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Chapter 1397 - Divine Curse (2)

Chapter 1397: Divine Curse (2)

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Chen Xi could tell that Su Ping’s strength had completely surpassed him. At least he didn’t think he could face such a dreadful tribulation as easily.

It hadn’t been long since they said their goodbyes. He had planned to return to his clan and train in seclusion, all to compete with Su Ping again next time they met. However, Su Ping had given him a shock.

“What a monster…”

Somewhere in midair—a brawny young man heaved a sigh with a bitter smile. He was none other than Shen Mo, one of the three Dao Children.

“Has he already found his Dao Heart?” mumbled a girl somewhere else. She was Qian Hong, the earliest and still undefeated Dao Child.

She had already seen the Original Dao and was half a God Emperor. She had even seen a Dao Heart; however, she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted a steady path to the Ancestral God level, which required a very powerful Dao Heart; otherwise, she would end up stuck at the God Emperor level, which was not what she wanted.

“I wonder what kind of Dao Heart he has… Such a young cultivator. This is too hasty.” The girl slightly shook her head. Although Su Ping’s performance was extremely amazing, she wasn’t influenced by it. Unlike others, her aim was to become an Ancestral God. Naturally, she wouldn’t use him as a comparison.

Lightning bolts struck down one after the other as the thunderclouds surged. The entire mountain was trembling during the tribulation. Fortunately, the barrier protecting the mountain had been personally set up by elders in case other clans attacked the Dao Child. Such protection was sturdy enough to resist a God Emperor’s attack, and was thus able to keep the mountain in one piece.

“Is that the best you’ve got?”

Su Ping soared and stood in the high sky. Black lightning was radiating all around him, making him look like a devil lord releasing endless demonic auras.

The Heavenly Tribulation became more violent, and greater vortices were forming, as it was preparing a terrifying strike.

Su Ping waited patiently.

A moment later, the tribulation finished preparations. There seemed to be an eye deep inside the vortex as the intense black lightning was gathered. Electricity coursed the eye like strains. The dark clouds were fading, as if all their power was being absorbed into the vortex for the final judgment.

Su Ping somehow felt a sense of threat. That test was powerful enough to hurt him.

Exactly at that moment, a crimson line suddenly appeared in the void.

That “line” surpassed the blockage of countless laws and paths, which darted towards Su Ping like an illusion.

Su Ping tried to cut it, only to find that his attack simply passed without producing any effect.

The next moment, the red line entered his body.

Su Ping instantly felt cold, as if some sort of consciousness crawled into his body. Then, he felt that the power flow in his body became less smooth, as if hindered by something.

The feeling of coldness was spread out like the threads of a spider’s web. He was almost tied up.

“What is this?”

Su Ping slightly changed his expression. It was clearly something unrelated to the Heavenly Tribulation. He had never seen anything like that before.

“That is… a divine curse from the Witch Mountain!”

In the distance—the elders of the Heaven Path Institute were all shocked and infuriated to see the red line.

None of them expected that the Witch Mountain would dare murder their Dao Child.

That divine curse was difficult to remove, and it carried a strange power. That was the reason why the Witch Mountain was fearsome.

The Witch Mountain was a taboo topic in the world of gods. Very few people knew where it was; it was said that its location wasn’t fixed. They didn’t have many members, and they rarely left the mountain.

“Who asked the Witch Mountain to curse the Dao Child?”

“The Witch Mountain is never one to curse easily, unless they are offended first. However, the Dao Child went to the Red Dome Realm. It’s impossible for him to have possibly offended them.”

“Damn it!”

“This is such a critical moment. Damn it. We can’t go inside, or the tribulation will rise to the God Emperor level. By then, not just him, even we would be unable to resist!”

All the elders were anxious and furious. Their Dao Child had been tricked right before their eyes, but there was nothing they could do.

No one expected the sudden attack by the Witch Mountain’s divine curse at such a critical moment.

Right when everybody was struggling with anxiety, Su Ping sensed a change of the red lines in his body. The lines thickened, turning into a red-robed woman with a pale face, evil and expressionless. However, her eyes seemed to be smiling, as if looking at a dying puppet.

The next moment, the red-robed woman darted out countless threads and tied the universe of chaos in Su Ping’s body.

All paths and laws in the universe were pulled to a complete stop because of the threads.

That also meant that Su Ping would lose the boost of the universe of chaos’s power.

“Who are you?” Su Ping asked coldly in his heart.

“You’re a dying man. No need to know my name.” The red-robed woman’s voice was charming and sweet, but her tone was indifferent. She obviously considered Su Ping as already lost to the world.

“Are you talking about yourself?” Su Ping’s eyes were cold. His universe shook and countless threads fell apart. Next, a scorching fire rose along with Su Ping’s fury, setting all the threads ablaze while also igniting the red-robed woman.

It was none other than the Heavenly Fire in Su Ping’s body.

Such a fire would neve die out. The threads were instantly melted.

“The Nine-Flavored Heavenly Fire? Impossible! You’ve just become a God King. How can your universe contain such Heavenly Fire?” the red-robed woman screamed as the fire consumed her. Her evil face was filled with disbelief. She might have looked like an emotionless ghost a moment earlier, but she looked like a panicked human at that moment.

“Who are you exactly?”

The red-robed woman tried to disperse the Heavenly Fire, but the effect was minimal. She instantly realized that her assault had failed and Su Ping broke the curse.

“You’re dying. No need to remember my name,” Su Ping replied coldly.

Flames swept out the next moment, completely annihilating the red-robed woman.

Lightning struck exactly at that moment.

“You attacked me at the most critical moment. Well planned…” Su Ping sensed the lightning coming but didn’t feel nervous. He suddenly raised a hand and slashed with a divine sword.

The lightning bolt was cut apart, then passed him by.

The terrifying electricity was enough to annihilate a God King, but it didn’t cause him the slightest injury.

“That sword technique…”

The anxious elders in the distance saw how a dazzling sword moved and the lightning was cut apart. Su Ping stood in the middle of the lightning’s effect unscathed. He was very eye-catching at that moment.

“He… suppressed the divine curse?” Everybody was shocked, finding it hard to believe.

They all knew how terrifying the Witch Mountain’s curses were. Not even laws and the Great Dao could disperse them; it was extremely troublesome to get rid of them.

Such a divine curse cast at such a critical moment was tantamount to a death sentence for Su Ping.

However, his power exceeded their expectations again. That last attack even made them feel cold and wary.

At that moment, Su Ping extended a hand into the lightning bolt that just passed him by, all to absorb the tribulation power into his universe of chaos.

“This is great nutrition. I can’t waste it.” Su Ping quickly absorbed it and felt that his body was evolving drastically. Some sort of shackles in his cells seemed to have been removed, making them even vaster. The ancient expert’s power stored in his body quickly surged and filled his body to its new capacity.

Su Ping raised his head and looked at the thunderclouds above, which were turning colorless. He knew that the last strike had drained all the tribulation power.

“It seems to be over…” Su Ping slowly withdrew his gaze.

Exactly at that moment—an unexpected event took place. The slowly dispersing thunderclouds were surging violently again.

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