Volume 24 Chapter 6

ACT 6 The Dark Lord



800 of the attack squad members collapsed through the door. The attack squad had wandered the Idea Maze for almost 10 hours. The forlorn hope of exiting the maze in time gradually disappeared. Now it didn’t matter.

“Reform your battle positions!”

Ark stood up and shouted. Fortunately they managed to escape from the Idea Maze and entered the dome within the time limit. However, he couldn’t afford to sigh with relief. The Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony was taking place in this dome! Of course there would be some demons as the last line of defense.

“1st battalion, 2nd battalion and 3rd battalion, form defense lines!”

“Magicians and archers support the warriors!”

As expected, the experienced users raised their bodies and held their positions. They were prepared for the demons’ attacks but the inside of the dome was dead quiet. He couldn’t see the expected thousands of demons or any preparations for the resurrection ceremony.

‘What the? Surely it is taking place here……’

Ark’s eyes looked at the blank space.

“Ark, over there.”

Shambala muttered in a low voice. Ark used ‘Eyes of the Cat’ and the shape of a man appeared in the darkness. He was a man with red hair and wearing a white mask.

“….. The Red Man!”

That’s right. The Red Man was the main source behind this event. The Red Man responded to Ark’s voice.

“Huhuhu, you came all the way here but……”

“Catechism Dance!”

The Red Man was proceeding with the resurrection ceremony. How long did it take for Ark and the attack squad to get here? And how many expedition members lost their lives? All that effort and sacrifice was to stop the Red Man in front of them. Their target was right in front of them so why did they need to talk? When the Red Man revealed his form, Ark, Shambala, Bread, Redian, Lariette, Timosi and Wormer all turned their bodies simultaneously without speaking. Hundreds of years ago, the 7 heroes in the Dark Century was also facing the same situation as their descendants.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

At the same time, there was a roar and countless attacks flew towards the place where the Red Man was. It was extravagant power! Not even the Red Man would be unscathed from these attacks!

“What, what the, this feeling is?”

“The Red Man……”

However, Ark and the heroes’ descendants were the ones baffled. They clearly used their knockdown techniques on the Red Man. He confirmed with his own eyes that his sword was driven into that guy’s vital spot. But while he saw it with his eyes, he didn’t feel it in his hands. All the attacks just went through the Red Man’s body.

“…..It is already too late.

Then the Red Man’s voice was heard from behind them. Ark flinched and turned around. The Red Man was standing in a huge crater and his form started to gradually blur. His body became transparent and faded away.

“What the? Spatial movement?”

Burning Soul, use Stalking to keep track of his location!”

Ark thought the Red Man had used Warp to run away.

-Burning Soul has used Stalking but failed to track the location.

<There was a mistake with the target or the command was inaccurate>

‘What? There was a mistake with the target or the command was inaccurate?’

Ark couldn’t understand what that meant. Redian also moved to the place where the Red Mana disappeared and used Mana Detection before shouting.

“Ark, he didn’t use spatial movement. He wasn’t here in the first place!”

“What? Then where is he?”

“I don’t know……”

Redian was answering when she suddenly closed her mouth. She looked up at the ceiling and paled before screaming.

“…..B-back up, everybody back up!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Redian screamed and then the ceiling of the dome exploded. Ark shouted towards the attack squad.

“Damn, is it another trap? Everybody prepare for falling rocks!”

The attack squad raised their shields after hearing Ark’s command. However, the ceiling shattered into many pieces and scattered hundreds of metres away. It felt like pressure had built up in the dome until it suddenly exploded the ceiling.

“What the hell? What just happened?”

The attack squad couldn’t understand the phenomenon and murmured noisily.

Dukong, dukong, dukong, dukong!

Then there was a massive ringing sound and the whole space started shaking. Their nerves were already tense so the attack squad looked around with uneasy eyes. Then Redian who was looking absent-mindedly up at the sky stiffened.


“That’s impossible, the Dark…..”

Everybody focused on something descending in the darkness. It was a distinct shape in the darkness. Like a newly escape moth, an existence with eight flapping wings descended slowly towards the dome! The head had 6 weirdly twisted horns and eyes as red as blood. Sharp fangs peeked out from the open mouth and there was a black aura around it. It was unmistakeably the shape of a demon! But the attack squad wasn’t frozen because of the outward form. The monster had a giant 100 metres frame.


It stared vacantly at the attack squad as it landed on the floor. The flapping wings and huge form cause the floor to vibrate. At the same time, a warning message appeared in front of all the expedition members around Kwarian Island.

-The elite boss, Dark Lord ‘Lucifer’ has appeared.

“Oh my god! H-how come…..?”

A confused moan emerged from Ark’s mouth as he checked the blinking warning on the upper right corner.

-Somewhere in the darkness of the world, the Dark Lord’s resurrection ceremony has begun!

<Time remaining until the Dark Lord’s resurrection: 1 hour and 50 minutes>


The whole area was wrapped in silence. Time seemed to stop for 1 second. Not even the sound of wind or waves was heard. The expedition members, the demons and even Mother Nature appeared to be overwhelmed by the huge presence above the Rwigenberg. The existence was revealed in front of all the expedition members. And the warning message wasn’t necessary at all. The thousands of expedition members turned pale in fear from the overwhelming power.

That’s right. The Dark Lord that terrorised the world hundreds of years ago…. He had the name of the ruler of hell, Lucifer!

“Oh my god…..!”

A hopeless groan emerged from the mouths of the expedition members around Kwarian. The expedition members fighting thousands of demons lost all their motivation as Lucifer appeared. They felt despair because the ‘Dark Lord had been resurrected.’ They lost their will after discovering that the Dark Lord had been restored. But the despair of the attack squad was different. They were subjected to the tremendous power of Lucifer close up that it was even difficult to breathe. Furthermore, they hadn’t fallen into confusion simply because of Lucifer’s appearance. The attack squad stuttered.

“T-this is…… What’s going on?”

“The resurrection time….. Isn’t it still unfinished?”

“Then why on earth….. Is there some deficit?”

“Something, something….. Is wrong!”

This was the reason why the attack squad members were in a state of panic. Lucifer had appeared! Yet wasn’t there still 1 hour and 50 minutes left? The attack squad held it in and only rushed to the restroom during the spare time in order to thwart the resurrection. After all that trouble, they had barely arrived with 1 hour and 50 minutes left. So why had Lucifer revived earlier than the predetermined time? What sort of absurd situation was this?

“This is…….”

Ark stared at the warning message in the corner which blinked and updated. The timer was still counting down to Lucifer’s resurrection. It was to the extent that Ark felt like shooting Dark Strike at the warning message.  Moreover, Lucifer wasn’t the only one threatening the attack squad.


Thousands of demons had flocked towards the dome before the entered the Idea Maze! Now the demons were heading towards the attack squad.

‘I don’t know how it happened but Lucifer is already revived. And we are surrounded by thousands of demons. The only choices left is to give up and die or attack and risk dying.’

As always, the answer was clear once the choices were narrowed. Wasn’t it better to die swinging a sword then just watching?

‘Besides, it isn’t 100% decided that we’re defeated!’

But the morale of the attack squad was already on the ground. Even if he cried out for a battle charge, it wouldn’t have that much effect.


Ark thought for a bit before using Intimidation.

“You morons, wake up! As you probably know, our appearance is being broadcasted all over the world through my eye. Your friends, families or lovers might be watching. Are you going to give them the impression that you’re scared of a monster in an online game? Then any members who want to should run away now. All those watching will brand them as cowards!”

“….. Now you are threatening your forces with such a trivial thing. Just like Hitler.”

Shambala shook his head at Ark’s threat. However Ark’s threat had an enormous effect.

“Ah, that reminds me!”

The frozen attack squad members winced and started moving. That’s right. Every battlefield around Kwarian was being broadcasted on most TV stations around the world. But the game exclusive news broadcasting the scene from Ark’s eye had the highest audience rating. In other words, the whole world was watching the video where the attack squad were the main characters. So thousands of encouragement appeared on the internet during each battle. That was the driving force behind Ark’s threat. If they shrank back then they would be labelled as a coward from the public on the internet. And there was a possibility that their friends would also act the same. Lucifer had an impact on their real lives! Thus the attitude of the attack squad changed by 180 degrees.

“W-who is frightened?”

“Lucifer isn’t scary at all!”

“Isn’t the Dark Lord just a monster?”

The attack squad shouted as they spewed nonsense.

“Yes, nothing has changed. Our purpose was to prevent the Dark Lord’s resurrection and that just changed to defeating the Dark Lord. Even if we die, giving up doesn’t exist for us. No matter what happens, we have to do our best to kill the Dark Lord!”


The attack squad simultaneously raised their arms and screamed.


At the same time, the demons circling the square shrieked and ran up. It was impossible no matter how much their morale had climbed. The 800 attack squad members could barely deal with the thousands of demons let along Lucifer. But Ark was still giving out orders.

“If we stay on the ground then the odds aren’t in our favour! Everybody board the flying boats!”

That’s right. The flying boats that the attack squad used to burst into Rwigenberg! The battlefield had moved outside the dome so it was possible to board the flying boats.  It wasn’t necessary to pay attention to the demons with the flying boats. In addition, it would be easier to deal with the 100 metres large Lucifer.

Buaaaah! Buaaaah!

The attack squad climbed onto the flying board and flew off in unison. Ark also flew into the sky on the transformed Burning Soul and exclaimed.

“Enter your formations. Attack!”

The several hundred flying boats charged towards Lucifer. The warriors holding shields and swords surrounded Lucifer while the magicians and archers poured out a shower of attacks.

“Heroic Strike!”

“The power of light to destroy the dark, Ray!”

“Arrow piercing the darkness!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwang, kwa kwa kwa kwang!

Lucifer’s body was enveloped in flashes and detonations. Lucifer stumbled and took one step back.

“That’s it. He’s stumbling!”

“That is evidence that we’re not impervious to our attacks! We can win!”

“That Lucifer bastard, he’s no big deal! He also didn’t counterattack!”

The attack squad fired their skills even more desperately after seeing Lucifer’s reaction.


The detonations were suddenly sucked in by something. It was inhaled by Lucifer’s enormous mouth that gradually became wider. He had sucked in all the detonations just by taking a breath. But that wasn’t what shocked the attack squad.

“What the, that is?”

“He didn’t even receive one scratch from the attacks?”

While the health of the opponents couldn’t be determined in New World, there were various methods to determine the damage received. For example, the durability of the armour would decrease so it would become dented or bruises would appear on the skin. However, Lucifer’s body didn’t show one wound despite receiving the concentrated attacks.

“No way! It’s a scam!”

The attack squad protested strongly but Lucifer didn’t listen to them. Instead hundreds of red rays shot from his mouth after he swallowed the detonations.

“W-what is going on? Iron wall defense!”

“Use Willpower Exchange and then your shields!”

“Great Mana, be a shield. Absolute Shield!”

The warriors freaked out and lifted their shields while the magicians in the rear used wide area shield magic through Willpower Exchange. But the red rays from Lucifer’s mouth shattered the defences and pierced the heads of the attack squad.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

Dozens of deep red flames welled up at the same time. The ensuing devastation poured cold water on the moral of the attack squad. Everything became chaos from the effect of the bombs. Those within range of the wide area magic lost 30~50% health while the flying boats became tattered or crashed. But that wasn’t the end.


The members in the boats that crashed to the ground were shredded within seconds by the demons. The sight of their colleagues becoming dog food (?) made all their fears surface again.

-Mayflies….. These guys…..!

Then Lucifer spoke in an eerie voice. His full length was 100 metres! When the huge figure around the size of a 25 storey building moved, the entire ground shook. Lucifer waved his palm and swept through dozens of metres.

“Huck! S-scatter!”

“It’s too late! Block!”

The warriors freaked out and simultaneously lifted their shields. However, the relative arm length of a 100 metre monster was 50 metres. The shield couldn’t help against the weight behind the arm that reached hundreds of tons.


The warriors screamed as it felt like they were hit by a truck and were thrown backwards.

……. Once again their levels, skills and equipment were some of the strongest in New World. The same was true for other professions but the warriors’ attacks and defense were especially on a different level. Every time they levelled up, they gained all sorts of passive skills. As the warriors were always in the front of a party and had the role of a tank, it was important that they learnt ‘shock absorption’ and various other defensive skills. They used their best defensive skill ‘Iron wall defense’ and still flew like a fly.

“This is the level 1,500 elite boss Lucifer…..!”

Ark groaned. That’s right. Ark used Eyes of the Cat and determined that Lucifer was level 1,500. It was a standard that the level 497 Ark couldn’t imagine! That was 4 times the attack squad who had an average level of 350~370! Furthermore, he was an elite boss! It wasn’t an exaggeration to say he was a divine monster. In addition, if the attack squad fell then they would be destroyed by the thousands of demons running amok on the ground.

“We’ll be wiped out in a few minutes.”

If the airships penetrated Rwigenberg’s shield then there was a chance to overcome the crisis. But the airships hadn’t been able to concentrate their attacks on the shield thanks to the demons’ interference. The intermittent attacks weren’t able to surpass the recovery speed of the shield.

“…… Is it impossible to defeat him?”

Thousands of demons and Lucifer! Somehow he had to deal with them using 800 people. In the end, Ark’s expression was despairing as he looked at Lucifer.

“Stupid bastard, why are you staring dumbly instead of fighting?”

Then he heard Shambala’s voice from behind him. Shambala had flown next to Ark and looked at him with a disgusted expression.

“What are you thinking? You’re the one that said he was still a monster no matter how strong! The attack squad believed you and are risking their lives but what are you doing?”

His words penetrated Ark’s head and he heard other shouts.

“Don’t pay any attention to the demons on the ground. Concentrate all attacks on Lucifer!”

“We can’t prevent Lucifer from attacking. Scatter and expand the battlefield!”

“Magicians and archers withdraw to the furthest possible distance and attack!”

“Take this, Heroes’……. Aaaaack!”

The attack squad had been desperately fighting against Lucifer while Ark was discouraged. JusticeMan and the rehabilitation members led each unit to hurl their skills at Lucifer. Compared to Lucifer, they were just like a swarm of flies and each sweep of Lucifer’s arm caused the flying boats to crash. Despite that, the attack squad were still frantically fighting until the end.

‘Yes, I can’t give up yet!’

Ark bit his lips and raised his head.

Shambala, Bread, Redian, Lariette, Wormer and Timosi! Formation A!”

Ark grabbed Burning Soul and flew towards Lucifer while shouting.

“Bah, our strong point is persevering like a cockroach.”

“Oh, now’s the time to show my skills!”

Shambala and Bread smiled and rushed towards Lucifer with Ark. The remaining members scattered and formed a circle around Lucifer.

“Area Proclamation, Glory of the Night!”

-Glory of the Night has been used.

<When within a 100 metre radius, your attack and defense will increase by 50% and magic resistance by 20%>

“Area Declaration, River of Blood!”

“Area Declaration, Land of the Beast!”

Ark used Area Declaration and Shambala and Bread followed. When the 100~200 metres range of Area Declaration was used, the three people perfectly circled Lucifer. After Ark, Shambala and Bread used Area Declaration, Lariette, Timosi, Redian and Wormer surrounded them and used Area Declaration.

“Area Declaration, Land of Purification!”

“Area Declaration, Exorcist!”

“Area Declaration, Land of Fire and Ice!”

“Area Declaration, Infinite Energy Field!”

The heroes’ descendants surrounded Lucifer with two layers of Area Declaration. This was the A formation that Ark thought of. Once again, the members with the highest attack power were the heroes’ descendants. Therefore their Area Declarations would have the biggest impact on the demons! Ark, Shambala and Bread attacked Lucifer. Wormer, Timosi and Redian covered them with long ranged attacks while Lariette was in charge of recovery magic. This was why most of the attack squad didn’t use Area Declaration despite changing to their 2nd professions. Currently the battlefield was only around 600~700 metres. If the attack squad members used Area Declaration then the heroes’ descendants wouldn’t be able to. If the heroes’ descendants used it first then the situation would change.

“Everybody leave the range of their Area Declarations and use your own as much as possible. However, it is important to use the Area Declaration that would influence the whole unit!”

The attack squad scattered and invoked Area Declaration in a suitable area. It was mainly the priests’ whose Area Declarations would give a buff effect.

“All members move to the Area Declaration that suits you most. And protect the priests using Area Declaration. The remaining priests focus on healing the ones using Area Declaration.”

Thanks to Ark’s quick commands, a huge formation was built with Lucifer in the centre. And a perfect formation was completed within moments! Ark’s eyes flashed and he shouted.

“This is an all-out attack. Dark Strike!”

“Gwae, yeong, byeol, cham!”

“Lightning Storm!”

Ark, Shambala and Bread let out a shower of attacks. At the same time Lariette, Redian, Timosi and Wormer used various skills from the rear.

“Set of 3 attack buffs! The great warrior’s soul….. Hero’s Spirit, Warrior’s Concentration, Storm Breathing!”

“High speed incantation, highest magic seal release! The unquenchable flame burning in the bottom of hell! Under the name of the Elemental Master Redian, descend to this land! Volcano of Hell!”

“Skill seal release, Matanyi Shooter no. 6, Demon Annihilating Light Arrows!”

“Armoured suit, Electric Missile launch!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The special moves of the heroes’ descendants were buffed by Lariette and the Area Declarations. Ark, Bread and Shambala’s swords flashed while Redian and Timosi’s attacks exploded. Meanwhile Wormer continued bombarding Lucifer with missiles from his armoured suit. However, this was just the beginning. Hundreds of attacks exploded on Timosi’s body as the attack squad used their skills. However……

-Kukukukukuku, is this it?

Eerie laughter was heard from among the explosions.  In the next moment, the explosions were sucked in and the red rays fired again.

“Huck! S-scatter!”

Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwang! Kwa kwa kwa kwa, kwa kwang!

Cries of distress were heard from all around Ark and dozens of flying boats crashed from the red rays. They had just used their strongest attack! But the results were no different. Lucifer just inflicted a counterattack and dozens of flying boats fell. Despite receiving the huge attacks, Lucifer’s attacks hadn’t even been reduced by 0.1%.


“Our attacks didn’t do any damage?”

The attack squad moaned desperately. However Ark’s eyes just glittered.

‘No, this attack did work!’

In fact, Ark hadn’t understood until now. But when attacking from a close distance, it was impossible not to notice.

‘The attacks were concentrated on one spot and the black aura disappeared. However it was restored again. I’m sure that the black body isn’t his body but a type of shield. It is similar to the shield protecting the Rwigenberg. Then it is possible to use the same method to pierce it!’

Ark had figured out Lucifer’s secret. Despite being a level 1,500 elite boss, he couldn’t accept that all the attacks boosted by Area Declarations only did 0.1% damage. At that moment, the attack squad members completely lost their will again. But that was just a trick. They had only been beating away at Lucifer’s shell which was a shield.

‘There is only one way to beat that guy!’

It was the method the Shangri-La used to penetrate the shield! Ark considered a moment before raising his voice.

“From now on the attack squad will divide into three units and will rotate your attacks! The 1st battalion will attack with me, 2nd battalion with Shambala and 3rd battalion with Bread. Concentrate all your attacks on one point!”

That’s right. If the shield couldn’t be removed in one blow then they should deal continuous damage that would overcome the shield’s recovery rate. Of course, it wasn’t possible to scratch Lucifer’s shield with the attacks of several hundred people. But even if it was protecting Lucifer, it was still just a shield. Then Lucifer seemed upset by Ark’s words and swung his arm towards Ark.  Ark rose vertically and avoided the attack.

“1st battalion, go. Dark Strike!”

The dark assimilated sword was driven into Lucifer’s body and exploded. At the same time, the 1st battalion all concentrated their attacks on that area.

“Precision Shot!”

“Blazing flames of anger, Impact Fire!”

Lucifer’s face glared. But Ark just focused his attention on that one spot and attacked. The relentless attacks damaged that one spot, causing the black aura to warp and explode. And a disgusting black skin crawling with maggots was shown.

‘That’s it. That is Lucifer’s real body hidden behind the shield!’

“Shambala, now!”

“Okay, Sword Spree!”

Shambala brandished his daggers towards that spot at the same time. The black aura opened again and revealed the maggot infested skin.

“Keep on attacking!”

The 2nd battalion continuously hit him same spot, causing the sound of iron touching skin to occur and Lucifer’s skin twitched. Finally the 3rd battalion attacked and black blood welled up.

“It is working!”

Ark observed Lucifer at a distance with a smile of satisfaction. He used Eyes of the Cat and saw that his health had started to gradually decreased. Of course, Lucifer had incredibly high health so that wasn’t a great deal of damage. But dealing damage now meant there was a chance. The success of this attack was significant.


Ark looked down at the thousands of demons on the ground. The demons were jumping and waving their claws but they failed to even come close to the flying boats.

“There is no way for the demons to attack us while riding the flying boats. And we just have to be careful of a glow from Lucifer’s mouth. If Shambala and Bread grasps the attack pattern of the arms then it won’t be difficult to avoid. Even if it has to take several hours, his health will eventually reach the bottom!”

That was the overall strategy Ark planned.

-Mayflies….. You dare wound this body…..!

Lucifer whined as he was scratched by the hundreds of attack squad members and rushed to Ark. The Dark Lord Lucifer seemed like a three year old child having a tantrum. But even if his spirit was 3 years old, his body was equivalent to a 25 storey body. One wrong move would mean death!

“Burning Soul, circle to the right and escape from his range of attack!”

Ark remembered the demons on the ground and hurriedly yelled towards Burning Soul. However, his reaction was slow and Lucifer’s palm caught Burning Soul. Meanwhile Lucifer’s palm descended towards Ark’s head.

“Ark-nim! Divine Skill, ‘Aegis, Shield of Fanaticism!”

At that moment, thousands of shields rushed from Lariette’s body. It stacked in thin air and formed a giant shield in front of Ark.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

There was a roar as Lucifer’s palm hit the shield. When his first attack was blocked, Lucifer frowned and swung his fist from the opposite side. Lariette moved the shield and it bounced back Lucifer’s fist. It was a huge iron shield that moved according to the will of its creator! This was the Divine Skill that Lariette learnt from Shangri-La! The Divine Skill of the Saint Knight had the ability to stop 80% of attacks. When his two continuously attacks were blocked, Lucifer’s eyes narrowed and flashed.

-Kuack! This shield is the power of fanaticism…. That’s right. These guys around me must be the descendants……

“Okay, now it’s our turn!”


The attack squad murmured once Lariette blocked Lucifer’s attack. However, the regained morale only lasted a moment.

-If they are the descendants then I can’t afford to mess around.  Those guys might be a match for me….. I’ve been meaning to pay respects to the people who forced my body to become like this….. I’ll show you the true powers of darkness.

Ark and the attack squad had been preparing their skills for a counterattack. Lucifer suddenly raised both hands over his head and formed fists. Then a huge circular space spread over the battlefield.

Kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang, kwa kwang!

The Area Declarations used by Ark, Shambala, Bread, Lariette, Timosi, Redian and Wormer disappeared. The Divine Skill Shield of Fanaticism also disappeared along with the Area Declaration.

“What, what the? What happened to everybody’s Area Declaration?”

Ark burst out with confusion. The field that Lucifer’s magic covered warped mysteriously and the information window floated in front of Ark.

-Lucifer has used the Area Declaration ‘Hell Boundary!’

The 2 kilometres diameter around Lucifer is influenced by the proclamation.

<Lucifer the Dark Lord is the King of hell and has the ability to pull hell into this world. Lucifer has an unlimited amount of magic and all abilities increase by 20% while the recovery speed of the dark shield increased by 20%. In addition, only users with the highest occupation and the demons can use their Area Declarations. Therefore the effects of all lower ranked Area Declarations are ignored>

“What the, this is?”

Ark looked dumbly at the information window. The demons could use Area Declaration? He had assumed that the Dark Lord was just the highest ranked demon. But the problem was Lucifer’s Hell Boundary. It raised his abilities and even cancelled all the Area Declarations that were lower ranked.

‘Then we have to fight Lucifer who became stronger by 20% without the Area Declaration?’

He instantly became gloomy at the thought of fighting Lucifer in such a state. But Ark realized that it wasn’t necessary to worry about that within the next minute.

-Anger, Fear and Despair…… The three demons that defend hell, Lucifer commands you….. Burn this word with your anger, fear and despair……

At the same time, an information window appeared in front of Ark. Ark used Eyes of the Cat and Skill Penetration to confirm the information about ‘Apocalypse.’

-Lucifer’s Divine Skill ‘Apocalypse’ has been triggered!

Apocalypse is a skill where the three demons submitted to Lucifer with an ancient pledge. When Anger, Fear and Despair are summoned, all enemies within Lucifer’s territory will be annihilated by the ultimate destruction spell. The effect will occur after 5 minutes.

<This absolute magic will target all enemies within Lucifer’s Area Declaration. However, this spell requires Lucifer and the three demons to sacrifice 50% of their health as payment. When Apocalypse is triggered, it will deal 90,000~100,000 damage to all targets. This will ignore all defense and shields. Lucifer wiped out many brave warriors using Apocalypse in the Dark Century>

“No way!”

Ark’s face immediately paled. Ark currently had 9,000 health. This was after using various equipment and profession bonuses. The level 350~370 warriors had approximately 9,000 health while Bread only had 12,000 health. Yet the skill would deal 90,000~100,000 damage? He was a level 1,500 elite boss but wasn’t that too much? The spell had a range of 2 kilometres so every user within the range of Rwigenberg would be wiped out. Of course, Ark knew that Lucifer could use the ultimate magic to turn the world to ash. However, Lucifer required several days in order to chant that dark magic. During the time Lucifer was activating that last destruction magic, the 7 heroes and a countless number of brave warriors were able to defeat that power. Then Apocalypse was simpler than that final destruction magic? Its activation time was only 5 minutes. The only way to survive was to retreat from the range within 5 minutes. However, Ark and the attack squad were currently on the Rwigenberg which was enclosed by the shield. Unless they penetrated the shield and ran away then they wouldn’t be able to escape the effects of Apocalypse. There was only one way remaining!

“….. Everybody attack! If we don’t cancel that spell then we’ll be wiped out!”

Ark yelled and ran up to Lucifer. Yes, the only way to cancel the spell was to concentrate their attacks on Lucifer! Everybody was defenseless when chanting spells. In order to use Apocalypse, Lucifer needed to recite an incredibly long spell. Getting a critical hit would automatically cancel the magic. However, there was no reaction from Lucifer despite their efforts. They had only dealt 1~2% damage to Lucifer when Area Declaration was used. It was impossible to cancel Lucifer’s ultimate magic when Area Declaration had vanished.

After hopelessly attacking for 5 minutes…..


One of the attack squad members turned pale white and stuttered. Groans also emerged from the members who raised their heads.

“T-those devils….. The devils!”

Ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku, ku ku ku ku!

There was a deafening sound from the dark sky. A huge devil was slowly descending. It was three devils with their arms and legs mysteriously twisted together! They were the three devils names Anger, Fear and Despair. As soon as the devils appeared, dark clouds poured heavy rain and lightning flashed here and there.

Destroy my enemy….. Divine Skill Apocalypse!

Lucifer’s destruction magic was completed.

Kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang, kwang!

The three devils opened their eyes and thousands of rays shot out. It was Lucifer’s destruction spell Apocalypse that they couldn’t stop! The members hit by the light were wrapped in flames. They lost health at a tremendous speed and became charcoal in just 10 seconds. It didn’t matter if they used the shield to block as the victims were swallowed up by the flames. The flying boats also crashed and exploded after their owners burnt.


Curio stuttered in a frightened voice as he saw the pile of charcoal. Ark bit his lip and ran away from the red light while shouting.

“Damn, release all summons! Waahhhhhh!”

Ark was engulfed in the red light as soon as his summons were sent back. He felt an unbelievable amount of pain as his health was drained. His health reached the ground in 10 seconds.

‘D-dammit! All in vain……’

Ark looked around as he was turned to charcoal. Everything was finished. None of the attack squad could resist Lucifer’s magic and were turned to charcoal. The airships and expedition members watching the result from outside the shield also became soulless. Their last hope had been wiped out so New World would be destroyed. Lucifer looked at the pile of charcoal on the ground and ordered the demons.

-Dark seeds, dispose of the remaining scum!


The demons flocked towards the expedition members who lost their fighting spirit.

‘No, no! I can’t give up! Absolutely not! Just one….. One more chance!’

Ark bit his lip as he watched the scene. Then something unimaginable happened. Ark had been turning into black charcoal when his bag shook and a thick book flew into the sky.

‘Eh? T-that is….. The Immortal Book?’

That’s right. It was the Immortal Book he received after defeating Magura. Ark had tried to get information about the Immortal Book many times. It was the treasure of the Fire Draconians and he expected something from its name. But no matter what he tried, Ark wasn’t able to read the Immortal Book. Therefore he placed it in his bag and forgot about it until it spontaneously flew into the sky.


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