Astral Apostle

Chapter 203 - This Is Called Seduction (1)  

Chapter 203: This Is Called Seduction (1)

The King had arranged a room for Bill in the main castle. He had even specially built an apothecary table and had someone move a full set of pharmacology tools from the workshop to serve as Bill’s exclusive workstation.

In the future, Bill wouldn’t even need to go to the workshop to clock in for work. He would just do research in the Golden Castle and get someone to transport the materials from the workshop.

Seeing that the King was so determined to keep his “mistress,” Zhou Jing could only temporarily accept the arrangements and settle down.

For the next two days, he carefully walked around the Golden Castle with Hudd and Lake’s guards. He quietly recorded the details of the terrain into the interface.

In addition, after learning that he, the “Chief Pharmacist,” had moved in, many royal blood relatives and court officials came to visit in succession these few days with the intention of making friends.

Zhou Jing did not reject anyone and happily got to know many people. Before the visitors left, he even gave everyone an energy potion as a gift.

Most of the people pretended to be shy as they accepted the gifts happily. There were even some who secretly asked if they could help their friends get more.

On this day, Zhou Jing was walking his dog and training his eagle under the escort of the guards as usual. He looked like a rich playboy. When he walked down a corridor, he met Roman, who was also taking a walk. The two of them seemed to have met by chance.

“What a coincidence, Master Bill,” Roman greeted with a smile. “Do you remember me?”

“Haha, Minister Roman, of course I remember. The last time we met was a few months ago. We had a good chat. I’ve been wanting to meet you again to chat.” Zhou Jing took the initiative to show his goodwill.

Sensing Zhou Jing’s enthusiasm, Roman was a little surprised.

The two of them had only met once before, and it had been a few months since then. He had thought that Bill had been so busy that he had forgotten about him. He had not expected to make such an impression on the other party.

Could it be that his personal charm was so outstanding that Bill felt that he hit it off with himself?

Roman was delighted. He felt that he had made a good start. He put on an intimate tone as he replied,

“It’s the same for me. When I saw you at that time, I felt a sense of familiarity. Two days ago, I heard that you were staying in Golden Castle and wanted to visit you. However, I had some matters to attend to and had just finished dealing with them. I was about to look for you when I bumped into you on the way…”

Zhou Jing understood Roman’s intention to befriend him. He smiled in his heart and responded kindly on the surface.

He knew part of Roman’s background and knew that Roman had most likely come to contact him to probe and rope him in. He held the higher ground this time around and could use Roman’s actions to seduce Roman to aid him instead.

The two of them stopped in the corridor to chat. They had their own thoughts and wanted to get close to each other. This time, it was a two-way street.

Brainless and Unhappy did not even try to avoid suspicion. They stood around with their backs facing the two of them. They seemed to be guarding the area, but they were actually listening to their conversation.

Roman tried his best to show off his knowledge, chatting happily with Bill.

Under Zhou Jing’s deliberate enthusiasm, he felt that he had become closer to Bill this time.

“I thought that you would achieve something sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. The King has appointed you as the Chief Pharmacist and even invited you to stay in the Golden Castle. I heard he even wanted his daughter to marry you. Such appreciation is really amazing. I haven’t congratulated you yet. In the future, you will be a big shot in the Empire.”

Hearing this, Zhou Jing’s heart skipped a beat. He did not show any joy. Instead, he looked a little melancholic.

“That’s right. I didn’t expect the King to think so “highly” of me. Sigh, I’m only grateful.”

He deliberately emphasized certain words.

Others did not think much of it and only took it as a literal meaning. However, Roman had been paying attention to the change in Zhou Jing’s expression and could not help but be slightly stunned.

“This emotional reaction… Bill seemed to be unwilling to receive the treatment that ordinary people wanted?

“The Royal Family’s offer did not move Bill? Could it be that although Bill was a profit-seeking person, he valued freedom more and sensed the true goal of the house arrest, so he could not like the benefits the royalty gave?

“Could it be that I really have a chance?!”

Roman’s eyes lit up.

He could not be blamed for thinking so much. With the guards listening in, he felt that even if Bill was dissatisfied, he did not dare to express it openly. He felt that he could only analyze Bill’s true thoughts from his minute details.

Roman suppressed the restlessness in his heart and continued to smile.

“That’s right. The King is really especially generous to you. He took care of all your needs in the future. He doesn’t lack wealth or power, allowing you to live comfortably and not lack anything. He’s not like us who have to worry about all kinds of matters every day.”

Zhou Jing rolled his eyes and suddenly changed the topic. He asked, “Minister Roman, what do you think of wealth and authority?”

Roman was stunned by the question and did not understand what Zhou Jing meant. He deliberated and said, “It’s all about the control of resources… What a person can use and command is their wealth and authority.”

Zhou Jing nodded, then shook his head,

“You’re right, but not entirely right. In my opinion, power is the greatest wealth and authority. Or rather, only by having power can you protect your own wealth and authority.”

Roman raised his eyebrows. The two guard captains, Hudd and Lake, had also turned around and looked at Zhou Jing strangely.

At this moment, before anyone could speak, Zhou Jing continued with a sigh.

“Don’t think that I just like money and pursue wealth. In my heart, I have always had a dream, and that is to obtain extraordinary power like the Mutant Blood Warriors. I always thought of having a powerful body like them and being able to do all kinds of magical things… This is also the original intention of my research on the Mutant Blood Potion.”

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