Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 9 - Stop Joking! Is This Water Drinkable?

Chapter 9: Stop Joking! Is This Water Drinkable?

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“Host, this termite nest is so big. Why are you carrying it?”

“Previous poster, I can tell that you’re a survival noob.”

“Explain if you know.”

“Same question, what’s the use of this nest?”

Although some of the audience wrote comments like they knew of its usage, they actually did not know what Bell was doing.

Bell smiled mysteriously at the messages on the screen.

“This termite nest will be of great use to us soon. The most important thing now is to find a water source, and to tell the truth, I feel like my throat is burning.”

Bell showed his dry lips to the camera.

Seeing that Bell’s originally chubby lips were dry, many of the audience’s hearts ached.

“Host, you have worked hard. Stop talking and find some water.”

“Wow, this broadcaster is so strong. My child is the same age as him, but he still asks for a piggyback on the road.”

“Bell’s Motherly Fan has gifted 500 hearts.”

“Bell’s child bride has gifted 600 hearts.”

“Another crazy girl has been discovered.”

Seeing the increase in gifts, Bell was in a good mood.

“Thank you for your gifts. You don’t have to deliberately reward me with large gifts. There are free light sticks and hearts. Just click on them.”

Compared to the large amount of gifts, Bell cared more about the popularity of the live-stream. His goal was to obtain more skills.

“Host, you’re so sensible. Compared to the other contestants, this stream feels so clean.”

“That’s right. When I was in another contestant’s live-stream, he only scratched his skin and started asking for gifts. It’s disgusting.”

“I saw that contestant as well. I also came from that live-stream. That wound was fortunately discovered quickly by him. If he had been a little slower, it would have almost healed.”

“Bell’s fans have gifted 100 hearts.”

“Hug Bell has gifted 50 hearts.”

Gifts kept rolling.

Bell stopped the conversation and looked around.

“Alright, everyone. We were unlucky earlier and didn’t find a water source. We will continue to search for a water source.”

“Actually, finding water is not as difficult as everyone thinks. Other than observing through the terrain, there are two other methods. That is, using animal footprints and the growth of the plants.”

“We have already determined that this is low terrain, so the chances of finding water nearby are much higher.”

“Then, what we need to do next is to examine the footprints of animals.”

“Because animals also need water to survive, there might be a water source near where there are many animal footprints.”

“Other than that, there is a way to find water through plants as well.”

“Often, the more water resources there are, the more lush the plants will be.”

Bell explained slowly.

“F*ck, is the host so professional? Why does it feel like this isn’t the wilderness? Why does survival seem to be related to feng shui?”

“Previous poster, are you stupid? These have scientific evidence and are not metaphysics.”

“Master Zhenyu from the South Sea sends 50 hearts.”

“Thank you, host. I’ve learned, I’ve learned. Everything is clear now. I’ve already thrown the compass away to observe the direction through the terrain.”

“Found a feng shui master.”

Bell smiled and turned the camera.

A cattail appeared on the screen.

“Everyone, look at this. Does anyone recognize this plant?”

The audience looked at the plant in front of Bell.

“Oh my god! The wild has sausages as well!”

“Are you a fool? This thing is called cattail. It’s not a sausage at all. It just looks like it. You can’t eat it.”

“Everyone, why do I feel like the person above has tried to eat it?”

The comments were filled with bickering.

Bell smiled at the comments and explained to everyone.

“That’s right. This plant is a cattail, it can be found in many places.”

“But the most important thing that you have forgotten to say is that this plant’s characteristic is to grow beside the water. Since it is here, it means that there must be a water source nearby.”

Bell pushed aside the grass with the wooden stick and saw some animal footprints on the wet ground. Not far away from the footprints, he found a small puddle.

“F*ck, the host is awesome. He actually found water. The other contestants must be envious.”

“This streamer is really professional.”

Seeing the water, Bell’s eyes lit up. After all, he was indeed very thirsty.

Bell quickly walked to the puddle and the camera followed him. However, after seeing the condition of the puddle, everyone couldn’t help but feel pity.

“Sigh, the host’s luck is really bad. This puddle is too dirty.”

“My heart aches for the host.”

The puddle that Bell had found was turbid. Not to mention the various floating organisms, just in the middle of the puddle was a rat corpse that had died for an unknown period of time. It was already emitting a stench.

Looking at the puddle in front of him, Bell sighed.

“Our luck is really bad. There is already a rotting animal corpse inside. If I drink it, I’m afraid my small body won’t be able to walk out of this primeval forest.”

Bell pouted angrily.

“Don’t be vexed, Bell. Auntie will airdrop anything you need.”

“Oh my god, look what I found. A bowl of wild egg fried rice with chopsticks.”

“Can you be more realistic? Host, wait a while. I’ll airdrop two lobsters to you.”

The comments became more and more ridiculous.

Looking at the comments from the fans, Bell quickly waved his hand.

“I appreciate your kindness, but if you really airdropped resources, I would probably be eliminated.”

Wild egg fried rice? What a joke.

Seeing Bell’s serious expression, the audience in front of the camera burst into laughter.

“The host is so cute. How can we form a fan group for the host?”

“Count me in too.”

“Host, don’t talk anymore, hurry up and find water. The contestant in another stream was lucky and parachuted into a river, although he cannot swim.”

“Are you kidding? You call it lucky he fell into a river when he didn’t know how to swim?”

After talking with the audience on the screen, Bell perked up again.

“Alright, don’t worry about the situation. It’s not as bad as you think. Although we can’t drink this water, I can teach everyone a way to get water.”

Bell began digging the soil beside the puddle.

Soon, the pit was deeper than the puddle.

As the depth of the pit deepened, water began to slowly rise, but it looked turbid.

Bell, however, showed a smile.

“Host, don’t joke. Can this water really be drunk?”

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