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Chapter 1317 - Return (2)

Chapter 1317 Return (2)

The genius of the Divine Elephant Clan coldly glanced at him. “If you’re angry, just go to him. Why are you yelling at me? Do you think I’m scared of you?”

“Just ignore him. He’s mentally ill.” Another Dao Child candidate glanced at Zhan Wushuang. All the rumors in the institute and the reports they received about Su Ping involved the Rain Clan in an undignified way. He thought much less of the Rain Clan at the moment.

Zhan Wushuang almost burst into fury after seeing all the Dao Child candidates’ cold looks. He solemnly clenched his fists as he stomached the humiliation.

There were high-ranked clans behind each of the Dao Child candidates; he couldn’t afford offending all of them.

“Humph!” Noticing that Zhan Wushuang fell silent, the genius of the Divine Elephant Clan snorted and said to the group, “I just received news from the elder. How many small worlds do you think this human Dao Child has cultivated?”

Seeing his mysterious expression, everybody was deep in thought. Tan Xiangyun ventured, “Could it be… six?”

The elephant-faced genius of the Divine Elephant Clan raised his head with a smile. He didn’t reply.

Everybody was surprised. Even Zhan Wushuang changed his expression ever so slightly. Qing Mu narrowed his eyes and asked, “Seven? That’s the potential of an Ancestral God!”

The genius of the Divine Elephant Clan’s eyes were burning. While witnessing their shock, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s eight! Eight small worlds!”

The revelation came upon them like a lightning bolt. They were dumbfounded.

Zhan Wushuang narrowed his eyes. All that he could think of was what the guy had just said. Eight… Eight…

“How is it possible?”

A moment later, Tan Xiangyun sobered up and asked, “Eight small worlds? Are you sure? The record set in the history of our Heaven Path Institute is seven small worlds, which was set by our Ancestral God. Has he broken the record?”

Everybody was thinking the same, still shaken.

“One of the elders told me. It’s still a secret right now; it won’t be publicized until he becomes a God Emperor, so that other gods won’t scheme against him…” The genius of the Divine Elephant Clan was quite proud and excited; his reaction was similar to when he just learned it.

His reaction made the others discard the idea of it being a lie. The news was truly shocking.

Qing Mu was dazed for a moment. Then, he suddenly remembered something. “But you just divulged the secret to us, didn’t you?”

Dazed for a moment, the elephant-faced genius scratched his head. “Just don’t tell anyone else.”

“Of course we won’t. We’re fellow students…” said Tan Xiangyun, then suddenly glanced at Zhan Wushuang.

Others looked at him too.

“Why are you staring at me?” Zhan Wushuang snapped out of the shock, but was then angered by their glances. “I am indeed a member of the Rain Clan, but I’m also a member of the Heaven Path Institute. He’s one of the Dao Children of this institute. I’ll never sell him out.”

Tan Xiangyun gazed at him and said, “I sure hope so. We’re fellow students anyway; we belong to different clans, but we are a team here. Don’t forget our director’s teachings.”

“That’s right. Regardless of which race we belong to, we’re fellow students and comrades on the battlefield. We must not betray each other,” said the genius of the Heavenly Bear Clan.

“The only person who might spread the secret is you. Better not leak anything; you should know the consequences of betraying the institute!” The genius of the Divine Elephant Clan stared at Zhan Wushuang coldly. He never liked the guy and they competed a lot, but that was just friendly competition.

If the man divulged the secret, it would be deemed as betrayal.

It would be unacceptable.

While they discussed—Su Ping and Chen Xi were having a nice conversation.

“So, it’s the path of Heavenly Tribulations; I didn’t realize you could comprehend them. I think you should call it Heavenly Path,” said Chen Xi with mixed feelings.

They had been exchanging knowledge. He wanted Su Ping to teach him how to cut Qing Mu’s world tree, and Su Ping wanted him to teach him how to physically invade someone else’s consciousness. To Chen Xi’s surprise, the other didn’t hold back at all. That human was much more open-minded than he expected.


“For humans, the Heavenly Path is supreme, and the path of Heavenly Tribulations isn’t that high. But, that may be part of the Heavenly Path…” said Su Ping with a smile.

“Humans are truly lucky to have an amazing genius such as yourself,” said Chen Xi. It wasn’t until he talked with Su Ping that he realized how knowledgeable the latter was. His bias against humankind had changed.

“You’re quite remarkable yourself. Your physical invasion into the enemy’s consciousness is based on fusion. If you make better use of it, you might be able to rise higher,” said Su Ping. Chen Xi shook his head. “It’s easier said than done. It’s extremely difficult to make better use of it.”

“Maybe you can change your mindset. Instead of insisting on fusing with other people, maybe you can fuse your own spirit and your flesh, as well as your universe. Maybe a miracle will happen if you combine them through your special method,” said Su Ping.

Chen Xi’s eyes glittered. “I thought about it before, but I never really studied it. Now that you’ve put it that way, maybe I should try it. I’ve already hit the bottleneck anyway.”

Su Ping nodded.

“Thank you. I had a lovely conversation with you. Come to my mountain if you have time; I’ll offer you some of the delicious wine of my clan,” said Chen Xi with a smile.

“All right. I will take a sampling of specialties from humankind.” Su Ping smiled.

They were competitors at first; Su Ping had even robbed him of his position. But now they admired and appreciated each other after their conversation.

“You may experience bigger improvements after you reach the Ancestral God’s Mysterious Realm. Better prepare yourself fully before you go there; accessing the Ancestral God’s Mysterious Realm is a rare opportunity, even for the Dao Children,” Chen Xi reminded him.

Su Ping had heard Elder Chan mention the fact. He nodded slightly.

Being a Dao Child, he had a chance to go to the Ancestral God’s Mysterious Realm and listen to the Ancestral God’s teachings.

It would be an opportunity to significantly improve his combat ability.

There was also a chance for him to break his bottleneck.

Opportunities were so rare that even the elders didn’t often get one. Dao Children were only given a chance right after being promoted; then they would be given a chance every 50,000 years.

Chen Xi rose and said goodbye to Su Ping.

After the barriers were removed, Su Ping saw the Dao Child candidates who were cultivating outside and nodded at them. He had talked to them before he spoke to Chen Xi. They used to be competitors, but the competition had been settled, so they had a nice conversation. Su Ping didn’t feel any hostility or killing intent from them, except for Zhan Wushuang.

Once he was reminded of that, Su Ping glanced at Zhan Wushuang. Expressionless, he waved at them and then returned to his mountain.

Time moved on.

Su Ping didn’t return to his store after cultivating for two more weeks.

During that period, Su Ping asked Elder Chan a lot about the universe’s secret techniques. He had a better control of the power contained in his universe; many of the questions that puzzled him had been solved. Although he was still in the Ascendant State, he was as strong as a fighter at the peak of the Celestial State.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Dao Heart in my universe. Without it, all of the Dao in my universe is just loose sand condensed by force. That’s the difference when I’m compared to a God Emperor…”

Su Ping felt stuck again. He had previously been stuck before advancing to the Ascendant State. He was now clueless as he wondered how to condense a Dao Heart.

How could he give wisdom to the Dao?

Su Ping didn’t think it was a problem he could solve anytime soon.

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