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Chapter 1398 - Slaying the Heavens (1)

Chapter 1398: Slaying the Heavens (1)

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Su Ping suddenly raised his head, feeling that the thunderclouds had changed a little bit. To be honest, there seemed to be something else in the depths of those clouds.


The already dispersing tribulation surged violently once again. As if ink had been dropped into them, the pacified thunderclouds became aggressive again.

“What is going on?”

All the elders felt that something was wrong. Although a Black Tribulation wasn’t seen very often, there were still geniuses in the Archean Divinity who would trigger it, which created opportunities for them to study them and widen their knowledge. However, the tribulation invoked by Su Ping seemed different.

“Is that…?”

Someone suddenly narrowed their eyes and looked at the depths of those clouds.

Despite the blockage of the heavy clouds, the powerful experts could see a vague figure hidden deep behind the clouds.

That figure was emitting a tribulation aura; it seemed to be the source of everything.

“Is it… one of the Heavens?”

Su Ping narrowed his eyes. Only the Heavens could have appeared in the depths of a Heavenly Tribulation.

He had suspected in recent days that the Heavens had already found the Archean Divinity but had never revealed themselves until then.

Maybe they were scared of the Ancestral Gods. Maybe they were scheming and waiting, like the member of the Heavens who visited his universe, who hid amongst the worms and bade his time to attack.

Otherwise, considering the power of the member of the Heavens, his universe would have been conquered long before the Celestials joined forces.

“Who knows why the guy revealed himself at the very end. Maybe the thing he was scared of was gone. Maybe he found what he had been searching for… In any case, they should believe in the existence of the Heavens now…”

Su Ping sensed powerful auras in all directions that belonged to the elders of the Heaven Path Institute. Elder Chan had previously said that there was no evidence, but now the evidence had arrived.

However, it wasn’t his purpose to draw the attention of the Heavens. That alone could be disastrous for the world of gods.

“System, can I resurrect infinitely as long as I have energy in this place? even if my opponent is one of the Heavens?” Su Ping suddenly asked the system.

“Of course,” replied the system briefly. It then continued, “However, don’t try to take advantage of your respawning and lure the Heavens here, since it would turn the cultivation site into a battlefield. The guy you’re seeing is just an individual. The Heavens are not gathered here; it’s useless, no matter what a commotion you might cause.”

Su Ping wasn’t surprised that the system realized what he was planning. The system had just confirmed his speculation. The strange feeling coming from the Heavenly Tribulation was indeed from a member of the Heavens.

Besides, the system actually knew that the Heavens were not gathered there.

Su Ping couldn’t help but ask, “System, can you tell where the Heavens are?”

“Yes, but don’t try to find out through me. It’s pointless. You’re so weak that any scheme is useless. I’ll help you when you gain enough power,” said the system.

Su Ping was shocked. The system’s power exceeded his imagination again. He thought it was as strong as the Golden Crow ancestor, but even the latter was probably incapable of knowing where the Heavens were located. Was the system really a super cheat? A bug that didn’t belong to that world?

However, after a long time cultivating, he knew that everything in that world had an origin. Since the system existed in that world, it had to be a product of that world.

“System, what are you exactly?” Su Ping was compelled to pose the question.

“Don’t you know already? I’m a system. I can help you change your loser’s fate and rise to the peak of your life,” replied the system.

Su Ping’s lips twitched. He would never believe that the system was an inexplicable existence, but there was no time to explore that just yet. He knew that the system was right about one thing: he was simply too weak at the moment. Schemes were useless when facing absolute strength. Humans would only think of “tricks” when they couldn’t win fair and square.

Su Ping raised his head and coldly looked at the person in the clouds.

His communication with the system was awfully brief. Thunderclouds gathered once again, hoping to launch another volley of lightning strikes.

Su Ping didn’t just wait to be struck, though. He knew that it wasn’t just a lightning strike, but also an attack from a member of the Heavens!

Su Ping suddenly roared and stepped up, “My neck is already sore. Get down here!”

He glowed like the sun and slashed furiously with his divine sword. Instantly, the light in the entire world seemed to be extinguished. The blowing wind and the terrifying pressure under the thunderclouds were completely gone!

The sword aura rose all the way to the sky and cut the dark clouds apart as well as the lightning bolt still brewing within. It was like the coming of dawn.

“What a terrifying sword aura!”

The elders were all shocked to see Su Ping’s attack. That sword aura seemed to also be cutting their eyes, making them feel amazed.

Is he truly a God King?

All the students and mentors were also watching the scene from a distance. They were all dumbfounded.

He voluntarily attacked the Heavenly Tribulation?

He’s basically challenging the authority of the Heavens!

After a boom, the sword aura cut into the depths of the thunderclouds. Su Ping’s eyes turned into the eyes of chaos, allowing him to see nothing but laws and the Great Dao. Underneath the clouds were the tribulation laws, and behind them was a brawny member of the Heavens who was dark and hideous, like an ancient devil.

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