Astral Pet Store

Chapter 1318 - War Invasion (1)

Chapter 1318 War Invasion (1)

Su Ping transferred the maid serving him in his old temple to the Dao Child’s mountain. Then, he returned to his store under the pretext of training in seclusion.

After the teleportation-Su Ping found himself in the pet room when he opened his eyes.

Su Ping took out the customers’ pets he had trained during his trip. He looked at the nursing pens, but saw no sign of Joanna. He immediately spread out his senses and detected her presence in the store.

“She’s made a breakthrough…”

Su Ping smiled upon sensing the change in Joanna’s aura. She was a strong God King, even in the Archean Divinity; she would be considered a pillar even by the major forces

After all, God Emperors—who were on a higher level-were extremely rare, even among the high-ranked clans. He had received a lot of offers as a Dao Child, mainly because there was a good chance he would become a God Emperor, which made him someone worth investing in. Even more people would have vied for him if he would have distinguished himself as a God Emperor. After all, even the most talented genius could find an untimely death.

He opened the door and went to the lobby; it happened to be business hours. The bright sunlight was coming in through the windows and doors at noon; many people were waiting in an orderly fashion.

Both Joanna and Green Lady looked at him; they nodded in greeting.

At the counter, Su Ping asked Joanna telepathically, “How did it go?”

Joanna registered a pet and the proper payment for one of the customers, and then smiled. “It was smooth in general. I’m already in the Celestial State. I can handle Celestials even if they were to cause trouble here. However, I heard that something huge has happened.”

“I’ll take care of that,” said Su Ping, “I’m glad that you’ve broken through successfully. I just returned from the Archean Divinity and asked an elder for his help. Unfortunately, he couldn’t detect the Demigod Burial. There are only two ways for you to return to the Archean Divinity.”

“Not even the elders can?” Joanna was dazed. Back when she studied in the Heavenly Path State, she had learned that the elders were all God Emperors.

Even after her breakthrough, she couldn’t even resist a finger attack from any of those elders.

“What are the ways?”

“Either you wait until I become an Ancestral God and I carry everything, or you gather all your people and pack them into my universe, so that I can carry you over,” said Su Ping.

Dazed for a moment, Joanna pondered for a moment and said, “It’s decided then. Let’s carry them over. I’ll help you.” “Aren’t you worried that they might refuse?” Su Ping couldn’t help but smile.

“If they dare refuse, I’ll beat them until they change their mind,” said Joanna with ruthlessness in her eyes. “I’ve just broken through and I haven’t fought them yet. They used to suppress me because their level was higher, but it’s different now; I feel I can win even though I’ve just broken through!”

Su Ping smiled and said, “You seem a lot more arrogant than before.”

“This is not arrogance, but confidence!” Joanna slightly craned her head.

“You’re a lot chattier than before too,” added Su Ping with a smile.

Joanna rolled her eyes and then glanced at him. She squinted and was silent for a moment, before she said, “You seem stronger. Can you beat them right now?”

“That’s easy,” replied Su Ping with a smile.

Joanna gasped. She knew that he always did the unexpected, but she was still shocked by his cultivation speed. The ant she could have easily crumbled had caught up to her and even surpassed her in the blink of an eye!

“Is it really this terrifying to be the heir of the magic store?” Joanna couldn’t help but mumble.

Su Ping chuckled. “Haven’t you already experienced it? I can travel across different worlds and fight local experts. How can I not grow up fast?”

Joanna couldn’t help but say, “That being said, your progress speed is still too extraordinary, even though you have so many sparring partners. After all, the godly nobles are never short of sparring partners or training resources.”

Unable to refute, Su Ping thought for a moment. “Maybe it’s just because they’re dumb.”

Lost for words, Joanna couldn’t help but roll her eyes again. The princes and princesses who distinguish themselves from amongst countless peers are dumb?

The only explanation was that Su Ping was unreasonably talented!

What Joanna said gave Su Ping a hint. He thought that the greatest difference between him and the nobles was his cultivation technique.

Although he could find opponents in cultivation sites and challenge them by resurrecting several times, it was nothing for the princes and princesses, who could also resurrect in the God Emperors’ universes and polish themselves with life and death bouts, challenging opponents too strong for them.

However, according to Su Ping’s experience, there was a limit to the deadly pressure and what the stimulation could bring forth.

Everyone’s potential was limited.

What was potential?

Bloodline, power of understanding, luck and many other factors constituted potential.

Naturally, all the princes and princesses had the best bloodline; their power of understanding differed, but not too greatly. Luck only played a secondary role, unless some of them found some unbelievable treasures.

After having traveled in so many worlds, Su Ping discovered that his greatest treasure was the cultivation technique the system had offered him.

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