Volume 24 Chapter 7

ACT 7 Second Coming of a Legend

Ark heard a solemn voice in his head.

-Truly immortal souls are those that don’t yield to hardships and adversity!

Ark couldn’t understand what was going on.  Although he could still think and see, his body was dead and turned to charcoal. So who was talking to the dead Ark?


-On behalf of the Creator and Destiny’s Mother who gave birth to all living creatures, I’ve been entrusted to take care of this Immortal Book.

‘Destiny’s Mother? The Immortal Book?’

Based on the information acquired from the Idea Maze, Destiny’s Mother was one of the game creators called Yuna. The fact that she was known as the Creator and Destiny’s Mother meant she was responsible for all the scenarios and NPC’s AI in New World. The AI was no different from the life of an NPC while the scenario was the NPC’s destiny.

The Creator and Destiny’s Mother predicted that this world would be threatened by a dark future.But at that time, the life expectancy of Destiny’s Mother was already finished. Therefore the last thing she did was create me. And she said. ‘You will experience the world through many people’s hands from now on. If you watch the world and want to live in a world where countless lives are truly happy then entrust this book to a warrior when there is a period of darkness.’

Destiny’s Mother wanted me to ask the warrior. What does New World mean to you?

‘What does New World mean to me…..?’

New World was the next generation of an online game! When he started New World two years ago, he wouldn’t have needed to think about the answer. It was a method to join Global Exos and gain a stable income. However, New World soon changed to a method to make money.

‘What about now? Is New World still just a way to make money?’

He thought about it. He still believed those reasons a short time ago. But when he first heard that the Red Man was trying to revive the Dark Lord, the first thing Ark thought of wasn’t money but New World. He didn’t want to admit it but New World became like an actual world to him. Over the last two years Ark had met his summons, countless numbers of NPCs and users and experienced numerous adventures. The thing he was most fearful about was that all of those things would disappear in an instant. That’s right. New World wasn’t simply an online game to Ark anymore.

‘…..This is the door that leads to another world!’

Ark thought those words in his head. The Immortal Book was silent for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

The Destiny’s Mother would be glad to hear that.

At the same time, the firmly locked Immortal Book opened. The book seemed to be engulfed in a windstorm and the letters flashed with light.

-Immortal Book: Chapter 3 <Resurrection>
-You are the warrior selected by Destiny’s Mother. The Mother of Destiny has gathered the power of the world and granted you one miracle!

Kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang!

It was at that moment. There was an intense light and four people appeared in the north, south, east and west. There was a magician wearing white robes, a woman wearing silver armour and holding a sword, a middle aged man holding a spear and a priest wearing clergyman robes!

‘T-they are….!’

Ark’s eyes widened as he saw them. He knew two of them. They were Yggdrasil, the world tree from the Underground World and Yuzuria, the world tree from Seutandal!

‘Then the other two people?’

They must be the world trees of the two continents that surfaced before the Demonic World. The Immortal Book had summoned the world trees in each direction.

-…These guys!

Lucifer glared as he saw the world trees being summoned. In the past, Lucifer’s effort to destroy the world had been undone by the 7 heroes with the help of the world trees. In other words, the existences of the world trees caused great distress to Lucifer! But the red rays just went through the world trees. The world trees were only mentally summoned here. The world trees just ignored Lucifer’s reaction.

I thought everything was over……

The world trees knew about the situation since their roots were stretched all over the world. But they couldn’t do anything even if Lucifer was restored and used the ultimate destruction magic.  The presence of the world trees was to maintain the balance of the world. They weren’t allowed to do any acts to change the history of New World. They were prohibited to openly act. But this was the ancient vision that the Creator saw! When Lucifer used the ultimate destruction magic in the past, the world trees were able to help because the 7 heroes were part of the ancient vision. But they lost their power after unleashing it and disappeared somewhere. Therefore the world trees had forgotten about the ancient vision. They appeared here thanks to the guidance of the Immortal Book. Yggdrasil looked at the Immortal Book with fascination.

Then Ark is the one from the ancient vision that the Immortal Book selected.

That’s right. Ark was apparently part of the ancient vision that occurred hundreds of years ago.

-Is this the intention of Destiny’s Mother?

The 7 heroes stopped Lucifer hundreds of years ago when he used his ultimate destruction magic. All we could do was reduce the damage to the continent.

But now……

-….. The embers of hope haven’t gone out yet.

Yuzuria nodded and looked at Yggdrasil, Yeosingwan and Changsha.

I can’t think of any better situation than this one. If we don’t use the magic then Lucifer will just destroy the world using the ultimate destruction magic. I’d like to believe in them. If this is the darkness that Destiny’s Mother foresaw then we should unseal the book.


Changsha nodded. The world trees opened both hands and the Immortal Book floated upwards and shone intensely. Then a magnificent spell emerged from the mouths of the World Trees.

In the name of the Great Creator, Destiny’s Mother……

Using your great authority that created the fate of this world……

Please show us your will……

-Great Revival, Grand Resurrection!

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

A giant waterfall of light poured down from the Immortal Book. Then the bodies of the attack squad turned to charcoal from Lucifer’s Apocalypse started changing. White skin appeared, their faces were restored and the body was formed. Ark’s skin that was as black as charcoal also returned to its original colour. At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Ark.

-The Immortal Book has used ‘The Final Nursing.’

The Creator, Destiny’s Mother had an ancient vision and made the Immortal Book. The Immortal Book has its own will. After borrowing the magic of the world trees that maintain the balance of the world, the Immortal Book was able to create one miracle.

In the past, the Immortal Book was able to amplify the Holy Knight Ronian’s Shield of Fanaticism in order to block Lucifer’s ultimate destruction spell. A few hundred years has passed and the Immortal Book is once again eager to fight Lucifer. It amplified the Creator’s ‘Nursing’ and trigger the ultimate caretaker spell ‘Great Revival.’

All allies within 2 kilometres will be restored by Great Revival. The power of the Creator has been borrowed to create a miracle! You are the world’s greatest caretaker.

<All allies within 2 kilometres will be restored to 50% health>

* Due to the success of miracle nursing, all stats increase by 10.

* The Affection stat increased by 1,000.

* Fame is increased by 1,000.

*Alignment to good increased by 200.

-You have succeeded in the ultimate Nursing and received the title of ‘Divine Caretaker.’

Your fame as a Caretaker has increased, so you will receive praises from many patients.

* As a title bonus, all stats will increase by 10.

*Fame increases by 1,000.

‘The ultimate Nursing!’

A miracle had truly happened! The Immortal Book was able to amplify the ability of the owner! Ark’s urgent wish was a chance to compete against Lucifer again so the Immortal Book had selected Nursing. The Immortal Book amplified Nursing with the Creator’s power and resurrected the attack squad. Thanks to that, all of the attack squad killed by Apocalypse had recovered. Ark also received an additional +20 stat bonus. But the Immortal Book’s miracle wasn’t over yet.

The holy relic is needed! Or else the world created by Destiny’s Mother will become lost to chaos!

Yeosingwan reached out his hand and shouted. At the same time, a brilliant light appeared in the centre where the attack squad members were gathered.

“Isn’t that the Ark of Creation?”

Ark murmured as he looked at the light. Lariette was then pulled by an unseen force to the front of the Ark of Creation. The Ark of Creation automatically opened and a pure white light soared into the sky. It spun fiercely before being drawn into Lariette’s body. When the light entwined with Lariette’s body, her body became thousands of times larger. However, the image that floated in the black sky was different from Lariette. With black hair like obsidian, crystal clear eyes and skin as white as a snowfield, she was a surprisingly beautiful woman……no, it was the form of a goddess.

‘That face….. Such a thing!’

Ark belatedly realized something as he looked at the goddess. It was Yuna’s face that Ark saw many times when collecting information from the Idea Maze! So Yuna’s face wasn’t strange to Ark anymore. But he never imagined that he would see that face anywhere else in New World. But she had appeared from the Ark of Creation. The person emerging from the Ark of Creation….. Was Yuna.

‘That’s right. The Creator’s body had emerged from the Ark of Creation. The Immortal Book has talked about Destiny’s Mother many times. Destiny’s Mother was Yuna. That means Yuna created both the Ark of Creation and the Immortal Book.’

After thinking about it, Ark had a doubtful question. Despite suffering from an illness, Yuna had continued working until she died. Therefore Park Woo-seong wanted revenge for Yuna and revived the Dark Lord in order to destroy New World. Then why did Yuna make the Ark of Creation and Immortal Book that were the keys to stopping the Dark Lord? Why? Ark was thinking that when he heard something. The expedition members and demons had seen the scene of the goddess’ huge wings flapping before. But the light which burnt through the darkness didn’t appear this time.

“A warm breeze and a ball of sunshine….. H-how wonderful!”

The attack squad were revived thanks to Nursing but they only regained 50% health. Therefore Roco had sung the songs of recovery as soon as she revived. While Roco was signing, Lariette had used the Ark of Creation and the goddess appeared. And when the light enveloped Lariette…..


Roco’s singing voice emerged from the mouth of the goddess. It felt like hearing the sounds of elves singing sweetly in mysterious woods. The health and mana of all the allies around Kwarian recovered by a huge amount. At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Ark.

-The Ark of creation has been triggered!

The power of the Creator who made this world in the beginning is contained inside the Ark of Creation. Because both light and dark were a part of the Creator, this power can be used for light or darkness. If used by a Holy Knight then it can be a blessing or a curse if used by a Ruin Knight.

When a Saint Knight calls upon the inner light (Sanctuary: Saint). When a Ruin Knight calls upon the darkness (Sanctuary: Devil).

The combination of Immortal Book and Destiny’s Mother has created one more miracle. The love of God will rescue the world.

* Saint Knight, Minstrel’s cooperative chain skill ‘Sanctuary: Holy Hymn’ was triggered.

<All allies within 10 kilometres will recover 100% of their health. In addition, courage and morale will increase by 50% for all allies while the demons will have their courage and moral decreased by 50%>

Complete recovery for all soldiers within 10 kilometres!

-Ark, we believe in you.

The world trees became exhausted after using so much magic and gradually faded. The Immortal Book also broke down to single sheets of paper and scattered all over the place. However, the expedition forces already had no interest in the world trees and the Immortal Book.

“Everybody has been restored!”

“Our stamina has recovered!”

“This is evidence that we have God on our side!”

“We need to quickly exterminate the demons and help the attack squad!”

“All airships, recharge the magic gun and the Spear of Thor!”

“Iron armour fleet, open the muzzles of the guns and rush towards the demons!”

The expedition members who saw the complete destruction of the attack squad fought even more desperately after the miracle occurred. Thanks to the boost in courage and morale from Holy Hymn, they poured attacks towards the demon. Ark who was watching the counterattack also regained his vigour.

‘The flow has changed thanks to the Immortal Book!’

-Ugh, these brats….. They revived again?

Lucifer’s eyes finally turned towards them after the world trees disappeared. And the thousands of demons surrounding Lucifer rushed.

“All members make your formations and prepare for the collision!”

Ark withdrew and ordered Thanks to Ark’s miracle, the attack squad had another chance to fight Lucifer. However, the current situation wasn’t enough for him to shout with joy. There were currently 800 troops gathered around Ark. It wouldn’t be easy to deal with Lucifer with those numbers, let alone the thousands of demons. Previously they had been able to ignore the demons and focus on attacking Lucifer thanks to the flying boats. But the miracle hadn’t resurrected the flying boats.

‘We need to deal with the demons and Lucifer.’

If he just looked at this situation then he couldn’t do that much. But Ark believed there was a way.


The demons used their claws and fangs.

“Arrow Storm!”

“My wrath shall be a lightning strike….. Chain Lightning!”

Arrows and magic flew everywhere. And it hit the demons who were jumping towards the attack squad. The demons hit by the attacks unexpectedly flew backwards. Hundreds of warriors flocked from the wreckage of a building and attacked the demons.


Ark grinned as he looked at them. Hundreds of warriors had suddenly appeared from the wreckage of the building. When a user died in New World, their body didn’t disappear straight away. These bodies remained in the building wreckage. And everybody was restored thanks to ultimate Nursing. Of course, Ark hadn’t expected a complete miracle even if ultimate Nursing was used. Ark was worried that the users wouldn’t access the game even if their characters were revived. But despite his worries, the revived attack squad had returned to the battlefield straight away. The reason the warriors were able to return to the battlefield was because they had been watching on TV. All gamers were focused on this battle. The attack squad warriors killed in battle were the same. They had been watching the game exclusive news when they saw ultimate Nursing and entered the game unit straight away.

“Hahahaha, I really did revive!”

“Anyway, I’ve already died once. Nothing is frightening anymore!”

It wasn’t just the effects of being revived. Even without the morale +50% effect of the Ark of Creation, their morale was already incredibly high.

“This is our strategy! Our opponents are thousands of demons and Lucifer. But the demons have formed tight formations around Lucifer so attacking recklessly is suicide. Therefore you will split into units of 10 people to deal with the demons.  But this mission isn’t to kill the demons! It is important to avoid Lucifer’s attack. Always watch for movement and stay as far away from Lucifer as possible!”

“In other words….. Keep running?”

Shambala frowned after hearing Ark’s command. Ark laughed and nodded his head.

“That’s right.”

“What if Lucifer uses that destruction magic again……”

“He can’t use that magic now.”

Ark laughed at Shambala’s words. That’s right. No matter how much the attack squad avoided Lucifer, it would be impossible if he used Apocalypse. It was a cheat like magic that destroyed all enemies in a 2 kilometre area! If Lucifer used Apocalypse again then the attack squad would be completely wiped out. The Immortal Book had scattered so there were no more miracles. However, Lucifer’s Apocalypse was also a one-time only magic. That’s because Ark knew the conditions to use Apocalypse through Skill Penetration. Lucifer had to pay 50% of his health in exchange for triggering Apocalypse. And Lucifer had already sacrificed 50% of his health. Meanwhile the attack squad had decreased his health by 1~2% before he used the magic so his present health was 49%!

“If he uses Apocalypse in that state then he will die before us.”

“But we won’t be able to win if we keep on running.”

“Who says we’re only running away?”

“Didn’t you say it just now?”

“You’re just running away until I wipe out the demons.”

“What? Wipe out all the demons? You alone? Even if you died and revived, isn’t that too much?”

Shambala looked at him with perplexed eyes.

“Huhuhu, just watch as I use my skills to beat the demons.”

Ark laughed and raised a finger.

“Summon Demon, Curio!”

“Oh! Master, you’re alive?”

Curio asked as he appeared in front of Ark. Ark grabbed Curio’s neck firmly and shouted.

“Let’s get started. Vampire skill, use Entrusted Volumes!”

“Ohhhh! Entrusted Volumes!”

That’s right. This was the special move Ark had prepared before escaping from the labyrinth.

“I have to fight against the Red Man in order to prevent the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony. There is no guarantee I can win against the Red Man with my power now. Then I should consider a special knockdown attack.”

The Entrusted Volumes skill surfaced in Ark’s head. It was a technique that gave a lot of bizarre effects impossible to be found elsewhere. Despite that, there were two reasons why Ark didn’t utilize the power of Entrusted Volumes properly. It consumed 500 health and there was no guarantee that he could get the effect he desired. In fact, didn’t the founder of this technique die because he used Entrusted Volumes in a decisive moment?

“But if I use the right timing then Entrusted Volumes could show an enormous effect.”

So Ark had studied ways to trigger the effects of Entrusted Volumes. Since Entrusted Volumes was influenced by properties, alignment and environment, the probability was only 60~70%. Ark had been halfway to giving up when he accidentally found a surprising way to settle the problems with Entrusted Volumes. It was Curio’s ability to absorb skills! That’s right. Curio could absorb a skill when he used Blood-sucking. If Ark triggered the necessary effect from Entrusted Volumes then Curio could absorb that effect using Blood-sucking. It was why Ark pulled Curio to a corner after defeating Maseutyu. It was to preserve a knockdown effect of Entrusted Volumes. That’s why Ark had released Curio’s summoning while on the verge of death. If Curio died then the skill he registered would fly away. Now was the time to see the results of that effort. When Curio used the skill, an information window appeared in front of Ark.

-Curio is able to used ‘Entrusted Volumes’ that is saved in a skill slot.

* Results

【Properties】: <Mischievous> 【Alignment】:<Skilful person> 【Environment】: <Mirror>

The attack method chosen is‘Mimic.’

<The caster can imitate the last attack they received. However, this is just an imitation of the skill so only 80% of its power will be shown>

Curio’s 1st stored skill: Entrusted Volumes (Mimic)! Ark had accidentally discovered the Mimic effect during his testing. The Mimic effect was quite strange and fascinating. When Mimic was used, Ark could return the last attack he received at 80% of the power. And the last attack from Lucifer before he died……

-Lucifer’s Divine Skill Apocalypse has been triggered with Mimic!

Apocalypse is the last destruction spell that Lucifer used. The skill was be used 5 minutes afterwards.

<A new territory declaration will be used and all demons within the area will be destroyed. Because this is just an imitation, the territory declaration will disappear after it is used. It will consume 50% health and the power decreased to 80% so it will only deal 72,000~80,000 damage>

That’s right. It was Lucifer’s ultimate destruction magic Apocalypse! When Mimic was used, Ark’s body was wrapped in a black aura and Apocalypse invoked. Even if the power was only 80% of the original, all enemies within 2 kilometres would receive 72,000~80,000 damage!

“I never imagined that I could imitate a skill like this.”

Ark smiled as the skill was triggered. Saving the Entrusted Volumes (mimic) turned out to be a jackpot! So the reason Ark had the attack squad run around was to reduce the damage to them while the skill was being invoked. It was an attack that would deal 72,000~80,000 damage in one blow! When the skill was used, all the demons would have an instant death like the attack squad previously. Then there was no reason to fight.

-Unbelievable! How do you…..?

Lucifer exclaimed as he saw Ark use the skill.

“Why? Do you have a copyright over this skill?”

You…. Kill him!

Thousands of demons ran towards Ark at Lucifer’s command. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members stood in front of him and shouted.

“Stop those guys!”

“Protect Ark by every means possible!”

If Ark received a critical hit then the skill would be cancelled. While Ark used Sprint to run away, JusticeMan and the attack squad blocked the demons. But Lucifer blocked Ark’s way after a long game of tag. The moment he was about to bring a fist down, Ark smiled and muttered.

“Too late.”

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku!

At the same time, there was a deafening roar and the dark sky split. The three devils Anger, Fear and Despair were descending.

Kuooh, you morons! It wasn’t me….. Go back!

Lucifer raised his head and screamed at the three devils. However, the three devils weren’t listening to Lucifer anymore. They ignored Lucifer and their eyes flashed. Once again, thousands of red rays shot outwards in different directions.  The rays also ignored the Rwigenberg’s shield and pierced through. But their targets weren’t the expedition members but the demons and Lucifer.


The demons turned pale with fear and ran around all over the place. But it was already impossible to escape from the ultimate destruction spell.

Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang!

Thousands of red rays fell vertically from the sky! The demons turned to charcoal and fell to the ground.

-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen.
-Your level has risen…….

After the demons were killed with one blow, the message windows floated in front of them. But the experience was shared between the attack squad members. However, not everyone received the same amount of experience. The one who dealt the largest blow to the enemy would receive the most experience. Moreover, Ark was also the commander. He received bonus experience and fame every time he killed an enemy. Therefore Ark jumped up 7 levels to 504. But when Ark broke through level 500, an unimaginable change to his body took place. His arms started tingling and the last tattoo was unsealed. Then an information window flashed in front of him.

-A seal of ‘Eternal Soul’ has been released and you’ve acquired a new profession-specific skill.
【Demonic Response】: Eternal Soul stage 9 (Passive)

‘Demonic Response’ is a necessary stage to learn if they want to reach the enlightenment needed for Eternal Soul. When fighting against a monster with the demonic attribute, you will deal additional 50% damage to the demons and gain +60% resistance to the demonic attribute.  In addition, you will be able to detect hidden demonic power within the bodies of monsters.

<When sensing a demonic attribute, you will deal +50% damage against demonic monsters and gain +60% resistance to the demonic attribute>

【Hero Fusion】: Eternal Soul stage 10 (Active)

The Dark Lord returned to hell after being defeated by the 7 heroes but Hero Maban knew that he would return to the world after hundreds of years. Unlike the other heroes, Hero Maban stayed in Oberium and devoted his life to finding a way to defeat the forces of darkness. After many years of meditation, he realized that if the power of heroes with different attributes were gathered in one person then the forces of darkness could be defeated.

After a lot of researching, Hero Maban came up with Hero Fusion. Hero Fusion is a technique which draws the power of Area Declaration into one body. You can even absorb the power of the heroes’ descendants’ Area Declaration. The absorption of the Area Declaration into your body will give you superhuman ability. But Hero Fusion is impossible for someone who hasn’t raised their abilities sufficiently to endure. Therefore it can only be learnt once level 500 is reached.

<The Area Declarations of the heroes’ descendants are absorbed>

“The last Eternal Soul!”

Ark’s eyes shone as he checked the information window. Finally all the seals of Eternal Soul have been released. However, Ark didn’t change to his 3rd profession despite all the seals being released. It was clear that Eternal Soul was his 3rd stage profession but some conditions must still be lacking.

‘Anyway, now I have 50% additional damage against demons! If Shining Darkness is added then that is 70%! That alone is worth Eternal Soul being unsealed! Now all the demons have disappeared so only the Dark Lord Lucifer is left!’

Ark’s eyes flashed as he looked at Lucifer. Lucifer had failed to avoid Apocalypse. Furthermore, Apocalypse ignored all defences and shields! Therefore Lucifer’s dark armour couldn’t stop the flames from Apocalypse.

-Kuaaaah! T-these guys…..!

Lucifer who had attempted to attack Ark was wrapped in flames and retreated with a shriek. He lost 10% of his health at the same time. Ark’s mouth gaped open.

‘Apocalypse did 72,000~80,000 damage but he only lost 10%? Doesn’t that mean he has a minimum health of 720,000~800,000? It has decreased by 60% so he still has around 320,000 left!’

While Ark hadn’t expected Lucifer to die, he at least expected him to be in a critical condition. But despite being hit by Fear, Anger and Despair, his health had only decrease by 10% and he still has 320,000 left.

….320,000 health?

The number was enough to make someone lose their spirits.

‘Even if all the demons are killed, the odds aren’t in our favour with only 1,200 members of the attack squad. The attack squad attacked using the flying boats for 1 hour and his health only decreased by 1~2%……

If he wanted to reduce Lucifer’s health by 40% then wouldn’t it take 30~40 hours? No matter how high morale was, that much was physically impossible. Of course, the situation could change if the airships and armoured fleet lent their power.

‘But the Apocalypse that I used only killed the demons around Rwigenberg.’ Kwarian was still infested with thousands of demons.

Of course, the expedition forces had their moral increased thanks to Holy Hymn so they were overwhelming the demons. But it was impossible to wipe out the demons and penetrate the defense shield in a short amount of time.

‘Damn, how can I kill this Dark Lord…..? ?’

After confirming Lucifer’s health, Ark felt his morale gradually decrease. At that moment, Ark looked at Lucifer and saw a strange scene. When Lucifer was engulfed by the flames, his dark armour protected him a little bit but it soon melted like scales. When that happened, Lucifer’s real skin swarming with maggots was revealed. Although the attack squad members screamed at the disgusting appearance, Ark was different. Ark showed interest as he looked at the unsightly body.

“What, what the? This is?’

Ark looked at the chest portion that was revealed when the dark armour melted. He had discovered something.

‘Perhaps….. Did I really see it for sure? Wait? Lucifer also didn’t appear until later. Why didn’t I think of that? It is strange that he hasn’t been seen since Lucifer was restored. Then he was in there all along? In that case….’

Ark had the idea and looked at the blinking warning message on the top right.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

<Time remaining until the Dark Lord’s resurrection: 48 minutes>

‘There’s no doubt. That explains it. Then…..!’

Ark organized his thoughts before opening his eyes. He ran towards Lucifer and yelled.

“Shambhala, Bread, come with me! Lariette, Wormer, Redian and Timosi, please support us! JusticeMan ajusshi, concentrate all the troops in the front!”

“What? Gathering all the troops in one place…..”

They were a chance they would be wiped out by Lucifer’s wide area attacks. But Ark just shook his head and shouted.

“I don’t have time to explain in detail. This is our chance while he is still confused by the flames.”

“….Understood. All troops gather in front of Lucifer!”

The attack squad cried out and flocked in front of Lucifer. Meanwhile, Ark who had joined the other heroes’ descendants arrived in front of Lucifer first and shouted.

“Curio, Entrusted Volumes (Excellent Luck) fire!”


A vending machine appeared in front of Curio and the skill was exercised.

-Curio has used the power of Entrusted Volumes.

* Results

【Properties】<Good Luck>   【Alignment】:<Aristocrat>   【Environment】:<King’s Hall>

The effect that has been selected is ‘Excellent Luck.’

<All allies within 100 metres will have their luck increased by 200% for 10 minutes. When luck increases, the probability of a critical hit or a special attack will increase>

Curio’s 2nd saved vampire skill Entrusted Volumes (Excellent Luck) was used! The effect increased the luck of all surrounding allies by 200%! It might not seem like much but it surprisingly had a good effect once used.  Luck was usually a stat that users didn’t raise. However, the stat had a large influence since it increased the chances of a critical hit. Of course, raising luck didn’t have any obvious effect so most players would rather raise intelligence of agility.However, the strongest buff from intelligence or agility only raised luck by 50% while Entrusted Volumes (Excellent Luck) increased it by 200%. That was enough to greatly increase the chances of critical hits by the attack squad members. But that wasn’t the only reason why Ark used ‘Excellent Luck.’

“All troops attack Lucifer’s chest in harmony! Dark Strike!”

Ark and the 1,200 soldiers he commanded fired their skills towards Lucifer’s chest. There were huge flashes, flames and explosions as the dark armour on Lucifer’s chest gradually faded away. The attack damage was overwhelming the recovery rate of the dark armour.

‘It is possible to peel off his armour like this. Before it was harder to concentrate the attacks on Lucifer’s chest while avoiding damage using the flying boats.’

Then Ark looked towards the heroes’ descendants and yelled.

“Shambala, Bread, Redian, Lariette, Timosi and Wormer, don’t attack randomly and fire the skill with the exact timing. One, two, three.  Dark Blade!”

“Earth storm!”

“Torpedo Sword!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

When the heroes’ descendants used precise timing to use their skills, there was a massive ringing sound. And after those attacks succeeding many times…..

Suddenly there was a violent lightning and an information window popped up.

-A new group cooperation has been registered.

Cooperation: When your profession-specific skill aligns by 70% with your allies, there is an opportunity to learn a cooperative attack. Presently Ark-nim, Lariette-nim, Shambala-nim, Bread-nim, Redian-nim, Timosi-nim and Wormer-nim’s cooperation has reached 73%. In addition, the profession-specific skills have met the criteria and a new group cooperation has been registered.

However, the chances of activating the cooperative skill is 5% and if even 1 of the 7 people fail within the time limit then it will be cancelled.

 * Currently available group cooperation


Dark Blade (Properties: Darkness) = Torpedo Sword (Properties: Lightning) = Grand Cross (Properties= Holy) = Earth Storm (Properties: Beast) = Volcano of Hell (Properties: Fire) = Devil Penetrating Arrow (Property: Exorcism) = Throwing Equipment (Properties: Machine)

<Cooperation success: A chance to trigger +1,000% additional damage to each skill>

“Yes, it was successful!”

Ark cried with joy as he saw the information window. That’s right. This was why Ark had used Entrusted Volumes (Excellent Luck). Even if their cooperation was more than 70%, there was only a 5% chance to trigger the special move. It wasn’t possible to use in battle unless they had tremendous luck and timing. But it all depended on luck. If all of their lucks increased by 200% then it was possible to use the cooperative skill.

“Dark Blade!”

Ark used his sword to attack the black armour. Then Ark’s attack disappeared and a huge sword appeared in the sky. Shambala and Lariette had already used cooperation with him once so they skillfully connected their attacks and sparks appeared around the sword and formed a cross.

“Haaayaahh, Earth Storm!”

“….. Destroy the enemy, Volcano of Hell!”

“Matanyi Shooter no. 1, Devil Penetrating Arrow!”

“Take this, 1 gold wrench!”

The rest proved that they were heroes’ descendants and also connected their skills. When six people united their skills, a huge cross sword surrounded by a storm of fire was hanging in the air. Finally Wormer threw a wrench and an enormous mechanical soldier appeared, grabbing the sword and thrusting it towards Lucifer’s chest.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The cross sword was driven into Lucifer’s chest and a deafening roar occurred. Each skill gave an extra x1,000% damage! Lucifer’s chest received enormous damage and his health was decreased by 1%. 1%….. When considering the visual effects, the result was bitter. That was equivalent to the combination of the attack squad’s desperate attacks at the beginning. However, Ark hadn’t used the cooperation skill in order to damage Lucifer.

“That guy’s chest has opened!”

The dark armour in that location had disappeared and Ark stared at his chest. The maggots around Lucifer’s chest….. The Red Man was surprisingly located in a clear capsule lodged in the chest. That’s right. Ark had notice the Red Man after the flames from Apocalypse melted the dark armour. In fact, Lucifer’s presence was so strong that Ark had forgotten about the Red Man. Then he saw the Red Man lodged in Lucifer’s chest and a question popped into his head.

‘The Red Man isn’t lodged in there for no reason. If that’s the case then why?’

He recalled the past and received a clue to answer that question. When Ark saw Lucifer for the first time, the warning message stated that there was still approximately 2 hours left until Lucifer was resurrected. Despite that, Lucifer had appeared in front of the attack squad members. How on earth? That was the question in the back of his mind while fighting Lucifer. But he immediately came up with an answer after seeing the Red Man in Lucifer’s chest.

‘What if Lucifer’s resurrection ceremony is still in progress? Then the reason why Lucifer is moving…… Maybe the Red Man is moving Lucifer’s body while the resurrection ceremony is progressing?’

This was the hypothesis Ark came up with. Of course, this was still only Ark’s guess. But it was a fact that the Red Man was lodged in Lucifer’s chest. Then he must be there for some important purpose. And that purpose wouldn’t be good for Ark.

‘If I open the chest then everything will become clear!’

Thus Ark concentrated the attacks on Lucifer’s chest. The shield was gone and the Red Man was exposed. There was only one thing left to do!

“Summon Demon, Burning Soul, transform into Pendragon!”

Kurarara, kurarara!

At that time, the space warped and Burning Soul appeared before transforming into a burning dragon. Ark got on Burning Soul and flew towards Lucifer’s chest. The dark armour was gone but Lucifer swung both arms as Ark closed in. Ark just made Burning Soul rise vertically and exclaimed.

“Jump, Dark Blade, Adol!”

It was the chain attack of Jump and Dark Blade!

Ark flew like an arrow and drove his sword into Lucifer’s chest. Ark’s sword dug around at the flesh tangled around the Red Man’s capsule. Ark grasped the capsule while tearing at the flesh surrounding it. But the opponent was Lucifer. The skin was strong like rubber and he couldn’t cut it properly.

“Ugh, damn…..!”

“Ark, his shield is closing! Heavy Sword!”

Then he heard Shambala’s yell. He turned around and saw that the dark armour was recovering. Ark was clinging to the chest so the attack squad members were too afraid to attack. If he was trapped in the dark armour while defenseless then he would be destroyed in a few seconds!

“But there is no other way!”

Lucifer had already escaped from his confusion. He also knew that Ark was aiming for the chest so he wouldn’t get this chance again. And if Ark was fighting an incomplete Lucifer….. It was difficult to believe but Lucifer wasn’t complete.

‘He will only become complete when the resurrection ceremony finishes. In other words, Lucifer will become much stronger after 40 minutes.’

Ark used his sword even more frantically.

“Now it is either attack or die…..”

However, Ark soon became covered by the dark armour. Screams emerged from all over the place as Ark was covered with the dark armour.

“Ah, Ark-nim!”

“Ark oppa!”


“T-this, attack! Concentrate all your firepower before that shield thickens!”

JusticeMan stared dumbly before shouting. The attack squad members were desperately trying to attack when Lucifer’s chest suddenly shook. A lump formed and Ark’s voice could be heard.

“……Shining Darkness!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

He had sealed up the demons in his sword while fighting. How strong would Shining Darkness be when charged with 60 demons? At the same time, the dark armour exploded open and the capsule popped out.


Ark who received considerable damage while being trapped in the dark armour also fell out. At the same time, the capsule fell beside Lucifer’s foot and shattered. The Red Man staggered out of the wreckage of the capsule. He glared at Ark with deep red eyes and angrily proclaimed.


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