term but he guessed it had something to do with his revival.

“Who are you that can reverse space and time in the Realm of the Undead? Or, should I say, who is the person behind this?” That cold voice went on slowly, carrying an overwhelming sense that could not be doubted.

“None of your f*cking business!”

Su Ping couldn’t move his lips but he voiced the curse in his mind.


He exploded.


Just as Su Ping came back to life, he realized that his body could move about again. He was hopping mad. It was true that the being in front of him was horrifying, but being killed repeatedly had consumed him with wrath.

At the same time, all of a sudden, he saw a blood-red bead the size of a baby’s hand next to the throne. The bead appeared to be precious.

“It must be worthwhile, even if this is just some average gem.” Without hesitation, Su Ping bent over.


He exploded yet again.


After he was brought back to life, he was still bent over, just the way he was before he died. Su Ping moved down a bit more.



This time, he lowered his body a bit more.

By the fifth revival, Su Ping was very close to the blood-red bead. In his consciousness, he shouted, “I will tell you!”

He didn’t explode.

His hand grabbed the blood-red bead.

“Got it!”

The bead vanished. It was transferred to the storage space.


That being had seen through Su Ping’s intent but did not know that there were storage treasures in him. The moment this being saw Su Ping, he already had a complete understanding of his puny existence. Nothing could escape from his eyes.

“I will tell you to go to hell!” Su Ping obtained the bead. Overjoyed, Su Ping hurled out curses without hesitation.

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