Astral Apostle

Chapter 204 - This Is Called Seduction (2)

Chapter 204 – This Is Called Seduction (2)

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the guts to drink the mutant blood potion I made. Even if there’s only a small chance of failure, I don’t dare to take the risk… Perhaps extraordinary power will never be fated with a coward like me. Sigh, maybe I’m too greedy. How can there be a way in this world to obtain power without risking my life?”

“You’re wrong… there really is a way.”

Roman’s eyes flashed as he stared at Zhou Jing.

When he spoke just now, Zhou Jing’s face was full of yearning, and his eyes were filled with the brilliance of his dreams. However, after he finished speaking, he seemed to feel that he was dreaming. He was afraid that he would be laughed at, so his expression became embarrassed… His acting skills were quite good.

Seeing this, Roman started to think.

It turned out that Bill’s pursuit was not only worldly interests but actually a person who craved power and authority… Roman was not surprised. There were too many people in the world who wanted power but did not dare to take risks.

To most people, this was just a pipe dream. It was no different from fantasizing about a windfall.

However, Bill was different. Even if he did not dare to take the risk of obtaining power, he could allow more people to obtain power and make contributions that far exceeded his own desires.

He didn’t have to gamble his life like a Mutant Blood Warrior to obtain extraordinary power. Roman understood this — he was such an example himself. He had mastered a power called sorcery. This was a secret he had hidden for many years.

“It seems like this bargaining chip might move Bill?”

Roman’s heart surged as he felt that he had obtained key information.

He did not doubt that this was a deliberate test by Bill. There was no way Bill would not know that he had mastered the power of sorcery and naturally could not test him with words.

His mind raced. After thinking about it, Roman calmed down and did not plan to use this bargaining chip to rope in Bill for the time being

The power of sorcery was his personal secret and could not be easily revealed. At the moment, he was not sure if Bill was worth revealing his secret.

In addition, who knew if Bill was just joking? He might not be moved by this bargaining chip. Moreover, even if he was moved, he might rather settle for the current situation out of doubt, fear, and so on, and not dare to offend the royal family. Wouldn’t that be a waste for him to lay down all his cards then?

Most of all, Roman wasn’t sure if Bill was the bait that the King put out to lure out the members of the court who had privately tried to rope Bill in, thereby determining which of them couldn’t be trusted and were disloyal.

However, his vigilance was only a habit. Roman was inclined to believe Bill, and he was quite satisfied with the gains from this probing contact.

In this wave, he found at least two ways to get Bill on his side.

Firstly, Bill advocated freedom and rejected being placed under house arrest. He might be dissatisfied with the King’s arrangements. Secondly, Bill yearned for power but did not want to take the risk of obtaining it…

By seizing these two needs and solving Bill’s problem, he might be able to take advantage of the situation and take away this leek trapped in the ground by the royal family!

Roman’s mind raced, but he did not show it on his face. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and continued chatting with Zhou Jing. After idly chatting a bit more, Roman found an excuse to leave in a hurry.

Now that he had a direction, he rushed back to think of a new way to rope him in.

On the other side, Zhou Jing bid farewell to him with a smile. As he watched Roman leave quickly, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

He could tell that Roman had received the message he had deliberately released. The big fish had taken the bait.

He knew that Roman was secretly going against the royal family. He was aware Roman was someone who leaned towards the other faction, but Roman was not clear about this.

Therefore, in Roman’s opinion, it was impossible for Bill to seek his help. He would not suspect that Zhou Jing had deliberately revealed this information.

The speaker had the intention, while the listener developed the meaning. Due to the different information, they each wielded, Roman could accurately receive the meaning he wanted to release. Therefore, he was not afraid that the listening guards would understand the nuance behind it. These guards did not know that the two of them had completed a key message transmission under their noses.

Zhou Jing did this to give Roman a chance to win him over. He wanted Roman to feel that there was still a chance to “subdue” him.

With such external help, he would have a better chance of escaping the royal family’s house arrest.

In addition, with Lynen as an example, Zhou Jing suspected that Roman was also a sorcerer and was several tiers stronger than Lynen.

If he could learn more secrets about sorcery from Roman, it would naturally be more reliable than just having Lynen. “If he’s cautious enough, he won’t come to me for a showdown without a few months of investigation, probing, and confirmation… Looks like I’ll have to wait and see when Roman takes further action…”

Zhou Jing narrowed his eyes at this thought.

After talking to Roman, everything was calm and did not attract any attention. The personal guards only treated it as a normal social interaction.

Two days later, the King summoned Bill and said that he had taken his suggestion to select enhancers from the Imperial Hunters to try the V3 Potion. In the end, there were three of them who were willing to give it a try, so he asked him to take a look at those hunters.

When Zhou Jing arrived in the living room, he saw three hunters standing in the middle of the room. One of them was the second apostle, Jason.

“Master Bill, you’re here.”

King Becky was also in the room. As soon as he saw Bill arrive, he put away the dignified expression he wore and greeted him with a smile.

“Your Majesty, Commander Irene.” Zhou Jing greeted the two of them politely.

Becky waved his hand dismissively,

“There’s no need to be so polite. Let’s get down to business. They’re willing to use the new potion, but because it’s their first time, they’re worried that something might happen, so they want to ask you for your advice. By the way, let me introduce you. This


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